How Net Metering Works In Pakistan

Net metering Pakistan is an electricity policy for consumers, who own / plan to setup a Renewable Energy facility, which allows them to produce electricity (using solar) for their own use and supply the excess produce to the national grid setting-off units of electricity consumed during off-peak hours or at times when the production from RE facility is not enough to meet the consumer load. The consumer will either pay reduced utility bill or get paid for access energy exported to the grid.

NEPRA, in September 2015, issued its net-metering regulations that allow the DISCOs in Pakistan to purchase excess units of electricity produced by the consumers, and net them off against the units consumed from the grid. As per these regulations, any customer of the national grid (having three-phase connection) can avail net-metering facility for small-scale (1kW to 1MW) Renewable Energy installations. Renewable Energy is a long-term power solution. The Solar PV Technology gives access to affordable electricity supply during system life. Residential and commercial customers can switch their electricity load to Renewable Energy (RE) and can slash their power bills.

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Net Metering Pakistan

Net metering Pakistan supplies substantial financial advantages in regards to power generation, earnings and also investment. You can easily join the process which is simple and handy. The first step is to install a net metering compliant solar system which is not very complex as our team at zero carbon will help you out to sort things out while doing the initial set up.

At the second step you need to prepare an application and here again we help you while doing that too. To apply you need to contact relevant electric company.

The installed system must comply with these rules. The relevant electric company will inspect and will issue the NOC after complete satisfaction. Then you will have to sign the agreement with the electric company. After that generation license will be allotted and your net meter will be activated. Net meter activation is the last process and after that you can participate to the grid accordingly.