Sustainable. Reliable. Cost-Effective Solar Solutions

Expediting Shift towards Carbon-Neutral Pakistan through sustainability.

The Future is Renewable

Total Energy a Year 15982802.5 Co2 8879.334722 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 12511
Total Energy a Year 153146.7 Co2 85.0815 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 119.88
Thal Khushab
Total Energy a Year 64794.8 Co2 35.99711111 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 50.72
Kallar kahar
Total Energy a Year 1122526.475 Co2 599.0978194 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 5000.89
Flagship Project Maple Leaf Cement 12.5 kW Capacity
Flagship Project Maple Leaf Cement 12.5 kW Capacity
Total Energy a Year 675899.7 Co2 375.4998333 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 2000
Total Energy a Year 746839.275 Co2 414.9107083 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 584.61
Total Energy a Year 566877.85 Co2 314.9321389 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 443.74
Total Energy a Year 2702053.025 Co2 1207.400736 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 2115.11
Total Energy a Year 1945664.438 Co2 894.3387153 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 1407.825
Total Energy a Year 689402.875 Co2 319.375 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 10000.65
Total Energy a Year 15780759.4875 Co2 8767.088604 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 12352.845
Total Energy a Year 581249.725 Co2 322.9165139 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 454.99
Total Energy a Year 520696.225 Co2 289.2756806 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 407.59
Total Energy a Year 7818906.813 Co2 4343.837118 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 6120.475
Flagship Project Maple Leaf Cement 12.5 kW Capacity
Total Energy a Year 1277065.65 Co2 581.90125 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 999.66
Flagship Project Maple Leaf Cement 12.5 kW Capacity
Total Energy a Year 292196.1875 Co2 162.3312153 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 228.725
Flagship Project Maple Leaf Cement 12.5 kW Capacity
and Kashmir
Flagship Project Maple Leaf Cement 12.5 kW Capacity
Flagship Project Maple Leaf Cement 12.5 kW Capacity
Flagship Project Maple Leaf Cement 12.5 kW Capacity
Flagship Project Maple Leaf Cement 12.5 kW Capacity
Aksai Chin
Kohinoor Textile Mills 22 MW Capacity
Gujar Khan
Total Energy a Year 3788643.425 Co2 1601.062361 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 2865.77
Total Energy a Year 2028657.225 Co2 1053.078736 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 91483.79
Total Energy a Year 806881.775 Co2 7.594027778 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 631.61
Total Energy a Year 1004958.15 Co2 558.3100833 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 786.66
Total Energy a Year 140639.975 Co2 78.13331944 Specific Energy 3.5 Capacity (kW) 110.09

What we have done

  • 1890 Projects Completed In Last 5 Years
  • 3,200 kWh Total Capacity Installed
  • 9,800 tonnes Co2 Reduction
Maple Leaf
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    35 MW Projects Capacity
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    19,600,000 kWh Electricity Units Generated / Year
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    11,090 tonnes Co2 Reduction
Zero Carbon
Expediting Shift towards Carbon-Neutral Pakistan through sustainability
Sustainable. Reliable. Cost-Effective Solar Solutions
We provide tailored solar solutions for your unique industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural needs
Zero Carbon
Complete Commercial, Residential & Industrial Solar Systems
Energize Society By Reliable Energy!
As a world wide distributor of solar supplies we endeavor to provide fast and knowledgeable service, we can get you materials by sea or air.
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From free survey to installation, Zero Carbon offers the fastest solar installation in Pakistan. We provide a 2-year free service to industrial customers and a 1-year free service to residential customers.

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Save Your Money
Solar pays back its own cost in 4 years by selling excess electricity to the national grid.
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A combo of the fastest installation and no hidden charges ensures you get 5-Star customer service.
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Zero App
Access, control, and monitor your smart solar energy system from anywhere.
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Become energy independent & save up to 100% on your electricity bills.
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Certified Engineers
With a team of certified and qualified engineers, Zero Carbon is your smartest solar partner in Pakistan.
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Benefiting from nearly 03 years of experience
One-Window Customer Solutions
IoT-based digital systems provide monitoring, control, and digital reports.

From residential to agri-based, and from commercial to industrial, our energy-efficient turnkey solutions provide the best value to meet the growing needs of balancing electricity in Pakistan.

High-Efficiency Inverters, Solar Panels, Power Management Units, and an optional PV-Diesel Solution installation
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Comes with Net-Metered Systems. Sell excess units to national grid power
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Customized range of off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid net-metered solar solutions
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Custom-designed & impact-resistant water pumping systems designed to stand extreme weather conditions
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Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Electricity Needs
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Be it industrial solutions, commercial solutions, residential solutions, or agri-based solutions, Zero Carbon Solar provides a complete suite of Solar Power systems.

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