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Turnkey Solar Solutions

Zero carbon provides services from the inception of your Solar Power plant’s idea towards its reality. The turnkey Solar Solution is proposed,

based on the annual consumption of power from the utility grid. It involves the designing of system depending on the net zero load and available area, installation and commissioning of the executed project by our expert team, followed by the trial monitoring of plant.

Net metering allows you to transfer excess electricity units produced from Solar PV plant through a bi-direction smart energy meter into the national grid providing you with additional unit credits. These credits will be deducted from your successive bills. If the house/building is being net-metered, the bi-directional meter will run backwards to provide credits against the electricity consumed by the building off peak hours when electricity was being used from the utility, in this case the customer is only charged for their net energy usage, freeing you from paying any bills further. Thus, Net Metering is a billing mechanism which allows you to sell/credit your excessive units produced to the utility.