Benefits of Home Solar System with Net Metering in Pakistan

How would you feel if you were able to manage your power needs on your own setup? Solar energy makes you power-independent in your home via the installation of a home solar system. Further, if it is a net-metered solution, benefits multiply. What could be better than exchanging the excess production after the sun has set for the equivalent units from the grid during off-peak hours? Want to learn more? Read this article thoroughly.  

Get Net Metered Solar System in your Home 

The whole procedure is mentioned below. 

Installation of a Solar System at Home 

Installing a solar system that is net metering compliant is the first and most crucial step. In Pakistan, net metering is done through the permissions and procedures as outlined by the national electricity provider NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) and relevant distribution companies, also known as DISCOs.  

Preparation of Application 

Our expert team at Zero Carbon works with our clients to prepare applications in accordance with the guidelines of the NEPRA at their respective distribution companies. 

Furthermore, the distribution company notifies about receiving the application and its status, whether it is complete or any information is required within the next five (5) working days.  

In case the application needs any document annexure or information is incomplete. He will be given a period of the next seven days’ notice in writing to submit as per requirement for further procedures.  

Initial Review 

After the distribution office receives a complete application from the applicant side, it is anticipated that the representatives from the relevant DISCO office will conduct an initial review to analyse the location and further requirements within the next 20 days.  

If there is strong technical infeasibility, the distribution office shall return the application with written communication stating the reason to not entering the agreement in the next few days. Otherwise, the office shall enter into an agreement. The tenure is normally a period of ten days. However, it may be possible to take some more.  

Licence Issuance 

Within the next few days, the disco or distribution office will forward the application to the NEPRA office for further procedures to issue the licence.  

As soon as the NEPRA office issues the licence, DISCO office proceeds further. If the office needs any modifications, they will demand the Connection Charge Estimate (CCE) from the DISCO for the proposed interconnection facility up to the interconnection point, including meter installation. For applications for which no upgradation/ modification is required, no CCE will be issued. 

In the next few days, the applicant will be required to make payment to the designated bank account and notify the disco office of the same.  

Meter Installation 

Within the proceeding days, the DISCO office will install and commission the proposed interconnection facility (two-way meter) after the confirmation of the generation license to the DG by NEPRA. More details are available here on the official NEPRA resources.  

Net Meter is a device enabling solar systems to spin their own meters into reverse. In this way, the excessive units of electricity generated by the home solar panels are transmitted to the grid. This happens after sunset when the sun is not shining bright.  

As a result of this trade, the home consumers pay the bill, which remains back after netting off the units transferred to the grid with the consumed ones.  

Benefits of Net Metering  

After obtaining the net metering in home solar systems, home users will have the following advantages. 

Generate your Own Electricity & Bills 

With a net-metered residential solar system, you can generate your own electricity. Furthermore, you can balance out your monthly electricity bills, which are payable to the national utility providers. You can efficiently regulate your electricity and bills together with net-metered home solar at home.  

Less Cost & More Benefits 

The net metering could be seen as an additional pain or burden on the pocket. But it is a low-cost installation if you consider the long-term advantages you will receive in the coming years.  

20-40 Ratio of Utilisation 

After you install a home solar setup that is fully aligned and compliant to the net metering, you will trade of around 20% to 40% of your solar-generated electricity to the national grid, which could be lost and result in no productive output if solar power system has no net-metering facilitation installed.  

Therefore, it is an efficient way to get the most out of your solar setup at your home.  

Sell or Trade 

With Net-metering, the home solar owner does have a choice whether to sell the excess electricity to the grid to adjust your consumption with production. However, the rates of buying could be different. A piece of expert advice is always the only way to clear confusion and to draft accurate information.  

Reasons to Consider Zero Carbon 

Zero Carbon is a customised solar solution provider to residential consumers. In addition, another clientele is also addressed. For instance, we also deal in commercial, industrial, and Agri-based models. 

However, you can trust us for home solar systems because we are certified solar solution providers. We offer our home solar solutions after carefully analysing the needs and budgets of our customers.  

Moreover, our experts are available to provide professional assistance from evaluation and site audit to get permission to install solar systems, and the net-metering agreement is fully operational setup. Moreover, we also provide reliable after-sale service to our clients.  

If you are looking for discussions, advice, or estimations to install solar systems at your home, feel free to contact us via the online form fill up. Our representative will get back to you. It is high time to avail the pros of installing a home solar system with net metering in Pakistan.  

Enjoy Optimised Pay-Back Period with Zero Carbon Residential Solutions

Installing a residential solar system is a promising investment in today’s era. Not only it benefits from installation, but also it proves to be a long-term investment. Zero Carbon offers a residential solution with net-zero systems, and its benefits are not expanded less than 20 years. It offers an optimised pay-back period.  To get to know the benefits of the investment viewpoint, it is important to read the following article in detail.  

Zero Carbon’s Home Solar Investment Opportunity 

Home Solar is undoubtedly a massive chance of investment. All these long-term and short-term benefits are available below.  

Optimised Pay-Back Period 

Investment is measured in terms of returns, also known as (ROI). Good monetary benefits and a shorter time duration to break even are the prime points for a more profitable investment. The Home solar systems by Zero Carbon have the ideal and optimised pay-back period of 4 years only.   

In the period of four years, your initial investment would be recovered in terms of benefits and returns. After that, your solar panels will run on a profit basis. It is less in duration and more optimised in comparison to the solar solutions available in the market. The average pay-back period of home solar is six to ten years.   

Benefits for More than 2 decades 

Zero Carbon offers high-quality solar system installations that enable you to become energy-efficient with its net-zero systems. Our home solar enables the freedom to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply with turn-key solutions.  

Moreover, in a small period of just four years, your initial investment would be covered by installing Zero Carbon’s Home solar solutions.  With minimum maintenance, the benefits of an uninterrupted power supply are attainable for the next 25 years.  

Other Investment Advantages 

This is not alone; the home solar setups by Zero Carbon have components from the quality and latest upgraded Technology partners. Furthermore, Zero Carbon offers net-metered solar solutions that work on-grid with legal permissions and availability to sell the excessive solar-generated power units to the national electricity grid. This reduces the monthly utility bill to the minimum by balancing out the output and consumption as an expense.  

Moreover, the market value of the home with working net metered solar in operational condition is much more in comparison to the counterparts not having Solars. It eventually benefits buying, selling, and renting procedures.  

Benefits of Having Residential Solar 

In addition to the monetary benefits, the operational benefits a home solar gives you are as follows.  

  • You can use air conditioners and coolers 
  • You will get freedom from rising price hikes 
  • Opportunity to get an uninterrupted Power Supply 
  • Prominent Step to Save Environment 
  • Make your country Green  
  • No tension of Load-shedding 

About Zero Carbon  

Zero Carbon is a customised solar solution-providing company in Pakistan. We are serving our residential customers and the extensive clientele in commercial, industrial, and agricultural locations.  

Home solar systems are a tailor-made customised product. The turn-key solutions are provided by closely analysing the needs and requirements of our potential customers. Our experts offer consultation and services from discussions to installations. The cycle starts with a free consultation, site survey, system design, installation, commissioning, and permission matters. The after-sale service is also available.  

Zero Carbon has also its own app that enables our customers to monitor the output of their home solar systems. The app is known as the zero app. It enables the user to access your personal dashboard and track your solar panel. In addition, users can efficiently track the record of their savings and the amount of reduced Carbon emissions.  Zero Carbon is the licensed and authorised solar solution provider in Pakistan.  

One Window Customer Experience 

You can reach out to us to get help and assistance at any level while you consider installing the Zero Carbon residential solutions. Our experts offer one-window operations for our clients. The zero Carbon team is available 24/7 to assist you with any of your queries. You can fill out this form, and our representative will get back to you.  


Earn Money With Net metered Home Solar Solutions

Yes, you heard it right! You can earn money with tailored net metered solar solutions for your home. Home solar helps you achieve freedom from painful load-shedding, frequent power cuts and fear of ever-rising price hikes. But, also, it guards you against undue expenses and proves to be a better long-term investment. Zero Carbon writes this article to make you understand the meaning of ‘earn with the solar system’. Though, this earning is more than just cash in hand! But, it is still the same. To know more, read the piece till the last end.   


Home Solar System is Long-Term Investment  

We Pakistanis love investment and saving for our better future and even better tomorrow. Therefore, everyone always looks for reliable investment chances with the best returns. (ROI). And here, the opportunity to take a futuristic approach to the best investment comes to your doorstep.   

This investment serves you for a time period and pays you well. Yes, you got it right! It is the home solar system you will install on the rooftop of your residence. Installing a solar system eliminates the tension of energy crisis from life.   

There comes the freedom to enjoy the cool atmosphere in the scorching heat. You and your family can have a peaceful and refreshing nap in the mid of the burning sunlight. This relaxation and peace of mind ultimately impact your health positively.   

You will enjoy more energy, swiftness, and ability to think clearly, and you will become more productive in your day-to-day routine. This all becomes a reality just because of the relaxation and proper sleeping routine you deserve!   

In addition, if you ever want to utilise your home as a passive income source. Home solar will be your best point to help you earn more every month in comparison to renting out a home without a residential solar solution.   

This is because of human psychology. Every one of us loves to get the most value for our money and the maximum benefits and lifestyle for our family. Therefore, the family, who would be the potential tenant, will be much pleased to get a home with an independent power supply. Hence, the chance of earning a handsome passive income increases.   


Home Solar Earns you Electricity!  

Now, let us discuss the major power point of installing residential solar at your home. This is the opportunity for a decrease in monthly bills of electricity. This is another way to earn money with customised solar solutions while staying at home.   

The massive reduction in bills happens with the net-metered home solar solution. Net metering is a mechanism that works in the form of an agreement between the national power supply of Pakistan and the homeowner who is willing to install a home solar solution.   

Both parties get involved in procedures, and after a few visits, paperwork, fee payments and equipment installations, this procedure gets legally completed, and the homeowner gets an opportunity to sell his surplus electricity (generated from the solar system) to the national grid.     

The national grid, in return, will balance off the units consumed by the same home, and at the month’s end, the owner will enjoy minimum expense in the form of utility bills. Here, this point is crucial to understand that no monetary reward will be given to the homeowner. Instead, his electric units would be set off between the give and take of his monthly usage.   

This is cash in hand because there is a massive chance to sell more and spend intelligently to get most of the benefit of your own home solar system.   

Choose Home Solar Wisely!  

The benefits we have explained above are possible just after you have installed an accurate and suitable solar panel at your home. By accuracy and suitability, we mean that tailormade and addressing solar panels are always great ideas to choose from.   

Before deciding on the home solar system, you must know the yearly average electricity consumption. This is easy to calculate from past electricity bills. In addition, it is essential to understand that going to an expert service provider is also a wise step to make.   

Choose Zero Carbon   

Zero Carbon is a customised solar solution provider in Pakistan. We are helping our country to become independent in energy. We also aim to make a Greener Pakistan, free of carbon emissions and the adversities of climate change.   

Our Services  

Our experts are ready to serve and assist anyone who is interested in knowing and installing the solar system at his premises. We have a well-grounded portfolio in Pakistan’s residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.   

Furthermore, we help our clients from step one to the after-sale service. In other words, estimates of average consumption, need evaluation, choice of hardware, and high-quality solar panels, inverters, and accessories with the help of our technology partners. We design a solar system that is efficient and budget-friendly.   

Our team also helps to acquire permissions from legal sources to facilitate the net-metered home solar systems to get the most value for their money.   

If you have any queries, you can reach out to us through our website or call us at the helpline.  Remember, you can earn money with the customised net metered home solar solution.   


Zero Carbon’s Home Solar will Make Summers Fun in 2023

Winters are about to end in Pakistan, and soon after the spring, Pakistan will enter its traditional summers, which are sweltering to the core. People get exhausted due to hot and humid days and nights. Therefore, the cooling equipment runs from domestic to industrial setup. However, in the past years, the costs and prices of electricity utility have increased to an unbearable range. It becomes almost impossible to run air conditioners and coolers for longer hours in the day. The problem does not end here; load-shedding and power cuts are the cherry on top. However, Zero Carbon offers home solar to residential units to make your summers easy to spend in 2023. Please, go through the article below to see what our home solar panels have to offer our residential users in Pakistan.  

Freedom of Running the Cooling Equipment  

Installing a solar panel system at home provides you with complete freedom to enjoy an incredible atmosphere at home by using air conditioners and room coolers per your requirements. Solar-powered air conditioning can be a terrific way to protect the environment and your wallet. Strong solar panels and a converter system make it possible.  

Zero Carbon offers on-grid or grid-tied solar systems for residential solar solutions. In this way, you can use solar energy to power an AC (Alternating Current). It will significantly lower electricity prices. You will have energy backup from a grid-tied system at night or when there is no light. If you are plugged into the grid, batteries are not a concern for you.  

Bid Goodbye to Ever-Rising Costs  

Unfortunately, we frequently face the price-hikes in every utility in Pakistan. Electricity is not an exception. For the same reason, people often feel helpless to meet their electricity and power expenses in hot and humid summers. On the other hand, inflation is at a real-time peak this year.  

Therefore, they prefer to stay without running the installed air conditioners and room coolers for a good amount of time. Even if there is electricity, this condition is heartbreaking and nerve-wracking.  

On the other hand, Zero Carbon offers a worry-not solution for all these price-hike fiascos. We have turnkey home solar solutions for our clients as a one-time solar investment.  

It will shield you from future rises in electricity expenses. Solar power’s dependability, scalability, and affordability are advantages suitable for residential units. Low to no energy expenditures will shield you from potentially high electricity bills and rising tariffs.  

No need to Worry About Power cuts  

In addition to the freedom of easy usage of coolers and Acs at your home, with no further fear of price-hikes, the decision to install solar panels for your homes will also relieve you from painful, uninformed, long, and exhausting power cuts.  

Your home will get power from high-quality solar panels that will store sunlight in their A-class and tier-1 PV sheets, which are further converted from DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternative Current) to ensure an uninterrupted power supply the home units.  

Great Investment Option  

Solar systems for home setups have become the best investment option for homeowners in numerous ways. It is a one-time investment program that requires minimal maintenance for the next 10-20 years.  

In addition, solar systems are equally efficient in sunlight and otherwise weather situations. Therefore, it can benefit homes for the year around. Have a look at some of the domestic completed projects.  

All Love Solar Homes  

Another significant benefit of installing a solar system on your home’s rooftop is that it instantly and permanently enhances your home’s value. This is because everyone looks for a home with maximum benefits when they opt out of buying in or renting in the home location.  

Therefore, homes are always the same; if a buyer or tenant finds out that the house has its independent alternative power solution, they are ready to pay higher.  

Protect Pakistan in Climate Change  

Above all these benefits, installing a home solar system offers you a massive chance to become a champion of climate change. A saviour who saves the national climate!  

You will enjoy this title because solar panels obtain energy from sunlight, a natural power source, and their conversion into alternating current is free of any pollutants or carbon emissions. However, on the other hand, regular electricity produces massive carbon emissions and   

Other Prominent Benefits  

Zero Carbon offers its residential clients high-quality hardware and installation components concerning solar panels and inverters. We are in agreement with Tier-1 suppliers around the world. You will get quality services from our end from the site audit step, leading to the installation, permissions, operations, and after-sale services with performance analysis are all served.  

Mechanism Behind the Advantages  

What we have discussed above are the benefits of the mechanism behind the high-quality service by Zero Carbon. All you must do is provide the average electricity consumption to the Zero Carbon experts and the details of your customer requirements.  

Apart from it, if you have no information or idea, there is no need to worry about it. Just fill out this form, and our representative will get back to you. They will take all calculations and site audits by themselves.  

Get a Solar System for your Home Today!  

This is a prime time to get your home powered by solar panels and domestic solar solutions. For discussions and expert advice, contact Zero Carbon and have a fun-filled summer in 2023 with customised home solar.  

Where to Get Reliable Home Solar Systems in Pakistan?

Domestic consumers and households are the most affected part of society by Pakistan’s power disruptions and price hikes. In recent times, the alternative energy solution has been the talk of the town. Zero Carbon is a certified, customised solar solution provider in Pakistan. This article will clear all your doubts about where, what, how, and why to install home solar systems in Pakistan.

Introduction to Home Solar 

Solar Systems are a prominent alternative to traditional energy sources. The generation of electric power is done either through the consumption of water or the burning of coal. Coal consumption results in carbon emissions and air pollution. Such factors are the ultimate cause of smog.  

On the other hand, solar systems work on sunlight absorption through the PV sheets of solar panels. Later this energy, also known as Direct Current (DC), is converted into AC (Alternating Current) current for usage in electronics.  

Therefore, the solar panels installed in home setups are called home solar systems. In addition, it is also called the residential solar setup. At the same time, the same solar panels are installed in industrial, commercial, and agricultural setups as per requirements.  

However, residential setups can be beneficial in numerous ways. These are mentioned below. 

Benefits of Home Solar Systems 

Installing solar systems in homes and residences could be an expense. However, its benefits are far more alluring, captivating, and rewarding. To know these, keep on reading.  

Reduce Utility Bills for Electricity 

The ability to reduce monthly power costs is one of the founding reasons why so many homeowners are choosing to install home solar systems now in Pakistan. Each month, the cost savings you and your family will experience on your utility bills of national electricity power will make you feel great. 

You can drastically reduce your energy consumption expenditures by installing a home solar system. This is a straightforward process. Installing the proper size solar cells, fulfilling the requirements of your home, and mounting them at the appropriate place are all required. A residential solar system has the potential to generate a sizable amount of electricity. It is simple to produce enough electricity to run your entire home. 

You can fight the unreasonable price hikes, and load-shedding, with uninformed power outs by installing solar systems in your home and domestic locations. 

Positive Impact on the Environment 

The power source for solar systems is sunlight. The entire process is neat and clean of any burning and carbon emissions. Therefore, it impacts the environment positively. On the hand, the Carbon generated electric power pollutes the air to hazardous levels.  

For the same reason, solar energy is also known as green energy.  

Reliable Source of Electricity 

You can stop depending on the occasionally unreliable traditional power sources of electricity by instituting a home solar system. By installing solar panels on your roof, which harness the heat and energy of the sun, you will be producing your electricity. 

Low Maintenance Costs 

Contrary to widespread belief, residential solar energy systems are simple to maintain. Solar panels are incredibly sturdy and will not need maintenance for several years, saving homeowners the headache. 

You must wash the solar panels a few times a year to remove the dust and debris. A professional cleaning service is another option. I am done now! You will not need to perform other maintenance on your home solar system. 

Enhancement in the Value of Property 

Installing a home solar system offers you more advantages than lower energy costs. The value of your property will go up if you invest in a home solar system in case you ever decide to sell it. Yes, planning always pays off. 

By making repairs and improvements, homeowners raise the value of their property. Consider adding a home solar system if you are planning some house improvements. It will not only save your energy costs but also significantly raise the value of your house when you decide to sell it or rent it out. It is essential to remember that modern purchasers want to buy energy-efficient homes, so you should consider making this investment.

Mechanism of Home Solar 

In Pakistan, onsite solar systems are the most popular type. These are also known as on-grid solar systems. On-grid solar systems work with the national grid. It also enables the sale of the excess solar power generated to the national grid. This entire process is called net metering, and in Pakistan, it is dealt with by the NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) and related DISCO (distribution) offices.

Crucial Points Regarding Residential Installation 

Before considering installing home solar systems, there are a few points penned-below to be taken care of. These are the essential elements to ensure you get the best performance and results from your solar panels at your residence in Pakistan.  

Average Power Consumption 

You must examine the electricity bill to determine the amount of power consumed at your residence. You will see the amount of electricity used under “Electricity Used” or a phrase to that effect. If you cannot locate this value on your account, check your metre and deduct the last reading from the most recent one. You ought to be prepared with your electricity usage. 

Now you also desire daily or hourly consumption. In the absence of such a value on your electricity bill, divide the monthly reading by 30 to determine your daily power consumption. In addition, the best way is to take an average of the 6 months of usage. Summers are best to take the maximum consumption average in Pakistan.  

To determine how many panels you require, you should have these values. Otherwise, your solar system may not work optimally for you.  

Other Factors 

In addition to the average power consumption, there are other factors.  

  • Number of Solar Panels  
  • Types of Solar Panels & other hardware 
  • Location Compatibility 
  • Mounting 
  • Installation Cost 
  • Durability 
  • Warranty 

All these factors are vital to ensure the most suitable solar system installation at your home. It is not easy to search the market as a consumer. But taking professional advice is always a better idea. Therefore, you should talk to professional customised solar solution providers in Pakistan. Get in talks with them.  

The experts at Zero Carbon offer turnkey customised solutions for residential solar systems in Pakistan. The contact details are next in this article. Furthermore, Zero Carbon is a proud partner with high-quality solar panel manufacturers and suppliers. Therefore, product quality can be discussed as per home requirements.

After Effects of Installing Home Solar in Pakistan 

Installing an optimal solar system at your home will make your life heaven. It will ensure you can run air conditioners and other electric equipment in Pakistan’s hot, burning summers. Moreover, it also enables you chances to earn if net-metering is initiated.  

Zero Carbon helps its clients with site audits, system design, solar financing, official permitting, installations, and after-installation performance analysis. However, engaging with the experts from the initial stages is effortless. We also offer a mobile app to monitor the efficiency of your solar system.  

Tailored Home Solar Solutions in Pakistan 

In Pakistan, you can get optimised and customised solar energy solutions from professional, certified, and quality-oriented solar solution providers for your residential needs. In addition, business, commercial, and Agri-solutions are also available. You can fill out this form, and a representative from Zero Carbon will get back to you.  

Zero Carbon Customises Turnkey Solar Solutions for Residential Units

Due to the present power problems in Pakistan, everybody is puzzled to the core. The households are facing massive financial issues, because they have a limited budget for monthly expenses. Whether you talk about the elite class, middle or lower middle, the frequent power failures, load-shedding, price hikes, and never-ending inflation are hard times. Therefore, alternative solutions are preferred on all levels. Zero Carbon, the certified solar solution provider, offers turnkey solutions to residential units and households. The great news is that the option of customisation is available with these turnkey solar solutions. You will know the options you could have if you are interested in installing solar solutions for your residential unit.  

Introduction to Turnkey Solutions 

Once you make up your mind to install solar panels as the energy alternative solution at your home, the proceeding step is to choose the solar solution provider. Installing a solar system can be done in two ways either; some people would instead buy their equipment and employ a solar panel installation to finish the work. Some people are even tempted to purchase ready-to-use solar panel kits, making it simpler to obtain supplies. Or choosing a solar business that handles everything—from installation to maintenance. These businesses are frequently referred to as Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solar contractors or turnkey solar solution suppliers. 

Brief On Residential Solar Options 

The needs and energy usage of each home are unique and vary greatly. Some people store their energy and use less electricity while aware of their utility expenses. They use less electricity than a household that makes the most of it without concern for costs or anything else. Similar to this, smaller homes with fewer occupants use less electricity than larger homes with the same number of occupants, more occupants, or fewer.  

Zero Carbon uses a tailored approach for clients and provides solar solutions in accordance with their needs while upholding exacting standards, ensuring that clients only pay for the systems that best meet their needs. Therefore, customised turnkey solutions are available at Zero Carbon for residential clients. However, industrial and commercial clients can also have tailored solutions.  

Zero Carbon Turnkey Solar Solutions 

Zero Carbon offers onsite, also known as on-grid, and hybrid net-metered solutions for residential consumers. Due to this facility, they can sell back the excess electricity which they have generated from solar panels to the national grid. In this way, they will reduce their monthly electricity expenditure to its maximum potential. On the other hand, Hybrid solar solutions are the best option for residential clients to fight power outages.  

Benefits of Turnkey Solar Energy Solutions  

Choosing a turnkey solar solution provider could be the best decision anyone can make, especially if the purchaser is a first-timer and a residential customer. This is because having ample information about your requirement and suitable options available in the market one can get into much trouble in the market where he is inexperienced.  

Therefore, it is advised to go to professional solar solution providers. We at Zero Carbon are turnkey solar solution providers, and we help our clients from the initial steps to the after-sale maintenance. Our experts are just a call away and ready to assist household owners in all these steps.  

Site Audit 

A site audit is the most crucial element in installing a solar system at any location. Residential locations are no exception. The exact space availability, average power consumption, sunlight access, and placement options are well analysed in this step. According to the actual calculations, the installation process moves forward.  

With the help of professional assistance, it becomes possible for an inexperienced person to see the details and requirements that would be suitable to meet the power consumption on a regular basis. 

System Design 

The system design is the next step, including the actual design of all setups and choosing the hardware. In this regard, Zero Carbon has partnered with the most prominent, A-grade providers. For instance, our technology partners are some of the biggest names in the industry. Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, Huawei and others are proud partners.  


Next comes obtaining permission from relevant authorities to get the job done. Zero Carbon also helps home solar owners proceed with requests and permits professionally.  


Next comes the central part of the installation. Zero Carbon’s expert staff ensures to install the solar panels with all the supporting elements, including the PV panels, wires, and inverters. The target is to provide a smooth and working installation.  

Net Metering 

The element of net metering is the prime source of reduction of electricity expense. In Pakistan, this matter is handled through the national power suppliers of NEPRA and its distribution channels around the country. The distribution channels are also known as DISCOs.  

Zero Carbon professionals also help their clients acquire the licences and authority green signals.  


After installation, monitoring the solar system is vital to eye the working, productivity, and consumption metrics. Therefore, Zero Carbon fully assists the monitoring phase for its home clients. Furthermore, Zero Carbon has a well-developed app which is usable on mobile devices. And you can see the details there. 


Looking after is essential to everything. The same is the case with solar panels and solar systems. For the same reason, Zero Carbon offers a complete maintenance cycle.  

Solar Financing  

In addition to all these steps, Zero Carbon also assists its clients in managing solar financing on reasonable terms.  

Zero Carbon is Available 

Hence, you have seen the benefits of turnkey solar solutions for residential setups. It is a great idea to install alternative power solutions by ECP solution providers. Zero Carbon invites you to talk with them to get information regarding solar panel installation and working. We are just a click away! Just fill out this form, and our representative will get back to you.  


The Working of an On-Grid Residential Solar System

Pakistan has been facing swerve price hikes regarding essential commodities for the last couple of years. The situation has worsened for the previous year as the basic electricity costs around Rs. 24.82 per kWh. The adjustments were made in July, August, and October 2022. Due to this massive increase, the monthly expenditure of an average household exceeds the budget causing distress in fiscal management. Therefore, it is advised to switch to alternative power sources. Solar panels are the most eco-friendly and economically beneficial substitute for the national power supply. This article is focused on the on-grid or grid-tied solar panel for residential setup and its working.  

Introduction to Residential Solar System 

When the solar panels attached to the batteries are installed on the roof-top of any house, it is called the residential solar system or the home solar system. The residential solar systems are customised according to the estimated monthly power requirement of the concerned home. The types and mechanisms of the same are discussed below.  

Types of the Residential Solar System 

Zero Carbon provides efficient and advanced residential solar solutions. The solar systems we deal in are on-grid and hybrid. Both are explained in the following.  

  • On-Grid Solar System 
  • Hybrid Solar System  

On-Grid Solar System is also known as the ‘Grid-tied’ solar system. The kind of solar power system that integrates with the utility (national) grid station is called a grid-tie system. This device was created to utilise grid power so individuals could stop using pricey solar batteries. 

Since the on-grid technology does not require batteries to store electricity, it is more dependable and cost-effective. This system is referred to as a grid-tie or on-grid system because of its connection to the grid. Without any connection to the utility station, this system cannot function. Some grid-tie solutions also offer to upgrade the system with batteries to increase efficiency. 

A grid-connected, battery-powered renewable energy system known as a hybrid solar system. The system generates electricity during the day using solar panels, and the batteries store any extra energy for use at night when there is no light from the sun. 

Mechanism of On-Grid Residential Solar System 

As mentioned above, a grid connection is necessary for the grid-tie or on-grid solar system to function. Because of this, it is not viable for distant areas, but it is the best method currently available for locations with easy access to the grid. For instance, the cities and small towns have the power supply from DISCO suppliers of NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority). 

 The following elements make up the on-grid solar solution:  

  1. Grid-tied inverters and solar panels 
  2. Assembling Wires 
  3. Utility grid connection DC switch Net Meter 

The energy generation procedure in residential unit solar systems comprises five steps. These are as the following.  

  • Generation of Electricity in PV Panels  
  • Conversion of Power Units 
  •  Esurance of Power Supply 
  • Power Storage   
  • Net Metering Settlement 

When the sunlight reaches the Photovoltaic (PV) sheets of the solar panel installed on the roof-top of the house or residential unit, these sheets absorb the natural power source and convert it into electricity.  

Direct current (DC) is generated by solar panels when the sun shines on them, stimulating the movement of electrons that results in current. The current is direct because all these electrons move in the same direction. However, the appliances in the home cannot utilise this direct current because all electrical equipment requires Alternating Current (AC) within a specific voltage range to be used to their full potential. The inverter does the work of making it usable.  

Zero Carbon’s solar solutions’ grid-tie inverters are from A-grade suppliers. The on-grid solar converter transforms the current into alternating current, with an average voltage of 240v, so that equipment may use it. Because it controls all input and output aspects to guarantee the system’s efficient functioning, the inverter is often known as the brain of the solar panel system. 

Powerful and high-voltage electricity lines supply the house with the 240 V AC that the inverter converted to ensure little to no electricity loss. The current from the grid station is added when the demand for power rises faster than the production rate. 

It is necessary to store any extra electricity generated by the system to prevent it from being wasted and going to waste. These systems use the grid stations as fictitious batteries to address the issue. As a result, the plan can be more reasonably priced than a solar system that relies on batteries. The entire amount of electricity that the on-grid solar system generates and not used by the appliances is sent to the grid station. 

Here comes a beneficial element of net metering. Net-Metering is a mechanism that benefits homeowners who have set up the solar system in their location and are willing to contribute excessive power units to the national grid.  

In Pakistan, net metering is diverse from other countries. However, the NEPRA and DISCOs are the parties to decide whether any residential unit is eligible for net metering.  

If the home is net-metered, the power metre will run backwards to give credit for any electricity consumed at night or during other times when the home’s power usage exceeds the system’s capacity. Only the client’s “net” energy utility is billed. The forefront digital metre continues to operate in both directions to consider the power produced at the customer’s residence. Customers can generate their power effectively and efficiently thanks to net metering. 

Benefits of Installing a Residential Solar System 

There are numerous benefits if you install a solar panel on your home setup.  

  1. A noticeable reduction in electricity expenses. 
  2. Environmentally Friendly Alternative to the National Power Source 
  3. Easy to run ACs and Fans in Summer as per Requirement 
  4. An opportunity to get rid of load shedding  

Zero Carbon Offers Quality Services 

We, Zero Carbon, are the licensed providers of the residential solar system in Pakistan. All you must do is fill out this form with your questions, and our representatives will get back to you. We have a team of experts who will assist you in auditing your location and depicting the size of your solar panel, system design, assistance in permission acquisition, installations, grid mixing, net metering, monitoring, and management. We have a proper app setup that helps you understand your power consumption and the performance of solar panels at your fingertips. So, do not waste any further time and get into discussions.  



Factors Affecting Price of 20kW Solar System in Pakistan 


Factors Affecting Price of 20kW Solar System in Pakistan 

What is a Solar Panel Power? 

The solar system works on solar energy. It operates through PV sheets and batteries. The PV sheets are installed in open locations where the sun directly accesses them. The PV sheets absorb the light from the sun and convert it into consumable electricity with the help of solar batteries for later use. 

Sizes and Capacity Options in Solar Systems 

Solar systems are available in multiple sizes and capacities. People can buy solar systems suitable for their power usage. The best way to choose the appropriate solar system for oneself is to take an average of electricity units for the past year from the electricity bills. The average power consumption will let you know the exact amount you need in your solar system capacity installation.  

What is a 20kW Solar Panel Capacity & Load Power? 

20 kW solar panels are ideal for installing at comparatively larger scaled locations. If your monthly bill shows consumption of 2300-2400 units, then a 20-kW solar system will suit you. The load capacity in a 20-kW solar system is available at a price that is absolutely pocket friendly and optimal. However, prices are not fixed; they are subject to the import/export and currency rates and government taxation with market prices.  

Other Factors effecting the Price of Solar Panels 

In addition to the import/ export policies and currency rates. The factors affecting solar panel system prices in Pakistan are as follow: 

  • Quality Of Semi-Conductor depends upon the material. For instance, silicon made conductors are most expensive as of now.  
  • The type of Solar Panel depends on whether the solar panel is mono crystalline or polycrystalline. The efficiency of solar panel depends upon the above-mentioned categories.  
  • Capacity Of the Panel Per Watt is also a defining element when it comes about costs and prices.  

The following appliances are workable with a 20kW solar system at any location 

Appliances*  Quantity* 
Fans  20 
Lights  30 
AC or Iron  Up to 5 ACs + 1 Iron if 1 AC is off-loaded 
Refrigerator  4 
Water Pumps  2 
Washing Machines  2 
LED TVs  4 

* The capacity list mentioned is according to the consumption. You can alter as per need till the unit limit is not compromised.  

Hawaii convertor

Zero Carbon Offers On-Grid Solar Systems 

Zero Carbon offers high-quality on-grid solar systems to its clients. The on-grid solar systems are linked with the national power supply line. It is also known as the grid-tied or grid-feed solar system. These solar systems work closely with the national grid; they make electricity through solar panels and store it in the grid; in return, the same receives the units from the grid as per requirements. 

Net Metering 

This whole concept is known as Net Metering. It balances out the power usage, and as a result, the electricity bill reduces, even going negative.  Pakistan is an ideal country for solar system installation. The shortage, power outfall and regular increments in electricity tariff make it essential to consider alternative power sources. However, there is no common awareness about the country’s solar systems, operations, prices, capacity and load management. Therefore, Zero Carbon provides all the details for factors affecting the price of 20kW solar system load in Pakistan. In the following article, you will learn the facts and relevant information.  


Zero Carbon Procurement Channels  

Components required for the completion of a solar system are PV modules, inverters, and batteries. Zero Carbon procures the PV modules only from Tier-1 suppliers and A-Class Chinese Manufacturers. Supplier details are as under.  

PV Modules 

  • Jinko Solar 
  • JA Solar 
  • Login 
  • Canadian Solar 
  • Trina Solar 


For inverters, Zero Carbon deals with the following brands.  

  • Huawei 
  • Solis 
  • SunGrow 
  • Inverex 
  • GrowWatt 
  • GoodWe 

Zero Carbon Stands Tall  

  1. The PowerPoints of engaging Zero Carbon for your 20-kW solar system installation are attention-grabbing. Zero Carbon holds the highest category license, ARE-IV, from the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB). 
  2. Climate change is drastically affecting Pakistan. Zero Carbon is the first renewable energy solution to fight climate change.  
  3. Zero Carbon helps Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and agricultural locations with customised solar solutions. 
  4. The payback time for the 20-kW solar system by Zero Carbon is only four years.  
  5. Zero Carbon offers the working capacity for a solar system for more than 20 years. That calculates for two decades.  
  6. After-sales service is another crucial point for Zero Carbon installations. 
  7. Before the installation, the experts with Zero Carbon are available to help potential clients at every step.  

Want to know more about us? Click Zero Carbon. 

Previous Installations by Zero Carbon 

Zero Carbon has installed various successful solar panels around the country at multiple levels. The carbon emissions reduced by Zero Carbon’s solar installations are also understated.  

Residential Sector 

Zero Carbon has installed solar systems in multiple residential locations throughout the country. Capacity installed in residential accommodation by Zero Carbon calculates around 2748 kW. The same results in 2075 metric tonnes of carbon emissions. Check out the details here.  

Industrial Sector 

Industrial Sector supports the country on a massive level. Major industrial sites include Iskanderabad, Lahore, Multan, Sheikhupura, Sialkot, Khushab, and Faisalabad. Significant clients include Maple Leaf Cement, Packages Converters (Pvt.), Punjab Rice Mills and others. You can see more details here.  

The installed capacity in the industrial sector by Zero Carbon is 19563 kW, which eliminates around 14771 metric tonnes of carbon emissions per year.  

Commercial Sector 

Zero Carbon never outlooked the commercial sector. The commercial sites are expanded in multiple cities. The complete installation calculates 12695 kW, eliminating 9585 metric tonnes of carbon emissions annually. The portfolio is available here 

Get a ‘Free Quotation’ from Zero Carbon Now! 

You can also reduce your electricity bill with the custom installation of a 20kW Solar System with reasonable price and high quality by Zero Carbon. You can avail of an even more price-efficient solar system in Pakistan as the implementation of GST of 17 per cent has been removed by the government of Pakistan. For Free Quotation, fill the contact form available at Zero Carbon here. 


Zero Carbon Secures AEDB’s highest category License ARE-V1

Zero Carbon is pleased to inform that the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has issued a license under the category ARE-VI (installations of capacity up to 1,000 kW) for net metering implementation in Pakistan.

Zero carbon has fulfilled all the pre-qualifications required to achieve this license as a renewable energy company. The company aims to help domestic, commercial and industrial clients to provide them on-grid net-metered solutions. It would enable our clients to sell back excess electricity to the grid which has substantially reduced the payback period making these solutions cost-effective and energy-efficient.

NEPRA – National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Alternative & Renewable Energy) announced Distributed Generation and Net Metering Regulations on September 1, 2015. As per these regulations, any customer connected with the national grid (having three-phase connection) can avail net-metering facility for small-scale (3kW to 1MW) Renewable Energy installations.

The ARE 2019 Policy, as a component of the overall plan, has a vision of the development of an efficient, sustainable, affordable, and eco-friendly power system while promoting indigenization of energy resources and development of local manufacturing capabilities in Pakistan

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