Benefit from High-End Solar Systems in Pakistan in 2023

With the recent price hikes in the traffic of electricity in Pakistan applicable from July 1st, 2023, the cost without taxes rouses up to Rs.30 PKR/ unit. While with taxes, it is approximately Rs. 50 PKR/unit. It is not hard to see that the budget for power utility goes out of the hands of the public in the country. It is high time to look up the best and most reliable power alternatives. Solar systems are reliable, renewable power alternatives in Pakistan. Zero Carbon can equally help you with high-end solar systems for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural units.  

High-End Zero Carbon Solar Systems 

According to the article, the amount of sunlight reflected off the panels’ surface and converted into electrical or thermal energy is what determines how effective the solar panels are. The average efficiency of solar panels used to be approximately 15%, but thanks to developments in photovoltaic technology, it is now between 15% and 22%. Even high-efficiency panels are capable of about 23%. Consequently, a panel’s usual power rating is 370W, up from 250W. Photovoltaic (PV) cell efficiency and overall panel efficiency are the two criteria that determine how efficient a solar panel is. 

However, Canadian Solar and Sun Power are the top high-end solar systems providers. Other options are Q Cells. Rec Solar, Panasonic Solar and Silfab.  

Benefits of Solar Systems Installed at Home 

Installing high-end solar systems at your home result in some top-notch benefits. A list is available below.  

  1. Reduce the heavy electricity bills. 
  2. Attain energy independence at your home. 
  3. Solar systems are low-maintenance devices. 
  4. You can also enjoy the ZERO BILL with the net-metering feature. 
  5. Decrease of non-renewable resources and carbon footprints. 
  6. Enjoy the uninterrupted use of home appliances. 
  7. Enhance the value of your home.  
  8. Optimal Payback time to investment cost.  

Advantages of Commercial Solar Systems 

As you have seen, the benefits of installing solar systems at home. It is the best time to know the benefits solar systems can bring to commercial buildings, especially in Pakistan.  

  1. Solar systems will increase the value of your commercial setups. 
  2. Reliable, Uninterrupted Power Supply for Business Continuity. 
  3. Solar Systems also enhance the commercial value of your building. 
  4. It impacts the name of a brand positively. 
  5. Solar System installations Results in Zero Bill with Net Metering Facility. 
  6. It also results in low operational costs. 
  7. It is also a one-time, low-maintenance installation.  

Ensure Regular Industrial Processes 

In addition to residential and commercial units, solar systems are also advantageous for industrial units and processes. The above benefits are included in inclusion to the ones mentioned below. 

  1. Industrial units can enjoy business continuity with solar systems. 
  2. Business stays energy efficient.  
  3. Solar systems replace the heavy part of electricity tariffs from businesses.  
  4. Get Government Support with solar systems.  
  5. Monitor usage with the zero carbon app. 
  6. Support the environment while making profits with solar systems.  
  7. Decrease the production costs with solar systems massively.  
  8. Optimised Pay Back time.  

Contact Zero Carbon for High-End Solar Systems

For all these benefits, whether you are a household, commercial building, school, college, or industrial setup, you must purchase a customised and tailored solar system to get peace of mind. Zero Carbon offers turnkey, customised, and optimised solar systems for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural units.  

Contact Form is available. Fill it out, and our team of experts will be in touch with you. We also provide the most efficient solar systems, like Canadian Solar and Sun Power, from reputed Tier-1 suppliers.   

Make a Wise Decision Today  

It is time to make wise decisions regarding renewable power resources in Pakistan. Soaring inflation, with insane price hikes, are worst to deal with. Therefore, starting early and staying healthy and peaceful with the high-end solar systems from Zero Carbon is intelligent.    

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