Residential Solar: Saviour from High Electricity Bills

Pakistan is continually facing the diverse effects of inflation. The soaring electricity prices are one of the most painful elements for households in our country. Due to repetitive increments, it becomes difficult for bread earners to manage expenses in a uniform earning capacity. This article will help you compare the costs with a residential solar unit installed at your home.   

On-Grid Residential Solar  

The solar system installation at home while connected to the national grid is called the on-grid or grid-tied residential solar system. It is the most cost-efficient type of solar system for home setups. The on-grid solar mechanism is discussed in detail here.   

Components of Residential Solar  

The major parts of installing the residential solar solution in Pakistan are as follows. Initially, knowing the feasibility regarding location, regulation, and other factors is important. Later, buying and installing the grid-tied inverters and solar panels, assembling wires and tiding up to the utility grid connected through the DC switched net meter for financial assistance.   

Expense Calculations of Home Solar  

We cannot share the pricing if you want to read the exact costs and calculations for home solar installation in Pakistan. The reasons for not penning any costs down are the factors of continuing changes, and up and downs is a regular market part. However, we must understate the elements responsible for costs and how they affect the prices.   

Hardware including PV Sheets, inverters, and wires. The Hardware is mostly imported stuff. That’s why the import policy and other regulatory procedures and expenses are the add-ups in the price elements.   

On the other hand, as announced earlier, the national support policy for solar is also available to encourage installation in Pakistan on a larger scale. However, any price speculation could be misguiding in the current economic condition. Therefore, expert opinions are always encouraged before any buying decisions. Till that, you can read about the efficiently solar could be helpful to get rid of tariff problems and high electricity bills.    

Problems of National Electric Supply  

The national utility supply is the best option for any country and its residents. However, when supply is majorly disturbed, resulting in disturbed life. One naturally looks for alternatives.   

Unreliable Power Tariff  

For many reasons, power tariffs are an increasing trend in Pakistan. The rising inflation automatically reduces the buying power and the value of money. In addition, income sources are not enough to meet the increase in expenses.   

According to the published resources, the power tariff in Pakistan for residential units ranges from Rs. 2 to Rs. 23. 92. As the unit’s consumption from one scale shifts to another scale, the tariff changes, respectively.   

Frequent Supply Failures  

Another painful element is the failure of the power supply multiple times, especially during the peak times of scorching summers. Power cuts make survival even more difficult in households due to the presence of children and no alternative power supply sources.    

Voltage Problems  

The other problem with the national electric supply is the fluctuation in the voltage. In the summer months of June-September, when the temperatures in plain areas of Pakistan are dry and high, air conditioners and coolers are the central part of electricity consumption.   

Due to overload and unmanaged pressure on the national grid, the voltage supply is varied throughout the day. For the same reason, the equipment often fails to operate or gets out of order.   

Taxed Electricity Bills  

In addition, to the high-power tariffs, heavy taxes are routine to be included in electricity bills per month. These heavy taxes multiply the cost of electricity from Re 1 to Rs 100. Therefore, it is not feasible for households and residential units to manage monthly.   

What are the possible alternatives to the power utility? Residential solar systems could be your saviour from heavy electricity bills.   

Install Turnkey Solar Solutions  

Once you decide to install solar systems at your home, you can buy solar systems for your home. But this is a painful way to do it. Your money, energy, and time resources are at stake. Therefore, knowing your solar requirement, buying adequate solar capacity, and installing a quality system for better and long-lasting results is essential.   

To save all resources and get a smooth installation, it is professionally advised to consider turnkey solar solutions from reputed solar solution providers.   

Benefits of Residential Solar Installation  

  • By installing a residential solar system, you will become independent in power supply.   
  • You will have a sufficient and well-managed power supply to run ACs and other equipment.  
  • You will sell your access power to the national grid as you generate electricity from solar energy. In this way, your power consumption will be balanced by the supply you make.   
  • After installing a residential solar system, there is no need to buy other power alternatives.   
  • The residential solar solution will reduce your dependency on national power, ultimately reducing your tariff scale.   

Contact Zero Carbon   

You can contact us at Zero Carbon for turnkey residential solar solutions. Our experts are ready to assist you from the initial stage to the post-installation period. You can also enquire about the installed projects and get price details for your system from Zero Carbon. Please fill out this form, and our representative will get back to you.   

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