Grid tariff in Faisalabad

Grid tariff in Faisalabad is an important query for the people who are living there. Grid tariff or electricity supply without any pause or break has larger effects on industries or small businesses of FSD region.

Some household owners or business entities are totally shifting their electricity sources towards solar panels that is why they do not want to depend on grid tariff in Faisalabad. However, in this article we will be mentioning electricity tariff in Faisalabad in a very precise manner.

Sanctioned load for grid tariff in Faisalabad

Basically if you want to know about grid tariff in Faisalabad then normally we look at the sanctioned load as well. For example, less than 5 KW will be considered as separate slab whenever we are calculating grid tariff. If there is a consumption of units like 1 to 700 units then different rates would be applicable. If your consumption is between this range, and you want to know the exact figures quickly then you are at right place.

Units Rate for Grid Tariff in Faisalabad

Through Zero Carbon informative blog section we are going to tell you about latest tariff ratio in Faisalabad. If your monthly consumption is around 1 unit to 100 units then you would be charged 14.59 Pakistani rupees and that will be uniform tariff variable charges. And please note this tariff will apply only if you have exceeded 50 units already. Because for first 50 units or less than 5 kw you would be charged around 4 rupees as Uniform tariff variable charges and rupees 3.95 as applicable variable charges.

If you are consuming units in range between 101-200 then 10.06 rupees’ rate will be charged as applicable variable charges per kwh. Similarly, you will need to bear additional 16.41 rupees as uniform tariff variable charge Rs./KWH.

Please note above 700 units the charge rate would be 20.61 rupees as uniform tariff and 22.65 Pakistani rupees applicable variable charges.

Sanctioned load above 5w

Well, if the sanctioned load is exactly 5 kw or above 5 kw then two factors are taken into account.

  1. Peak level
  2. Off-peak level for sanctioned load

For peak level uniform tariff variable charges would be 20.27 and off peak would be 13.10 rupees.

Grid tariff in Faisalabad & Residential customers

There is a kind of relaxation for residential customers that will be one previous slab. For example, if there is a single phase connection then rupees 75 per customer would be considered and it is on per month basis. If a customer has 3 phase connection, then 150 rupees per month are considered to be imposed.

Commercial Grid tariff in Faisalabad

Normally in this slab, sanctioned load numbers are taken into account. For instance, if there is sanctioned load less than 5 kw or exactly equal to 5kw then rates would not be very high. In this case fixed charges would not be applicable under 5 kw but uniform tariff variable charges are 19.56 rupees. 19.95 rupees are also applicable as variable charges. If consumption exceeds 5kw or remains equal to 5kw then three types of charges would be applicable.

  1. Fixed charges are 440 Pakistani rupees
  2. 63 as applicable variable charges
  3. 22 rupees as uniform tariff variable charges

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