Which Solar Panel is Best, Mono or Poly?

Which solar panel is best, mono or poly? The first-generation solar panels are of two types; polycrystalline solar panels and monocrystalline solar panels. Both the poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline solar panels serve the same function as any solar panel; converting sunlight into solar energy. Manufactures produce both kinds of solar panels.

Both types of solar panels are made up of silicon cells. The silicon used in each is different. These solar panels are also the best option for residential installment. The answer to the question; which solar panel is best mono or poly? is found in the differences given below:

  • Poly-crystalline solar panels are made up of the melting of multiple origins of silicon and are considered less efficient than mono-crystalline solar panels that are made up of only a single silicon origin of silicon.
  • Poly-crystalline solar panels take up more space while mono-crystalline solar panels take less space in installation.
  • There is no diamond pattern in poly-crystalline solar panels while the mono-crystalline solar panels show a diamond pattern in them.
  • Mono-crystalline solar panels work better in warm temperatures as compared to poly-crystalline solar panels.
  • The efficiency rate of a mono-crystalline solar panel is about 20.2% while for a poly-crystalline solar panel is about 17.5%.
  • Mono-crystalline solar panels are more expensive and have a longer life than poly-crystalline solar panels that are cheaper and have a shorter life.

Why should we prefer solar panels for home?

They are always available, in large quantities: the sun is a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy, it can safely be exploited for about another 4 billion years and is able to meet the entire energy needs.

Clean energy: 

by exploiting the sun’s rays, no CO2 or other pollutants are emitted that enlarge the ozone hole.

“Zero cost” energy:

Since there is no need to extract coal, methane or oil, in addition to not putting the environment at risk, it is the cheapest because there are no production, transport and supply costs.

It is self-produced:

While the extraction of fuels can only be managed by large companies, solar energy can be produced directly on the roof of the house.

It is an investment:

The costs of installing a photovoltaic system with solar energy storage are amortized both by savings in the bill and by the various incentives offered by the state (to find out more about the photovoltaic system tax deduction laws, you can contact Zero Carbon’s team).

It is guaranteed:

The technology of the photovoltaic system that uses solar energy is highly developed and certified, requiring minimal maintenance.

Very reasonable costs:

Installing a photovoltaic storage system has an increasingly advantageous price. Compared to 5 years ago, for example, prices have fallen by about a third; and the technology offered is always higher.

Using solar energy in home electricity generation has become more important than ever. It allows you to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, producing clean and renewable energy, but above all it allows you to achieve energy independence.

In short, using solar energy is a conscious and convenient choice. You will recover the cost of installing a storage photovoltaic system within 10 years thanks to various incentives, such as tax deductions, 10% VAT and savings on your bill. You can also enjoy facilities like nete metering in Pakistan. Solar lease system has become quite popular in these days as various banking channels in Pakistan have introduced installment systems. There are not very hard rules as we see in other installment systems. It is a beneficial investment if you are expecting turnout in next few years. The government is also keen to promote such types of technological change.

And above all, you will have the satisfaction of producing clean and non-polluting energy directly from the roof of your home. With Zero Carbon, the photovoltaic storage system, you can store the energy produced by your system and use it when you need it most. By producing 75% of your energy needs, you can start making yourself independent from the national electricity grid.


Concluding the question, which solar panel is best mono or poly?  The choice of the solar panel depends upon the buyer and the above-given differences are to be noted when buying a solar panel. The buyer can take advice from the company they choose.

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Which technology is used in Batteries for storage systems?

Which technology is used in Batteries for storage systems? The characteristics of photovoltaic storage systems depend on the material chosen for the battery. The self-production and self-consumption of energy obtained from your photovoltaic panels allows you to become independent from the myriad of offers of network operators and to make your contribution to create a more sustainable world, shifting the balance from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

This transition, however, has to deal with some intrinsic aspects of using the sun to power one’s home: the most obvious element is its absence during the night or in case of bad weather, leaving the photovoltaic panels without their source of energy. However, now solar panels are quite effective that they can store enough energy to meet the needs of electricity for 24 hours.

Solar is an easier technology to adopt privately than other renewable sources such as wind and hydroelectric. To make it easier to create an eco-sustainable world and a conscience shared by all citizens, maximizing the potential offered by the sun, different devices have been created to accumulate the energy produced by photovoltaic systems.

In this way it is possible to have an electric reserve for the night hours and in case of bad weather: the actual storage capacity of the photovoltaic energy depends on the technologies, which differ above all as regards the battery itself. In fact, different materials are available to make them, each with its own characteristics:

Types of materials used in Solar batteries

Lead-acid: This is the same technology used for car batteries and which has been transposed and adapted for integration with photovoltaic systems. Therefore, being made with an already consolidated process, they are the most widespread and competitive ones on the market; however, they also have a number of disadvantages precisely because it is a technology that has already reached its peak of development.

Lead-acid batteries are very bulky and heavy, and can withstand a limited number of charge-discharge cycles; in addition, this duration is only guaranteed if they are not discharged for more than 50% of their storage capacity, basically halving the storage capacity you can say.

Nickel cadmium: Ideal for colder climates, their storage capacity is not affected by low temperatures, but is below average compared to other batteries; the cadmium-free version, on the other hand, exhibits a storage capacity three times higher for the same size, which can be used completely in the discharge phase without repercussions

Lithium-ion: Similarly, to the case of lead-acid, this is a technology already applied elsewhere, with a widespread use of lithium batteries in electronic instruments for everyday use such as laptops. However, having a more recent history, the use of lithium ions is still evolving, with constant research and development efforts to improve storage capacity and efficiency without increasing the size of the battery. These efforts have resulted in photovoltaic storage systems with a long-life cycle and a large capacity with extremely small dimensions.

Innovations to make solar panels more and more efficient

International research is developing new solutions for photovoltaic panels, to spread this technology more and more also at a residential level.

The reduction of CO 2 emissions is considered by many countries to be crucial for the well-being of our planet and this goal can only be achieved with the support of people, who must internalize a sense of responsibility towards the environment, and of research, which must propose increasingly efficient and accessible solutions to meet energy needs using renewable sources.

That’s the power of solar technology and we can consult Zero Carbon as well if we want to buy latest models for solar panels and solar batteries. These advanced level batteries or solar panels are available at cheaper rates and they can save a lot of electricity cost from your monthly bills.

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How Solar Panels Generate Electricity?

Solar energy is a big and effective source of energy now a days. It is the light and heat coming from sun. This energy is used in various purposes. The sunlight that hits the earth in one and a half hour is enough for all energy consumption of the world for a whole year. By the solar technology the sunlight is converted into electricity through its panels. To understand fully the advantages of getting electricity by solar energy, there should be a complete awareness of ‘how solar panels generate electricity’.

Layers of solar panels

To see how solar panels generate Electricity, first learn about the solar panels. They consist of many layers. The upper layer is the glass protection layer. This layer protects the silicon cells layer. The sunlight contains photon used by the solar panels to generate electricity. To get maximum energy the panels are usually placed together in the form of arrays. They are grouped on roof tops or at open places.

‘How solar panels generate electricity

In the process of ‘how solar panels generate electricity’ it is necessary to know that the photovoltaic cells which are called the solar cells absorb sunlight in day time.

The semiconducting silicon cells consist of two layers; positively and negatively charged layer. In this way, an electric field is created. When the solar panel is hit by the photons, they are absorbed by the silicon cells. Because of this process, the electrons are moved away from atoms and are free around the photovoltaic or solar cells. The electric field sets them into motion. This motion generates the electricity. It is called direct current electricity.

Mostly in homes the alternating current is used. So this direct current electricity is converted into alternating current by an inverter. Batteries can also be used for the storage of this energy. It is the advanced but most affordable way of getting solar energy in the form of electricity. So, you have noticed how solar panels generate electricity in an effective way.

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Grid tariff in Lahore

What is meant by tariff in general?

Before defining Grid tariff in Lahore let me tell you about, the simple definition of tariff in general sense. To put simply, a tariff is a tax that is imposed by the government of any particular country on the goods or products that are being imported to the country. These taxes are paid by the importers who are importing the products into the country. The difference between tax and tariff is that local products are inclusive of tax and the imported products have tariffs.

Grid tariff in Lahore

Grid tariff in Lahore means that a certain amount of tax is paid by the consumers of the electricity from the grid. This certain amount depends upon how much electricity or power a household uses. They get tariffs on their electricity bills in accordance with their usage. Another factor might include the tariff model and according to the Tariff system for Electricity Transmission.

Grid tariff in Lahore is generally about 17 percent that is the general sales tax (GST). It increases for the grids that are imported from other countries and the importers sell these grids at very high prices as they pay for the importing tariffs.

Pakistan began with the electricity creation capability of 60MW during the time of its independence in 1947. Energy facilities development acquired push after the 1970s as well as set up capability of 636MW throughout 1970 increased to 9,094 MW throughout 1990-91.  With passage of time the shortfall in electricity supply made the life difficult. Energy production experts felt the need of alternative energy sources.

The prime time for solar energy has been started. Now smart tech reforms insist the power solar companies to introduce cheap solar panels. People cannot pay high grid tariff in Lahore. They want to see relaxation in their bills or tariff. We cannot expect a prosperous society unless we develop solar projects in all major cities of Pakistan.

The country’s energy field then was handled by a couple of vertically incorporated general public sector resources i.e., Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) along with Karachi Electric Supply company.

The price of the solar system is affected by two main factors. The first factor is the unit of measure of the system, which is the kilowatt peak. The system is measured by the quantities of kilowatts. The second factor is the price of the solar panel. The same panel that converts solar energy into electrical energy. The price of this panel depends on the company that manufactures it.

Need professional company to install it

True, this is why it is necessary to contact a professional company in the field for example if you are looking for best solar company in Lahore then Zero Carbon will come in front. In order to install a solar system, it is sometimes necessary to obtain prior approvals.

The professional team knows which factors to consider to obtain the approvals easily and without any special glitches. In addition, it is necessary to make field measurements and characterize the electricity consumption of consumers.

It is important to choose an experienced and professional company that has extensive experience in installing the systems. Therefore, you should browse website of zerocarbon.com.pk, you can consult with friends as well and choose this most suitable company after seeing a lot of positive reviews about it.

Perform a periodic inspection

The solar system is a powerful system, so investing in it is worthwhile for many years to come. While ordinary power points can be destroyed over time, the solar system ensures a constant supply of energy to the place of residence. However, to be used for the long term, periodic inspections are necessary.

During the tests, it is important to examine a wide range of things:

  • checking all the mechanical parts that make up the system,
  • finding connections and contacts that may break,
  • a general check of all electrical parts,
  • checking the electrical efficiency that the system produces

Care must be taken to perform this test to allow proper conduct. These tips can give you better performance if you have installed solar panels at home or offices. Prefer this system instead of traditional electricity source. Solar panels are such systems where whole function is to absorb the sun’s rays that shine brightly in the sky. Each such panel is positioned in the most accurate way and thus the best possible use of solar energy generates a lot of useable form of electricity.

It is a green and clean energy that benefits the environment and is also given to us for very cheap rates. Each solar system contains a number of items one of which is a solar cell then back up batteries come. These two items would be responsible for the overall performance of your solar systems.

So, it a right time to think alternative of grid tariff in Lahore. When it comes to cost then the panels are somehow expensive items and actually a lot of money saving is expected as a result of this investment. Apparently, you may see this a big amount at time of purchase but in the long run solar panels will be giving you benefits for at least 20 to 25 years.


Coming to the end of the topic, a grid tariff in Lahore is better known by the importers who tend to buy grids from other countries and they can better calculate the tariffs imposed. People or companies who wish to buy imported grids are informed about the tariffs that the importer paid. These importers ask the customer for a double price than what they paid.

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Photovoltaic power generation is a high performance power generation facility that is said to be “maintenance free” due to the small number of failures and problems. However, in order to continue using it serenely for a long time, it is still important to perform some maintenance. This time, we will introduce the self-maintenance method which you may refer as solar maintenance in Lahore, regarding the maintenance of photovoltaic power generation, that is also important for businesses or households.
Living in Lahore is obviously a cool option but the electricity needs and prices of LESCO are not really favorable. The weather condition or load shedding will insist us to think have solar installation at homes and offices.

Why solar energy maintenance is necessary?

The reason of solar maintenance in Lahore is essential for PV power generation is that the power generation efficiency of PV modules may decrease due to aging. Without maintenance of the PV module, the efficiency of power generation will drop to 25-35% on average 10 years after installation, and to 40-55% 20 years later.
Causes of blackouts and reduction in electricity production
Among photovoltaic power generation equipment, the equipment that often fails is the “energy conditioner”. In particular, the power conditioner’s ventilation filter may be clogged with dust or dirt which may create problems.
Module maintenance

Modules are very durable devices, but they can still cause malfunctions and problems. One is due to abnormal weather conditions such as typhoons, guerrilla storms, heavy snowfall, tornadoes and lightning strikes, which can damage or affect the solar panel holder or the panel itself. In order to avoid problems under such conditions, it is important to perform regular solar maintenance in Lahore and to detect faults and breakdowns at an early stage, always keep in touch with Zero Carbon team. They will keep your solar system up to date and in perfect condition.
Solar energy self-maintenance method

If left unattended without noticing the problem, solar power generation will result in decreased income from electricity sales. Use self-maintenance to quickly find faults and contact your dealer if there is a problem. The first part I would like you to check out is the potency conditioner. You can also check the main unit for dirt, filter clogging, abnormal noise, vibration and unpleasant odors.
If you are concerned about self-maintenance, you may also receive regular inspections and maintenance from the manufacturer or retailer. Some manufacturers do inspections for free, but if you pay, it’s a good idea to get a quote and consider it cost-effective.

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Sanctioned load in Faisalabad

What does a sanctioned load mean?

A sanctioned load in Faisalabad is referred to as the amount of energy in kilo-watt allowed by the company for a consumer to consume. People normally fall into the category of 5kW or 5000W, if their household items include a fridge, iron, deep freezer, five energy savers, five ceiling fans, a microwave, laptop, washing machine, etc.

The sanctioned load in Faisalabad can be checked in the electricity bills. Normally, if the above items are not even used every day, the house still falls in the 5kW group. If a person sets the sanctioned load above 5kW that means that they are authorized to use up to 7kW energy coming from the company.

Generally, in the electricity bills, there are mainly two kinds of charges that are charged to the consumers; energy charge (for unit or energy consumed) and fixed charge (for sanctioned load and maximum usage at homes). When one will consume the load more than what they have sanctioned, a penalty is charged.

How to enhance the sanctioned load in bills?

The conditions to enhance sanctioned load in Faisalabad are:

  • Condition of application
  • Condition of feasibility
  • Giving additional security money
  • No previous dues
  • Prepare a fresh agreement

How to reduce the sanctioned load in bills?

The conditions to reduce sanctioned load are:

  • Condition of application
  • The minimum agreement period should be completed
  • “No dues” are not required
  • Prepare a fresh agreement
  • No additional security money

So, it is time to take advantage of this program. Also we can use solar systems which would ultimately reduce overall energy expenditures.


The sanctioned load in Faisalabad above 5kW or more than 50 units and below 5kW or less than 50 units charge differently according to the peak and non-peak time. These charges differ in residential, commercial, and industrial supplies.

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Solar system for chicken coops

Solar system for chicken coops

Solar technology is playing a key role in changing lives of humans as well as it is leaving positive impacts on animals. Is it true that you pay thousands of rupees a month for an electricity bill? Do you have a large coop and you want to streamline your activities and thus on the one hand save money and on the other hand even make a profit from it without doing too much? Yes, you will try to know the ways to have this dream come true.

Best solar system for chicken coop

You should stay with us and read about everything you need to know about a solar system for chicken coops. Many people are looking for investment channels, but they may not always be able to find a solution available to leverage it and increase their income.

The bank does not always provide cash flows, so here is an effective, simple and accessible solution for everyone that will allow you not only to save tens of thousands of rupees a year, but also to increase your monthly income by tens of percent legally and with full state support. Solar system for chicken coops – what is it anyway? Hold on please, if you want to get expert opinion in person then why don’t you call zero carbon team and start seeing positive results.

You already have the coop, you already have the roof of the coop, so why not make the most of it and also on the way to making money from it? And a lot of money. Want to review the costs of setting up a solar system? Go to the solar systems price list page now at ZC and get a general indication of the various costs of setting up the system.

How to set up solar system on the roof of chicken coops?

In the first stage, you must contact a professional company for example zerocarbon.com.pk and they will arrive at the place and conduct a full survey of the building and the electrical infrastructure in which it sits.

According to this they can give you plan and an accurate proposal for the construction of an electricity generation system on the roofs of the chicken coops. Once they close the examination process, the information will be passed on to the company’s engineers who will design the system thoroughly and accurately.

ZC sends a representative on its behalf who will take a tour of the area to check that the place is indeed suitable and fit for establishing a solar system on it. In the second stage, if so, a certain financial investment will be required, depending on the type of roof.

Advanced solar systems on poultry and barns

This technology began a few years ago and today has gained serious momentum. Awareness among poultry owners is growing, while also in the central and southern part of the country business owners began to install advanced solar systems on poultry and barns.

By and large, after you set up the solar system, you can start making money from the solar system and get rid of heavy bills each month from the electric company. On average within 4-5 years, you can recoup the investment and start making a lot of money.

The larger the system, the less time you will be able to recoup your investment. What actually happens is that the solar energy produces an electric current and transmits it to the converters that are part of the system and from there the current passes to the electricity system.

How can Zero Carbon help you?

Eventually, after you return the investment, you can simply enjoy passive income without doing anything. Yes, just as if you had another apartment without a mortgage rented to a couple or family who pay you rent every month. And how can Zero Carbon help you?

Zero Carbon Company is specialized in construction of solar systems for chicken coops and private homes. You can set up a solar system of any size and soon start paying back your investment. Our big advantage over other companies is that we ourselves have teams that install the solar system, and not subcontractors who transfer the work to perform installation through an outside company.

Everything is managed by the ZC itself

To contact us and get more details, leave your details with us on the website or call the number on the website and we will make an appointment soon! Everything is managed by the ZC itself. There is no 3rd party involved. You will get an accurate analysis and returns average if you visit us or send us query online.

If you are not in Lahore or if you have difficulty in visiting our company head office then we are away just one call or email from you. Even you can visit our Instagram page or Facebook page to send us queries. You can share your place pics or business capacity then our technical experts will happily guide you with a solid and meaningful proposal.

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Solar Panel Output per Square Meter

Solar energy is one of the most affordable and a big source of energy. The sunlight that reaches the earth is enough to tackle the energy consumption in world for many years to come. So, it is necessary that this treasure must be saved and used for various purposes. In this way, the cost for energy generation will be minimized in a country with the help of solar energy. For electricity, solar energy is one of the best sources and thus you are interested to know about solar panel output per square meter.

What is solar radiation?

Sun emits electromagnetic radiation that is also called solar radiation. This radiation is captured by solar technology and is converted into electricity or used as thermal storage. Usually there are two types of solar energy technology; photovoltaic solar energy and the second one is concentrating solar thermal power.

When photon in the sunlight hit the solar panel, they are absorbed through photovoltaic cells in the solar panel. As the result of this process, the electrical charge is produced due to inner electrical field of the panel. Electrons are moved away and apart from their atoms they start moving all around the solar cells. This movement is actually the direct electricity production.

Solar panel output per square meter

Determining the solar panel output per square meter depends on various factors. These include the size of solar panels their position of installment and their numbers. Some factors are under control like size and position or number etc. But others cannot be predicted like weather, year time and daylight hours. So, these are the basic things that affect largely on solar panel output per square meter.

But for a general calculation of solar panel input and solar panel output per square meter you can have a look on a standard scale. There the input rate for a solar panel is about 1000 watts per square meter. Most of the available solar panels work on 15-20 percent efficiently. So, by this calculation, it can be said that solar panel output per square meter is approximately 150-200 watts.

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How did solar panels change the world?

Solar energy is generated from the light of the sun. It is source of energy that can be renewed itself and is free of cost. It does not release greenhouse gases or other harmful by-products. With the help of silicon cells, the light coming from the sun is converted into energy or electricity. Today, solar energy is used all around the globe for heating water, cooking food, cooling, lighting, and even power vehicles. You will be interesting to know how did solar panels change the world? We will answer it in details.

Can we expect solar energy for every household by 2050?

Raising the question, how did solar panels change the world? A lot of experts believe it is the best alternative for the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity and it will provide electricity to almost every part of the world by 2050. They also estimated that the amount of solar irradiation the Earth receives is 20,000 times more than the population consumes.

Solar power protects water resources

The following points describe, how did solar panels change the world? Climate change is one of the biggest changes due to solar panels as they do not emit any harmful gases thus it gives humans a clean environment. Solar power brought a big change in the protection of water resources as it does not contaminate water unlike, fossil fuels.

Solar power creates jobs around the world

It is reaching in developing countries with fast pace around the world as it is cheaper and requires less infrastructure. It is also providing jobs in the renewable energy sector and in the near future unemployment might eradicate.

What is average solar irradiation?

At any given moment, the Sun transmits 1367 Watts per m² into the Earth’s orbit. The average solar irradiation is, in some western latitudes, about 1000 watts / m2. This means that the amount of energy radiated from the Sun to Earth is enormous and could cover the world’s energy needs.

One of the advantages of photovoltaic panels is that light is converted directly into electricity. This conversion takes place cleanly, i.e. without the release of CO2 into the environment and fine dust.

The cells of photovoltaic modules are made up mostly of silicon, one of the most common materials on Earth.

 How is the Sun’s energy transformed into electricity?

Solar photovoltaic allows you to transform energy with the Sun into electricity directly and instantly without using fuels.

Photovoltaic systems can be isolated from the electricity grid, such as some mountain huts, water pumping systems, road signaling systems, etc. or they can be connected to the mains.

Solar energy is an infinite resource. At least until the Sun goes out, we can use the energy that arrives on our planet. The binomial Sun and energy, i.e the amount of solar energy produced by the solar source, would be able to meet our need for total energy.

Cost cutting in bills through solar panels

The cost of photovoltaic systems is low compared to that of other energy supply systems. If the initial cost may be high, it is true that the return is guaranteed within 5, 10 years, after which you will be able to take advantage of a nice cost cut in the bill.

In addition to photovoltaic solar systems, which transform light into electricity, there are solar thermal systems, which use the sun’s rays to heat a fluid that can be used to heat homes and buildings. Thermodynamic solar systems combine the two modes. There is therefore the possibility of a varied use of solar energy.

On our planet, the reserves of non-renewable fuels are not unlimited and on the contrary, their regeneration takes quite a long time. The use of non-renewable energies is also often associated with environmental pollution phenomena.

On the contrary, renewable energy sources are non-exhaustible and alternative forms of energy. Among the renewable energy sources (also called alternative energy sources to distinguish them from non-renewable and traditional ones) there are wind, sun, water and geothermal resources, tides and biomass, or the transformation of organic products into energy electric.

Control over Environmental Damage

With the increasing demand for energy which is constantly growing, the reserves of non-renewable sources tend to run out while their combustion and excessive exploitation increases environmental damage.

Renewable energies, because they come from energy sources that belong to the physical structure of our planet, are constantly renewed and reproduced by natural elements, therefore they are not subject to exhaustion.

Future of energy

Renewable sources represent the future of energy and are the ecological alternative pursued by most nations, in a more or less incisive way. That’s the best answer of “how did solar panels change the world”.

The climate change and global warming require greater attention in the direction of safeguarding the overall situation of the environment and human health. The main advantage of producing energy from renewable sources, however, concerns not only the benefits for the environment, but also the stability they are able to guarantee over time.


Concluding the topic with an answer to the question, how did solar panels change the world? With solar the world can become a better place to live as people will save money and energy and the environment will be pollution-free.

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Zero app in Lahore

A zero-carbon society means a society in which the greenhouse gas emissions are controlled and no CO2 gas is emitted. It also means no deforestation, no fossil fuel, biomass and biofuel combustion of energy. In this article we are also going to discuss zero app in Lahore.

To achieve a zero-carbon society, new technologies of products and services are made energy-saving so that achievement of no CO2 gas emission by using renewable energy could be ensured. This is a need of society to utilize powers of  zero app in Lahore. The tech change insists us to think about energy alternatives now.

Zero carbon solar company:

Zero-carbon is the first company in Lahore to offer clean, durable, and dependable energy or power solutions. It also offers renewable energy solutions which can help in the fight with the world’s climate change. Zero carbon holds the highest category license given by the Alternative Energy Development Board. You can enjoy the benefits by having zeo app in Lahore.

Zero app in Lahore

Their main aim is to insist the city for minimum carbon usage. There would be a power independent city that will provide the future generations with a clean and greener city. The company is a certified dealer of Canadian solars and provides modern solar solutions. Zero carbon company also provides the customer with Zero app in Lahore.

Zero carbon’s projects are of four types:

  • Residential projects
  • Industrial projects
  • Commercial projects
  • Agriculture based projects

Features of Zero app in Lahore:

The zero carbon solar company provides its customers with a reliable Zero app in Lahore. The app allows the customer to avail the following features:

  • A private dashboard
  • Observation of solar system installed
  • List of savings
  • CO2 reduced in tons
  • Examine the energy generation

We can use solar energy in multiple ways. The growing needs for electricity demands us to have solar panels in whatever form it is available.

We already know that solar energy is a type of energy that is evolving at a tremendous rate. A fundamental revolution in this case are photovoltaic solar energy solar tiles . These solar tiles are installed in our house to provide energy in a clean and safe way.

In this article we are also going to tell you about solar tiles. Now you can feel the use of technology or use of zero app in Lahore is quite mandatory. You need to monitor the energy systems of your home or office in any time of a day without delay. You will find out what features solar tiles have compared to traditional solar panels and what advantages or disadvantages there could be if you visit our website zerocarbon.com.pk

When we talk about solar tiles, we are talking about a set of tiles with photovoltaic properties and a couple of interconnected features. On the one hand, we manage to get the best possible protection from adverse weather conditions. On the other hand, solar panels attached to the same windows serve to generate electrical energy for our consumption.

The energy you create is completely clean and renewable. Solar roof tiles are made of aluminum rails and are made from the most resistant type of plastic. They have a photovoltaic ferrule that is assembled on top of the tile. It’s all put together by puzzle-like clips. Combining the entire roof with these features is like combining a Lego figure.

Photovoltaic self-consumption

These types of small solar panels for the roof can be made in any type of installation. They are very useful for photovoltaic self-consumption or if you want to connect to an installation separated from the electrical network. What you need to consider when installing solar tiles is the installation cost. If you rely on a newly built house, we have the advantage that the cost of this installation is low.

Conversely, if you have a leftover already made from an old house, you should keep in mind that the rear roof must be removed first to keep the new one. It may increase the cost. Solar tiles are a great option for newly built homes so that they can be integrated into photovoltaic production and architecture in the energy transition towards renewable energy.

Some solar modules are made of these tiles. The power inverters are connected to the traditional solar panel in the same way as it is done. Thus, it is very easy to install. On the other hand we highlight that the solar roof can be climbed on any surface, be it a traditional roof, a roof for a garage or even a porch. So, use these advanced designs, make your roofs beautiful and enjoy the quickest performance reports by Zero app in Lahore.


The sunlight reaches every part of the earth and it can provide energy for the whole planet. It does not emit carbon gases and also won’t run out of light for a billion years ahead. One can achieve affordable and long-lasting energy solutions with Zero carbon in Lahore. Also avail the opportunity of using zero app in Lahore.

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