Commercial Solar Solutions

Commercial Solar Systems

Reduce your business’s exposure to rapidly-rising electricity tariffs by switching to a commercial solar system.

Save up to 100% on Your Electricity Bills Through Zero Carbon’s tailored Commercial Solar Systems.


Why Zero Carbon Commercial Solar Solutions?

Most businesses operate during 9-5 daylight hours. Therefore, installing a commercial solar system is the perfect energy solution. As power prices in Pakistan continue to rise rapidly due to the worldwide surge in energy prices and local currency devaluation, installing a commercial solar system provides much-needed protection to your business against sky-rocketing electricity tariffs.

As Pakistan’s leading commercial solar system installers, we provide unrivaled expertise in slashing your business’s operational costs through customized solar systems. So, if you are looking to cut operational costs through sustainable business strategies, look no further as we have got your back. Book your free survey and start saving on energy bills NOW!

Our customized solar solutions are ideal for educational institutions, commercial buildings, and other units that operate during the day. Complementing this with Net Metered System, off-day production can be sold back to the grid or adjusted against the energy required during weekdays.

On-Grid Solar Power Plants

Customized solar power plants based on energy requirements.

  • Net Metering enabled.
  • Independent of load.
  • Ideal for commercial consumers operating during business hours.
  • Online monitoring, control & data-logging using the Zero App.

Make Your Commercial Unit Energy Independent in 3 Easy Steps

Book Your Free Survey

Reach out to us at 0311 1111926 and book your free survey.

Get Customized/Tailored Package

Our engineers visit your site and offer customized packages.

Project Installation

Our certified engineers install the residential solar system and enable Net-metering.

Zero App

Zero App allows you to access, control, and keep an eye on your commercial solar system from anywhere in the world

Personal Dashboard

Monitor Your Solar System

Keep a Track of Your Savings

CO2 Reduction in Tonnes

Review Your Energy Generation

Zero Carbon Solar Offers

Fastest Installation ​

Our certified engineers install the agri-based solar system and enable Net-metering

Energy Independence​

Save Up to 100% on Your Electricity Bills through Net-metering

Fastest Payback Period

Less than 4 years payback period.


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Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Electricity Needs
Complete Suite of Solar Power Systems From Free Survey to Installation

Be it industrial solutions, commercial solutions, residential solutions, or agri-based solutions, Zero Carbon Solar provides a complete suite of Solar Power systems.

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