Common Challenges in Residential Solar Installation

Are you thinking of going solar? Despite the benefits, we cannot deny that there are common challenges in residential solar installation. Responding to this, we see many solar providers offering their solar systems and services. Yet, for sure, you must choose a reliable name, like Zero Carbon. So, what are the common challenges in home solar installations, and how to avoid each challenge? Let’s explore this further! 

What Are Common Challenges in Residential Solar Installation? 

Many residents in Pakistan have been switching to home solar panel systems as they know the tremendous benefits of solar. On the other hand, solar panels can be quite complicated and cannot be installed alone. In this context, you will need some expert help.  

Have a look at some common challenges in residential solar installation and how Zero Carbon can help you to avoid them! 

1. Roof Assessments Challenge 

The first thing you should assess is the deck and frame structure of your roof. At Zero Carbon, we have qualified engineers to do this before installing your residential solar panel.  

Here are some challenges to note: 

  • Some roofs might be unable to tolerate the weight of a solar array 
  • Residentials with older roofs may sustain damage from the foot traffic during solar panel installation 
  • Older roof sheathing might not be strong enough to withstand the weight of solar arrays 
  • Mounting home solar panels might damage the structural integrity of the roof 

When you book a free survey from Zero Carbon, our professionals will help to manage these challenges. Hence, your home will be ready for solar installation.  

2. Inaccurate Home Solar Installation 

Do note that home solar installation requires experienced and well-trained individuals. Moreover, they must understand any common challenges in residential solar installation. Most importantly, they must know how to attach solar panels accurately to distinct types of homes.  

Well, the team at Zero Carbon has knowledge with all the best practices in solar installation methods. We will ensure that your home solar panel will work effectively and efficiently.  

3. The Impact of Severe Weather on Solar Panels 

Weather conditions are included in common challenges in residential solar installation. For example, solar panels can be very susceptible to high winds and lightning strikes. In fact, severe weather conditions can affect solar panels and electrical connections. 

Speaking of Pakistan, the weather impact depends on where you live.  

Let’s break it down! 

Residential Solar in Lahore 

  • Lahore mostly gets abundant of sunlight which is good for home solar systems 
  • We rarely get high winds or lightning strikes in Lahore, however sometimes we might get dust storms in Lahore 

Home Solar in Faisalabad 

  • There are still some open and farmer areas in Faisalabad with high winds 
  • Faisalabad also gets abundant of sunlight which is good for home solar systems 
  • In some months, we might get dust storms and windstorms in Faisalabad 

Nevertheless, to safeguard your home solar panels from environmental threats, Zero Carbon will secure them effectively. In addition, we will help in regular system inspections to ensure solar connections. Also, we can help you identify any loose or damaged components of your residential solar system. This way, we can enhance the protection of your solar panels against those severe weather conditions. 

4. Solar Inverters as Common Challenges in Residential Solar Installation 

Solar inverter is the one that will convert DC electricity generated by the panels into usable AC electricity. Accordingly, any malfunction on your solar inverter can lead to power loss. In the worst-case scenario, it might pose a fire hazard. 

To avoid this concern, again, you will need professional residential solar installation. Furthermore, by conducting regular inspections, you can also identify and prevent potential solar inverter problems. The easiest way is to read the solar inverter display. Check out for error messages to detect any issues promptly. Remember, being aware of solar safety precautions can ensure reliable and safe operation. 

What Are Common Challenges in Residential Solar Installation?

Is Home Solar Panel Worth the Cost?  

Now that you know some common challenges in residential solar installation, you might be wondering, is home solar panel worth the cost? Well, it is! 

However, to get the most of your home solar systems, here are some considerations you should note! 

Can Your Residence Give Your Solar Panels Optimal Southern Exposure?  

Do note that solar panels that face south will have the best exposure to sunlight during the day in the northern hemisphere. To ascertain whether your resident has good southern exposure or not, you can contact professionals at Zero Carbon.  

Even if your resident does not have good southern exposure, this does not mean that you should stop switching to solar. Instead, we can tackle this by installing more solar panels to achieve an optimal output.  

Will Your Home Get Ample Access to Sunlight?  

We know that solar panels work best with direct sunlight exposure. In this context, you should observe your residence. Are there tall trees, buildings or any other obstacles that will block the sunlight? Does your home get direct sun exposure? To help you out, you can work with our professionals to do proper solar panel orientation 

Can Your Rooftop Design Get Maximum Sunlight Exposure?  

Your rooftop design can get maximum sunlight exposure for powering home solar system. The good thing is that most Pakistani roofs are flat, especially in plains like Lahore and Faisalabad. Hence, you should not have any problems fitting and installing solar panels into them.  

Get Reliable and Customised Residential Solar Installation from Zero Carbon! 

Indeed, being aware of common challenges in residential solar installation is essential to help you take timely action. Overall, by doing regular maintenance, professional inspections, and addressing potential defects, you can maximize solar panel efficiency. Well, you can get reliable and customised residential solar installation from Zero Carbon. We are a reputable solar provider that will help you avoid all the challenges in solar installation. To make things easier, you can book your free survey through Zero Carbon website! 

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