Challenges in the Industrial Solar Solutions Installations in Pakistan

Amidst of having huge potential the solar energy is still an undiscovered phenomenon in Pakistan. Three major power consumers in the country are the household units, commercial buildings, and industrial setups.  This article will disclose the challenges for solar energy for the industrial sector in Pakistan.  

Unawareness in the Society 

Unawareness is the biggest challenge for solar energy and solar solutions in Pakistan. This ignorance is expanded through the households, commercial setups and the industrial bodies equally. In Pakistan, very minimal work is done in the past years which could spread awareness about the power and suitability of solar systems in Pakistan. Therefore, there is a huge scale of unplanned and planned rumours.  

Cost & Price Brackets for Industrial Solar Setups 

Cost and price brackets are also a challenge when it comes to solar installation at any location. The size of a solar system depends upon the capacity of the solar panels. These two things are directly proportional to each other. Therefore, the larger the capacity requirement, the bigger the solar system is.  

The home setups are small in power consumption and requirement in comparison to the commercial buildings and industrial setups. Therefore, the entire package also differentiates. However, a wide market research is a pre-requisite to make a proper and beneficia deal.  

Multi-faceted Installation Requirements for Industrial Solar 

Solar energy requires solar panels to be installed as a major component. In addition, other hardware is also required to make it operational for the location. Therefore, solar panels need an open and free space to access the sunlight directly. Therefore, the rooftops and grounds, gardens are the must have for a proper solar system installation.  

Concept & Working of Net Metering 

Net metering is also a prominent and alluring feature that is associated with the solar system and solar solutions. But there are certain requirements and requisitions to avail this facility in Pakistan. Therefore, this becomes a major challenge to communicate the accurate details for customer satisfaction and trust enhancement in the solar industry.  

Solutions for Industrial Solar Energy 

Either home setup or commercial location like a school, shopping mall, or larger production units need the quick power alternatives for uninterrupted power supply. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to shift on solar energy alternatives.  

Benefits to shift Industrial Units on Solar Energy  

The solar energy is beneficial for industrial setups in various ways. Some of the benefits are as follows.  

  1. One can enjoy the zero bills with the installation of operational industrial solar solution.  
  2. The production process can become smooth and error-free with the operational industrial and commercial solar solution.  
  3. Moreover, with the high-voltage industrial and commercial operations, energy efficiency can still be attainable with the industrial solar solutions.  
  4. Solar energy is most suitable for the environment in Pakistan. Therefore, it produces the best and most efficient energy power for industrial and commercial setups.  
  5. Moreover, solar systems help reduce the carbon footprint of industrial activity.  
  6. Last but not the least, you will be able you maintain your output without any power outages, and shortage issues.  
  7. The government is also offering various subsidies for the solar adaptation on the industrial and commercial level. Which is ultimately in the benefit of the industrialists.  

Where to get the trusted Solar setups for Industries and Commercial Units? 

You can get the trusted solar solutions for commercial and industrial setups according to your need from Zero Carbon. Our trained and experienced staff is ready for your assistance from initial to advanced stages. Simple, you just have to fill out this contact form and get your job started.  


Despite having excessive potential for growth and expansion, the industrial sector in Pakistan is seized and limited to a specific reason. In addition to other challenges to the industrial sector in Pakistan, the power outage and supply disturbances are the major reasons of industrial decline. The solar energy solution can be the sole answer to all major issues. However, there are various challenges for solar energy in the industrial sector of Pakistan.  


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