Earn Money With Net metered Home Solar Solutions

Yes, you heard it right! You can earn money with tailored net metered home solar solutions for your residence. Home solar helps you achieve freedom from painful load-shedding, frequent power cuts and fear of ever-rising price hikes. But, also, it guards you against undue expenses and proves to be a better long-term investment. Zero Carbon writes this article to make you understand the meaning of ‘earn with the solar system’. Though, this earning is more than just cash in hand! But, it is still the same. To know more, read the piece till the last end.   

Home Solar System is Long-Term Investment  

We Pakistanis love investment and saving for our better future and even better tomorrow. Therefore, everyone always looks for reliable investment chances with the best returns. (ROI). And here, the opportunity to take a futuristic approach to the best investment comes to your doorstep.   

This investment serves you for a time period and pays you well. Yes, you got it right! It is the home solar system you will install on the rooftop of your residence. Installing a solar system eliminates the tension of energy crisis from life.   

There comes the freedom to enjoy the cool atmosphere in the scorching heat. You and your family can have a peaceful and refreshing nap in the mid of the burning sunlight. This relaxation and peace of mind ultimately impact your health positively.   

You will enjoy more energy, swiftness, and ability to think clearly, and you will become more productive in your day-to-day routine. This all becomes a reality just because of the relaxation and proper sleeping routine you deserve!   

In addition, if you ever want to utilise your home as a passive income source. Home solar will be your best point to help you earn more every month in comparison to renting out a home without a residential solar solution.   

This is because of human psychology. Every one of us loves to get the most value for our money and the maximum benefits and lifestyle for our family. Therefore, the family, who would be the potential tenant, will be much pleased to get a home with an independent power supply. Hence, the chance of earning a handsome passive income increases.   


Home Solar Earns you Electricity!  

Now, let us discuss the major power point of installing residential solar at your home. This is the opportunity for a decrease in monthly bills of electricity. This is another way to earn money with customised solar solutions while staying at home.   

The massive reduction in bills happens with the net-metered home solar solution. Net metering is a mechanism that works in the form of an agreement between the national power supply of Pakistan and the homeowner who is willing to install a home solar solution.   

Both parties get involved in procedures, and after a few visits, paperwork, fee payments and equipment installations, this procedure gets legally completed, and the homeowner gets an opportunity to sell his surplus electricity (generated from the solar system) to the national grid.     

The national grid, in return, will balance off the units consumed by the same home, and at the month’s end, the owner will enjoy minimum expense in the form of utility bills. Here, this point is crucial to understand that no monetary reward will be given to the homeowner. Instead, his electric units would be set off between the give and take of his monthly usage.   

This is cash in hand because there is a massive chance to sell more and spend intelligently to get most of the benefit of your own home solar system.   

Choose Home Solar Wisely!  

The benefits we have explained above are possible just after you have installed an accurate and suitable solar panel at your home. By accuracy and suitability, we mean that tailormade and addressing solar panels are always great ideas to choose from.   

Before deciding on the home solar system, you must know the yearly average electricity consumption. This is easy to calculate from past electricity bills. In addition, it is essential to understand that going to an expert service provider is also a wise step to make.   

Choose Zero Carbon   

Zero Carbon is a customised solar solution provider in Pakistan. We are helping our country to become independent in energy. We also aim to make a Greener Pakistan, free of carbon emissions and the adversities of climate change.   

Our Services  

Our experts are ready to serve and assist anyone who is interested in knowing and installing the solar system at his premises. We have a well-grounded portfolio in Pakistan’s residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.   

Furthermore, we help our clients from step one to the after-sale service. In other words, estimates of average consumption, need evaluation, choice of hardware, and high-quality solar panels, inverters, and accessories with the help of our technology partners. We design a solar system that is efficient and budget-friendly.   

Our team also helps to acquire permissions from legal sources to facilitate the net-metered home solar systems to get the most value for their money.   

If you have any queries, you can reach out to us through our website or call us at the helpline.  Remember, you can earn money with the customised net metered home solar solution.   


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