How Solar Increases Property Value in Pakistan?

This question has been around homeowners these days. How solar increases property value in Pakistan? Can solar panels really increase the value of your home? How much money can you save with residential solar panels? Let’s answer all these questions! 

The Ways Solar Increases Your Property’s Value 

Research has mentioned that homes with solar panels have increased property rates. Even better, homes with solar panels have been proven to sell 20% faster than those without them.  

This is the main reason most homeowners consider installing solar panels. Moreover, more homeowners and business owners are becoming more aware of the importance of solar panels for increased profits. Hence, the demand for properties with solar panels might continue to rise in the next 5 years.  

Of course, there are many factors that determine how solar increases property value. Let’s break it down! 

Your Home Location 

For sure, the location of your home can significantly impact your property’s value. For instance, if your home is in areas with abundant sunlight, the value of your home will surely increase. Furthermore, solar increases property value if your home is in a region that emphasizes environmental sustainability. 

Electricity Rates 

Another influential factor in how solar increases property value is the rates of electricity. In brief, residential solar panels can substantially reduce energy expenses. Accordingly, with a lower electricity bill, your home will be a financial incentive for potential buyers. As a result, this can enhance your property’s appeal. Hence, potentially leads to a higher home value. 

The Condition of Your Solar Systems 

When it comes to the value of a house, residential solar systems can significantly impact property value. Thus, if you want your home to get a higher value, you must ensure that your solar panels are in a well-working condition. Most importantly, maintaining the condition of your solar systems is important since it directly affects efficiency, functionality, and lifespan. 

In addition, newer solar systems are more valuable than old ones. Why? 

Because they will provide more years of use and savings to a homebuyer.  

Also, an older solar system might be near the end of its warranty coverage. This means that the buyer will have to do necessary upgrades, replacement parts, or a completely new system. 

On average, solar systems last 25–35 years if they are in optimal condition. This is where regular maintenance is compulsory.  

Simply put, well-maintained and properly functioning solar panels will easily attract potential buyers. Better yet, they will contribute positively to your property’s overall worth So, make sure you do regular maintenance, including cleaning and inspection. This way, you can ensure the panel’s performance and longevity. Plus, keeping solar panels in good condition maximises their energy-generating potential. Well, this is another answer to how solar increases property value. 

How Much Does Solar Increase Property Value?  

We must say that there is no simple answer to the question: “How much do solar increase property value?”  

However, a report in 2018 has mentioned that homes with solar-energy systems sold for 4.1% more on average than comparable homes without solar power.  

Here are the key factors that determine your potential savings! 

Factors That Determine Your Potential Savings

The Size of Your Solar Systems 

Yes, the size of your solar systems directly affects your energy savings. Definitely, a larger system can generate more electricity and offset a higher percentage of your energy bills. To decide the right system for your energy needs, you can do solar consultancy with Zero Carbon. 

Energy Consumption 

Your energy consumption also plays a role in determining how much solar power you need. Eventually, a larger solar system can lead to greater savings if you have high energy usage. 


The amount of direct sunlight your home receives impacts the efficiency of your solar panels. Some areas with more sun will help the solar system to generate more electricity, leading to greater savings. 

Electricity Rates 

Solar is a renewable energy source, and thence, you can offset more expensive energy with solar power. However, even in lower-interest areas, residential solar panels can still provide significant savings. 

Generate a Healthy ROI 

Lastly, solar panel systems are not a huge expense. Instead, they can be the best investment you make eventually. In fact, you can see more than 20% return in the first year of solar installation. Plus, thanks to those huge bill savings on electricity, you can use solar panels to pay off the costs of installation in 8 years. 

How to Get More Home Value with Solar Systems? 

Do note that homes with newer solar panels sell faster and more than those with older solar panels. Well, if you already have a solar panel, but it is getting aged, you can consider replacing it with a brand-new solar panel. You can contact Zero Carbon to get customised solar solutions that fit you.  

Increase Your Property Value by Going Solar with Zero Carbon! 

No doubt, solar panels are a big investment. Yet, solar increases property value while providing long-term energy savings. Hence, whether you want to make your home more valuable for yourself or potential buyers, residential solar panel systems are worth having. So, if you think that it is time to increase your property value by going solar, you can book a free survey with Zero Carbon today! 

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