5 Tips to Maximise Your Home Solar Power Efficiency

With more people aware of solar power efficiency, solar panels have been a trending topic in Pakistan. As of today, more people choose to go solar to power their homes. But can solar fulfil your home power requirements? The answer lies in the way you can maximise the efficiency of your home solar panels. To help you do this properly, look at our five (5) useful tips below! 

How Does Home Solar Power Work? 

In brief, home solar systems are mostly “grid-tied.” This means that your solar system, home electrical system, and local utility grid are all interconnected. Typically, this interconnection happens through the main electrical service panel. 

Now, when you connect these systems, you can power your home with solar electricity during the day and grid electricity at night. Accordingly, you can earn credit for this excess solar production through net metering. Then, this excessive amount can be used to offset the grid electricity you use at night. 

Can Solar Power Work at Night? 

Most advanced home solar systems generate excess electricity during the day, which can be stored in batteries. Or else, they will send this excess electricity to the local grid in exchange for net metering credits. This way, you can maintain power for your house requirements, when the sun is not shining. 

The Importance of Solar Power Efficiency 

Solar power efficiency defines the amount of sunlight that is converted into usable electricity. In simple words, it measures the effectiveness of your home solar panel in converting sunlight into energy.  

Efficient solar systems can generate more electricity to power your house, even with the same amount of sunlight. Hence, they will be a better choice to help you maximise your solar energy systems. 

5 Useful Tips to Maximise the Efficiency of Home Solar Power 

Do note that investing in solar power systems to power up your house is not enough. Instead, to get optimum results, you should also consider maximising the energy and solar power efficiency.  

So, let’s discuss the 5 useful tips to boost the energy of your home solar systems! 

Five Ways to Maximise Home Solar

1. Do Not Install Your Home Solar Panel in Shaded Areas 

If you place your home solar panels in shade, it might affect solar power efficiency. Remember that solar panels need sunlight to function well. In this context, make sure that your solar systems are not in shaded areas. This way, you can get the maximum output from your solar panels. Ideally, you should place them in a place where they can get direct sunlight. 

Another important way to boost home solar power efficiency is to get the right solar orientation. Simply put, make sure that your residential solar systems receive optimal sunlight throughout the year. 

2. Use More Sunlight 

As we know, a solar panel generates energy using sunlight. Since the sun comes in the morning, your home solar panel will produce electrical power only during the day. Thus, if you want to maximise your solar investment, you should use as much power as you can when the sun is up. 

For instance, you can do some simple steps below: 

  • Try to recharge electronic devices such as mobiles and laptops at day 
  • Ensure all your solar panels are fully recharged at day so you can use them at night

    3. Use One Electric Device at a Time  

The size of your home solar power determines the number of devices you can charge for free. To adjust this, you should use less electricity by practising using only a single electric device at a time.  

How to do this? 

  • Try not to use a hairdryer and electric razor at the same time 
  • Never use your vacuum cleaner and washing machine at once  
  • Make sure your television is off when you are not watching it 

In the end, if you are strict to use one device at a time, it will be easier to maximise your home solar power efficiency.  

4. Clean Your Home Solar Panels 

Although most solar panels require minimal maintenance, occasional cleaning is highly essential. In the worst case, when dust accumulates on your solar panel, it will lower the efficiency of photo voltaic cells. Hence, cleaning your solar systems is important to prevent dust and dirt accumulation from occurring. 

Here is the good news; if you regularly clean your solar panels, you can maximise solar power efficiency up to 21 %. Most importantly, this effort will improve returns on your investment. Remember, the more years they will work, the more power your solar panels can generate.  

5. Maintain Your Residential Solar Systems Properly    

Regret to say but solar power efficiency can be weakened if you do not maintain your solar systems properly. To prevent this from happening, you should consider getting professional assistance.  

A reliable solar company not only will help you in identifying hidden issues with your solar panels. More than that, they will also fix the problems before they get worse and begin costing you money. The best part? Getting experts, like Zero Carbon, to check your residential solar systems is not as expensive as you would have thought. 

Book Your Survey at Zero Carbon for Efficient Home Solar Power Systems! 

No doubt, solar can fulfil your home power requirements. However, it also depends on the way you can maximise your solar power efficiency. Hopefully, our useful tips above will help you to get the most out of your solar investment. To get efficient home solar systems, you can book a free survey at Zero Carbon today!  

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