1KW Solar Panel Price

What is Solar Power?

Pakistan has been going through the energy crisis and this is neither a new topic to discuss nor it is going to end soon. Details of 1KW Solar Panel Price in this article. People have been suffering especially in the rural areas where electricity access is very rare. Moreover, the continuous load-shedding in different regions of the country has forced people to move towards some renewable energy resources like solar panels or batteries. For a better life experience, more people are relying upon these renewable energy resources.

In the modern era, where no one wants to compromise on a comfortable life journey, solar panels are increasingly used to cater to the energy crisis in many areas. Relying upon solar power is indeed an easy as well as a low-cost solution for many people. Solar power has the ability to convert sunlight into electricity.

Purpose of Installing Solar Panels

Solar Panels were basically designed to be used in the areas that experience continuous disconnections power outages. During the day time, these solar panels absorb radiation from the sun and convert them into electric current. At night, these inverters automatically switch to the electricity grid and act as the normal UPC that provides backup in the form of the batteries in the hours of load shedding or electricity supply disconnections.

Solar Panels are usually black plates on which silicon cells are installed. These solar panels are usually kept in a place where direct sunlight hits solar plates. These silicon cells placed on the solar panels convert sun light into the electric current or energy.

On the contrary, batteries are used to save electricity for night time when there occur electric disconnections. So, to store electricity for the night time to make your appliances work smoothly you need to make sure that your appliances are getting a good electricity supply to function properly. For this purpose you need batteries.

The increasing demand for Solar Panels

The demand for solar panels or invertors across the country remains robust amid increasing electricity tariffs. People are seeking help from the artificial resources that will cater to their needs. As we know that solar panels are quite low-cost resources for the production of electricity, more people are inclined towards using them in their house or business areas.

In the words of Mohammad Saleem Memon (chairman Renewable power and Vice-President Karachi Electronics Dealers Association),

“People especially from the rural areas where power is not available, are the main buyers of the solar systems in the segment of 1Kw to 4Kw.” He further declared that “Over 70 percent of our sales go towards rural areas while cities and small towns hold the remaining share.”

The reason is that in rural areas, the electricity supply is very rare. People either have to live without it or to rely upon some renewable energy sources like solar panels. The majority of people belonging to the rural areas have been buying solar panels on an extremely large scale.

In Pakistan, solar panels are usually imported from China while solar inverters are bought from China, Japan, Germany, and Singapore. Due to the increasing demand for solar panels and inverters, the rates of these devices have also increased but this doesn’t affect the overall sale of the solar panels.

When solar panel sales rate is compared with the previous year, we can see that 15-16 containers of solar panels are now received per day instead of 10 containers in a day.

Several industries, public and private sectors, institutions, and business firms mostly working in the residential areas are largely relying upon the solar system. Solar power not only saves money but also provides an uninterrupted electricity supply that is very necessary for these organizations to function properly.

You can witness how easy life has become with the invention of solar systems. We must say that this is indeed the best way of storing and using solar power. Multiple companies and online websites are providing good quality solar panels across the world.

1KW Solar Panel

1KW Solar Panel can prove to be a good investment though they have been used almost five years ago. With certain advancements in the solar panel industry, people are inclined towards using solar panels having more power and capacity to absorb sunlight while converting it into the electric current.

1KW Solar Panel is good for a small family and can easily cater to their electricity needs. It offers an uninterrupted power supply and reduces bills.

It is pertinent to note that 1Kw solar panel has 6 panels. These kinds of solar panels are usually designed for a small family and home. Each panel measures 1.6 meters x 1 meter which means that you need to have 10 meters of the areas to place 1Kw solar panel.

1Kw Solar Panel Price

If there is anyone who desires to buy a solar panel then let me tell you that solar panels are available in the local markets and are sold as per watts. For example, you can but a solar panel that is if 100 watts. While putting two plates of solar panels having 100 watts capacity, you will get 200 watts and the counting goes on so.

The price of 1Kw solar panel differs from company to company and quality to quality. There are no fixed rates. Each company has its own rates and qualities in solar panels. However when it comes to the average rates then you can buy 1 Kw solar panel at the cost of PKR 70,000 to 1,00,000. Some online selling brands like Alibaba.com, buysolar.pk, etc. provide concession in the price of the solar energy panels as well.

Several companies will may provide you solar panels at cheap rates but make sure that they are offering a good quality solar panel. Moreover, don’t forget to attach a warranty card. Companies with low-quality solar systems will never agree on giving a warranty card. If any company denies providing the warranty, then you can smell something fishy and would not settle for them.

How much energy does it generate?

On an average level, 1Kw solar panel can generate 2.70 units per day. This amount of units is sufficient for a small family. A small family uses less energy than a big family. In case if your house requires a high amount of energy, then you have to opt for the 1.2Kw solar panel. 1.2Kw solar panel can produce enough electricity for a big family house.

Moreover, another factor that cannot be ignored is that the energy and capability of solar panels largely depend on the heat or light it receives from the sun. The more the light, the more energy it produces. Apart from it, the location where you have placed your solar system matters a lot. People can witness more energy in summer as compared to the winter. The reason is very obvious. During the summer season, there is more heat and sunlight directly hit the surface of the earth.

Then comes the quality of your solar system. The production of electricity entirely depends on the quality of your solar system. The more powerful and good quality it has, the more electricity it will produce. It is believed that good and high-quality solar panels can absorb more heat than the low-quality solar panels. High-quality solar panels are efficient in giving a better output. So, make sure you are buying the solar panels with the best quality that can be used for a long period of time and can be reliable.

Solar Systems are considered money savers. However, the amount of money that your solar system saves entirely depends on the output it gives and how much it costs you. On an average scale, a solar panel of 1.2Kw can save 2500-4500 per billing cycle. Again, it entirely depends on the quality of the solar panel you have bought. If you buy a good quality solar panel, it will give you handsome returns.

An average payback period of a solar system

Your entire investment amount can be returned within 4 to 5 years if the solar system works brilliantly. Try to utilize as much solar energy as possible during the day time for some good pay backs. Try to export less power to the grid and while doing so, you will get your investment amount in no time. Trust me!

1Kw solar panel usually fits in a small household and can cater to their electricity needs very efficiently. For a small family than consumes electricity worth 2500-5000 per month, 1Kw solar panel can be the best choice.

1Kw Off-Grid Solar Power System Components

Item Name Description
1 Solar Panel Poly 160w Solar Panel
2 Inverter 1Kw Off-Grid Solar Inverter
3 PV Combine Box 1 Input 1 Output
4 Charge Controller Built-in (PWM / MPPT)
5 Battery 12V 200AH (Tubular Deep Cycle/Lead Acid/ Gel)
6 Solar Mounting Structure Roof/Ground Install (Customized)
7 PV Cable 10 mm DC PV Cable
8 MC4 MC4 Connector

Moreover, Standard Wooden Package with System Connecting Drawings (Easy Installing) and System Capacity could be adjustable according to the customer’s situation.

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