Factors Affecting Price of 20kW Solar System in Pakistan 


Factors Affecting Price of 20kW Solar System in Pakistan 

What is a Solar Panel Power? 

The solar system works on solar energy. It operates through PV sheets and batteries. The PV sheets are installed in open locations where the sun directly accesses them. The PV sheets absorb the light from the sun and convert it into consumable electricity with the help of solar batteries for later use. 

Sizes and Capacity Options in Solar Systems 

Solar systems are available in multiple sizes and capacities. People can buy solar systems suitable for their power usage. The best way to choose the appropriate solar system for oneself is to take an average of electricity units for the past year from the electricity bills. The average power consumption will let you know the exact amount you need in your solar system capacity installation.  

What is a 20kW Solar Panel Capacity & Load Power? 

20 kW solar panels are ideal for installing at comparatively larger scaled locations. If your monthly bill shows consumption of 2300-2400 units, then a 20-kW solar system will suit you. The load capacity in a 20-kW solar system is available at a price that is absolutely pocket friendly and optimal. However, prices are not fixed; they are subject to the import/export and currency rates and government taxation with market prices.  

Other Factors effecting the Price of Solar Panels 

In addition to the import/ export policies and currency rates. The factors affecting solar panel system prices in Pakistan are as follow: 

  • Quality Of Semi-Conductor depends upon the material. For instance, silicon made conductors are most expensive as of now.  
  • The type of Solar Panel depends on whether the solar panel is mono crystalline or polycrystalline. The efficiency of solar panel depends upon the above-mentioned categories.  
  • Capacity Of the Panel Per Watt is also a defining element when it comes about costs and prices.  

The following appliances are workable with a 20kW solar system at any location 

Appliances*  Quantity* 
Fans  20 
Lights  30 
AC or Iron  Up to 5 ACs + 1 Iron if 1 AC is off-loaded 
Refrigerator  4 
Water Pumps  2 
Washing Machines  2 
LED TVs  4 

* The capacity list mentioned is according to the consumption. You can alter as per need till the unit limit is not compromised.  

Hawaii convertor

Zero Carbon Offers On-Grid Solar Systems 

Zero Carbon offers high-quality on-grid solar systems to its clients. The on-grid solar systems are linked with the national power supply line. It is also known as the grid-tied or grid-feed solar system. These solar systems work closely with the national grid; they make electricity through solar panels and store it in the grid; in return, the same receives the units from the grid as per requirements. 

Net Metering 

This whole concept is known as Net Metering. It balances out the power usage, and as a result, the electricity bill reduces, even going negative.  Pakistan is an ideal country for solar system installation. The shortage, power outfall and regular increments in electricity tariff make it essential to consider alternative power sources. However, there is no common awareness about the country’s solar systems, operations, prices, capacity and load management. Therefore, Zero Carbon provides all the details for factors affecting the price of 20kW solar system load in Pakistan. In the following article, you will learn the facts and relevant information.  


Zero Carbon Procurement Channels  

Components required for the completion of a solar system are PV modules, inverters, and batteries. Zero Carbon procures the PV modules only from Tier-1 suppliers and A-Class Chinese Manufacturers. Supplier details are as under.  

PV Modules 

  • Jinko Solar 
  • JA Solar 
  • Login 
  • Canadian Solar 
  • Trina Solar 


For inverters, Zero Carbon deals with the following brands.  

  • Huawei 
  • Solis 
  • SunGrow 
  • Inverex 
  • GrowWatt 
  • GoodWe 

Zero Carbon Stands Tall  

  1. The PowerPoints of engaging Zero Carbon for your 20-kW solar system installation are attention-grabbing. Zero Carbon holds the highest category license, ARE-IV, from the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB). 
  2. Climate change is drastically affecting Pakistan. Zero Carbon is the first renewable energy solution to fight climate change.  
  3. Zero Carbon helps Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and agricultural locations with customised solar solutions. 
  4. The payback time for the 20-kW solar system by Zero Carbon is only four years.  
  5. Zero Carbon offers the working capacity for a solar system for more than 20 years. That calculates for two decades.  
  6. After-sales service is another crucial point for Zero Carbon installations. 
  7. Before the installation, the experts with Zero Carbon are available to help potential clients at every step.  

Want to know more about us? Click Zero Carbon. 

Previous Installations by Zero Carbon 

Zero Carbon has installed various successful solar panels around the country at multiple levels. The carbon emissions reduced by Zero Carbon’s solar installations are also understated.  

Residential Sector 

Zero Carbon has installed solar systems in multiple residential locations throughout the country. Capacity installed in residential accommodation by Zero Carbon calculates around 2748 kW. The same results in 2075 metric tonnes of carbon emissions. Check out the details here.  

Industrial Sector 

Industrial Sector supports the country on a massive level. Major industrial sites include Iskanderabad, Lahore, Multan, Sheikhupura, Sialkot, Khushab, and Faisalabad. Significant clients include Maple Leaf Cement, Packages Converters (Pvt.), Punjab Rice Mills and others. You can see more details here.  

The installed capacity in the industrial sector by Zero Carbon is 19563 kW, which eliminates around 14771 metric tonnes of carbon emissions per year.  

Commercial Sector 

Zero Carbon never outlooked the commercial sector. The commercial sites are expanded in multiple cities. The complete installation calculates 12695 kW, eliminating 9585 metric tonnes of carbon emissions annually. The portfolio is available here 

Get a ‘Free Quotation’ from Zero Carbon Now! 

You can also reduce your electricity bill with the custom installation of a 20kW Solar System with reasonable price and high quality by Zero Carbon. You can avail of an even more price-efficient solar system in Pakistan as the implementation of GST of 17 per cent has been removed by the government of Pakistan. For Free Quotation, fill the contact form available at Zero Carbon here. 


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