Is Your Home Ready for a Household Solar System?

As world powers are moving toward cleaner energy, following the steps, Pakistan is also pushing the idea of household solar panels to their residents. And why not? After all, we know that sun-powered energy is much more efficient. Better yet, home solar systems also help reduce the conventional cost of using electricity. However, of course, you must ensure that your home is ready for the changes. So, let’s explore some points to consider when switching to solar! 

Points to Determine When Going for Residential Solar Systems 

To find out whether your house is ready for a household solar system or not, there are some points you should consider.  

Understand the Present Location of Your House 

First, we need to discuss the present location of your house. Well, the location of your house matters the worth of using residential solar. The good thing is that Pakistan is blessed with abundant sunlight. Hence, you do not need to worry much about your house’s location when searching for home solar panels.  

Yet, you should note that you still need guidance to determine the right angle and tilt for your household solar. To properly prepare your house for solar systems, you can work with a reliable solar company, like Zero Carbon.  

Will You Need to Change Your Roof to Install a Household Solar System? 

Next, you must check your rooftops before installing your household solar system. If your house was built before the last twenty years, it will be more prone to damage caused by heavy panels. Keep in mind that each residential solar panel weighs around 50 pounds. Then, if we add inverters and batteries to the system, they might cause substantial damage to the ceiling.  

Moreover, your roof’s shape and direction of the slope are also essential to maintain the better efficiency of your solar panels. Although some experts have suggested that your household solar panels should be facing west, it is completely relied on the house and sun direction. Simply put, make sure you book a free survey from professionals at Zero Carbon to know whether you need to change your roof or not.  

Points to Determine When Going for Residential Solar Systems 

Learn Solar Safety Precautions for Bad Weather Conditions 

If you are living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, you know that the unstable weather conditions can be brutal. In this context, if you will not take strict solar safety precautions, your household solar system could be at risk with heavy wind or thunderstorms.  

Here are some safety measures you should know! 

  • Check all the panels, make sure that they are center and are not too close to the rooftop’s edges 
  • Tight all the wirings, screws, and bolts to the ground or something more robust 
  • Do not tilt the solar panel too much for a better orientation angle 

The good news is, customised home solar panels from Zero Carbon come with amazing durability to deal with unstable weather conditions.  

Why Choose Customised Household Solar Systems from Zero Carbon? 

When you choose customised household solar systems from Zero Carbon, you can expect to get tremendous benefits. In fact, our home solar solutions go beyond mere standard residential solar systems you can find out there.  

Have a look at some convincing reasons to choose your household solar system from us! 

Trendy Aesthetics Solar Panels 

Even the most efficient household solar panel does not always come with the best look. In general, you can get an ideal look when combining regularly shaped arrays with panels that are all landscape or portrait on the same roof plane. On the other hand, this is not always possible due to roof obstructions. Or you might need more panels to meet the solar production value. 

Well, at Zero Carbon, we provide advanced home solar systems with trendy aesthetics. Thus, you can get efficient solar power while making your house look more appealing.  

Get a Customised Solar System According to Your Roof’s Shape  

Some sources of shade on your roof might be unchangeable factors that determine your home solar system design. For example, your neighbours’ homes might shade your house in the morning or evening. Or else, perhaps there are some trees that give significant sources of shade to portions of your roof. However, this is not an issue when you choose Zero Carbon. With us, your household solar panel can be made to either include or exclude those trees or other obstructions. 

Custom System Sizing 

Typically, the size of household solar system depends on the usage you need and the production of the panels. In addition, the energy produced at peak times and seasons is worth more. For instance, the electricity rates in Pakistan will have peak times during the summer season. To tackle this, our professionals can customise your solar system to face West or Southwest and get a more effective design. 

Book Your Free Survey at Zero Carbon Today! 

Undoubtedly, household solar systems help reduce the conventional cost of using electricity. However, of course, you must ensure that your house is ready for the changes. For this, you must note the points to consider we have mentioned above. Moreover, to get more efficient solar energy, you can choose customised residential solar systems from Zero Carbon. Simply book your free survey today! 

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