Over a span of 33 years, the Punjab Group of colleges has been committed to provide quality education to over a million students across the country. With a presence in more than 114 cities of Pakistan, Punjab Group is the largest educational network. The Group has been initiating multiple awareness campaigns and seminars to curtail the growing environmental concerns. One of the targets,the group has set for itself is having a net zero carbon footprint by the end of 2020. Hence Zero Carbon was created.

With the launch of Zero Carbon, the Punjab Group has stepped into the new dawn of Green Energy Economy by overcoming the traditional linear model of power generation, depending on the National Grid. An effective business model to facilitate individuals, industries and government organizations has been initiated for the betterment of society and to ensure a greener future for generations to come.


Zero Carbon aims to provide Net Zero Energy Solutions for stable power production from Solar energy. It aspires to design efficient energy solutions for the optimum annual power production through Solar Energy systems.

Pakistan has the potential to produce 1.6 million MW of Solar PV power generation, with 8-9 hours of sunshine per day makes it an ideal location for Solar energy power production. Over the last two decades, there is a great decrease in Global prices for Solar Photovoltaic technology making it an affordable and reliable source of power. Zero Carbon offers only tier one solar technology turnkey solutions from across the globe to ensure maximum system efficiency and aspires to maintain high client satisfaction rate.