5 Questions to Ask During Solar Energy Consultancy with Zero Carbon

The most important thing to do during solar energy consultancy is to ask questions. Well, if you have done some research about going solar, you probably have A LOT of questions. That’s good because solar panels are a big investment. Yet, the only way to find out if solar is right for you is to get all the information you can. So, let’s know the top 5 essential questions you should ask during consultancy with Zero Carbon!  

1. Why Should I Install Solar Systems with Your Company? 

This might be a common question, but it can really tell you a lot about our company. Yes, during solar energy consultancy, you can ask about why you should install solar with Zero Carbon.  

Here’s your answer: 

  • We place greater emphasis on the value of your investment 
  • We provide quality and reliability of our service 
  • Our solar professionals have depth and strength of their knowledge’ 
  • Our company has a great reputation with former customers 
  • We aim to foster a relationship with you by prioritising your experience and satisfaction above all  

In the end, it all depends on what priorities you have and what you ultimately seek to achieve in your solar journey. 

2. What Warranties and Guarantees Do You Provide? 

Product and service are two important aspects of a solar installation. For sure, you want to make sure you are getting the best product for your money and the best service possible. However, some things might go wrong. This is exactly where warranties and guarantees come in. 

One thing you must note is that solar panels often come with 10- to 25-year product warranties. This means that their equipment will function as intended, without defects. Also, the panels will stand up to certain physical and environmental conditions. 

On the other hand, solar production guarantees ensure the solar panels will produce a certain energy percentage after so many years.  

To release your worries, Zero Carbon, as one of customised solar solution providers, provides excellent quality solar products for our clients.   

3. Will the Solar Panels Cover 100% of My Energy Needs? 

No doubt, the main reason most homeowners and businesses install solar systems is to save money. Moreover, by producing your own energy from solar panels, you can reduce your reliance on the utility company. This will also help you reduce your energy bills. Accordingly, this is why you must ask this question during solar energy consultancy. Also, do not forget to ask if you aim to produce 100% of your electricity needs from solar panels. 

During your solar consultation, our team will go over the design of your solar panel system and the estimated energy production. In addition, we can also guide you with a chart, graph, or table estimating the production of your solar panels each month in kilowatt-hours (kWh). 

Questions You Should Ask

4. Do You Have Any Satisfied Customers? 

A reliable solar company is the satisfaction of their customers. You need to know about their experience with the company. How was the solar installation process like? Would they install solar panels with the company again? 

However, do note that these are all great questions you might not get the answers to during solar energy consultancy. Instead, you can get your answers through reviews on our Zero Carbon website.  

5. Will You Provide Your Service After Solar Installation? 

You might think that this is a critical question to ask. However, you can rest assured that we have provided a positive experience throughout the solar installation process. Moreover, what comes after is even more important. 

Yes, we do provide our service after solar installation. Not only will we guide you about the solar panels for home use during solar energy consultancy. More than that, we will also do a regular checkup to ensure your solar panels work efficiently.  

The Role of Solar Energy Consultancy from Zero Carbon 

When it comes to harnessing the power of solar energy, you can rely on Zero Carbon as we adhere to industry standards, regulations, and codes. Our professionals will ensure successful installations. Even better, we offer a range of valuable services to guide you through the process of installing and maintaining solar panels. Hence, you will get the most out of your renewable energy investment. 

In addition to designing and installing solar panel systems, our experts will also evaluate your home’s energy efficiency. Then, we will suggest energy-saving practices that work well in your situation. 

Another wonderful thing about having solar energy consultancy from Zero Carbon is that we have expertise in the solar industry. Better yet, we have a deep understanding of the financial incentives and rebates for solar energy investments. This way, we help in making the transition to solar power more affordable for you. 

Last but most important thing, we offer maintenance and repair services for our clients. Yes, our solar experts will ensure that your solar system operates at the best efficiency. Hence, you can rest assured that your solar energy system will continue to provide clean and sustainable energy for years to come.  

Switch to Solar by Booking Your Free Survey Today! 

Well then, are you ready to switch to solar? You can ask any question and concern you have during solar energy consultancy with us. But first, you can simply book a free survey at Zero Carbon today! 

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