1KW Solar Panel Price

Solar Panels are the emerging power-providing alternative in Pakistan. Power supply issues, frequent price hikes, environmental damages and areas with no electricity are a few of the background issues giving rise to solar panel usage across the country. However, the user on all level of consumption, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, is unaware of what solar panel is, how it works and what it generally costs. 1kW solar panel price is equally estimated in terms of usage and cost for small unit users. Get rid of power issues and step up towards happy life. For details, go through the article below.

Need for Solar Power

Solar Power is obtained from the sun- the sole solar source. Solar Power is turned into consumable electricity through photovoltaic (PV) panels, known as solar panels or modules. Before that, the solar panels absorb the sunlight and later convert it into regular electric power. Solar panels are made to fulfil the power needs of small units or businesses. However, they are equally suitable for large consumers like the industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors. Solar systems are also ideal for satisfying the electricity requirements of remote areas.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panel

Pakistan has a massive power need. The country has a vast demand and consumption of electricity by three of its consumer bases. The consumer base of electric power in Pakistan is divided into three segments. The segments are known as the following.

  • Residential User Base
  • Commercial User Base
  • Industrial User Base

Solar Systems bring several benefits. Low electricity expenses, low installation costs, significant payback time, power independence, uninterrupted power supply, net metering, payback times, and being nature friendly are some of the prominent positive points of installing solar panels in Pakistan.

Solar Panel 1kW Output Details

1kW solar panels are relatively small solar systems. It is suitable for small units. Residential clientele and small offices are ideal for using the 1kW solar panel; price is also pocket-friendly. The solar system of 1kW powered outputs the following capacity details.

1kW solar panels can produce 100-120 units per month. Therefore, a small household with 1 Tv, three fans and 5-6 LED lights can efficiently operate on a 1kW solar system installation.  Small shops or single-unit offices may also fit in.

1kW Solar panel Inputs

As we know, the estimated outputs for a 1kW solar panel system. Now, we talk about the inputs that combine to make a 1kW solar panel, price range is also estimated.

The solar systems run in three formats.

  1. Off-Grid
  2. On-grid
  3. Hybrid

The metered, natural grid does not back up off-Grid systems. On the contrary, on-grid solar systems are linked with main power lines, whereas hybrid solar systems are a changeable per requirement. The Hybrid solar can be attached or de-attached from the national grid.

Zero Carbon offers all the inputting materials to make high-quality 1kW solar systems.

1kW Solar Panel Price Range

Zero Carbon offers tier-1, A-class PV modules. Zero carbon obtains inverters from Well-reputed manufacturing companies. We supply the PV modules from the following manufacturers.

  1. Jinko Solar
  2. JA Solar
  3. Longi
  4. Canadian Solar
  5. Trina Solar

Zero Carbon uses inverters of the following contributors.

  1. Huawei
  2. Solis
  3. SunGrow
  4. Inverex
  5. GroWatt
  6. GoodWe

The price for a 1kW solar panel is not definite. It fluctuates with market trends and the import and export policy of Pakistan. Hence, we invite you to get in talks with Zero Carbon representatives when you search for 1kW solar panel prices. However, a wild guess is that a 1kW solar system price is around one hundred thousand PKR.

Payback Period for Solar Panels

The payback period is one of the crucial elements of solar panel installations. Zero Carbon offers a smart payback period on its solar panels. The tenure expands to around four years after sale service options are available for all residential, commercial, and industrial solutions.

Zero Carbon provide solar solutions to residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial clients. Portfolio details are duly available. If you are interested in 1kW solar panel price and installation details, do not hesitate to contact the Zero Carbon representatives here.

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