Residential Solar Installation: Zero Carbon is Reliable

It seems that now you have decided to install a solar system at your home. It is the best decision in the current energy situation and the circumstances of inflation. However, there is a need for professional assistance to purchase the right equipment to meet your customised power needs. In addition, enjoy the benefits of the installed residential solar system panel unit at your place.  

Reach out to Zero Carbon  

Zero Carbon a turnkey solar solution provider in Pakistan. Our clients can get customised solar solution setups for their homes from us. We assist our clients from the initial to the after-sale service stage. Our other services for the potential users of solar are as follows.  

Get Solar Systems from Trusted Manufacturers 

We have a network of international manufacturers that provide quality hardware to ensure no quality is compromised at any end. Hence, you enjoy the best services with peace of mind while enjoying the peace of your home.  

The technology partners, manufacturers and suppliers associated with us are as follows.  

  1. Canadian Solar 
  2. JA Solar 
  3. Trina Solar 
  4. Huawei 
  5. Growatt 

Our Engineers Are Available for Discussions 

Our team comprises professional engineers and experts. They are readily available to initiate installing a chosen residential solar solution set up at your desired location. However, this whole procedure requires a complete chain of steps. Our engineers will help you from step 1 to the last step for a wonderful experience.  

Steps included in the entire process to install solar, with the facility of net-metering and zero bill are as follows.  

  • Site Audit 
  • System Design 
  • Permit 
  • Installation 
  • Net Metering 
  • Monitoring Enjoy Zero Bills with Zero Carbon Residential Solar Solutions

Customers Can Keep Track of Solar Performance 

While you get a solar solution service from hardware, installation, and after-sale-service from Zero Carbon, you can yourself keep a detailed eye on how your solar performs, what is the power generation, how much power are you consuming, and what are the net metering stats through our professionally designed mobile app available on Apple and Play store.  

Sell Excess Solar Power to Enjoy Zero Bill 

Solar power on the on-grid solar setup has no battery backup. However, you do not need to worry about the loss of solar power you have generated. The reason behind this peace of mind is the facility of net metering and zero electricity bills.  

The concept of net metering is the legal procedure to sell the excess of solar power to the national grid. That eventually balances off the power you generate through the national grid, and your monthly electricity bill is balanced against buying and selling units.  

Zero Carbon Provides 4-Years Pay Back Time 

Payback time is just like a return on investment. The bigger the gain and shorter the period, the more attractive and beneficial the offer is. The same is the case with residential solar system installation. The good news is that the payback time for Zero Carbon’s home solar is just four years. You will cover the expense with the benefit in just four years of time.  

ZC’s Solar System is a low-key maintenance Setup 

In addition to all these benefits, the investment in Zero Carbon’s residential solar plan is a one-time expense. As the benefit lasts for good more than a couple of decades, around 25 years. And during all these years there is no special and expensive maintenance or replacement is needed. However, regular cleaning is preferred, which is low in cost.  

Get in Contact Today 

You can contact the professionals of Zero Carbon today. Our contact form is available. Just fill this out and get professional, curated, turnkey solar solutions for your residential solar panel purchase or installation.  


Residential solar systems are the only powerful alternative to the regular power supply in Pakistan today. You can enjoy your time with zero electricity bills without any tension of monthly bills is Zero Carbon’s residential solar solutions.   

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