Solar energy companies in Pakistan

Solar energy companies in Pakistan is a query that is very important for solar energy buyers. We will be discussing the best solar energy companies in Pakistan. We will also cover a very useful topic for buyers such as those factors which affect solar power system.

Solar energy companies in Pakistan

You will come to know the number one solar energy company in Pakistan in the same article. Zero Carbon is no doubt stands above all due to multiple factors. The customer support level, the product quality and range of products at reasonable prices make ZC the best solar energy provider in Pakistan.

What to look for when choosing solar modules for your solar power system?

Some factors you must keep in mind when you choose solar modules for getting solar electricity.

Price versus quality factor

In addition to the fact that not all manufacturers and solar modules are the same, there are a number of parameters and factors that should be considered when making a purchasing decision and when choosing a supplier. The price of the modules alone should not be the determining factor.

Problems and deterioration of the parameters of solar modules can be caused by the following factors:

The quality of the solar cell:

Its efficiency may vary. It depends on many of its parameters – shunt and series resistances, noise currents, return resistance, etc. Much depends on the quality of solar cell production and the quality of materials and equipment used in its production.

Problems are known at almost every stage of cell production – from the quality of the silicon used to the quality of the applied contact pastes and solder. We will not consider these problems in this article, this is a subject for a separate large article. And keep reading our Zero Carbon blog so you can get the updates.

Soldering quality of solar cells.

In case of poor-quality soldering, overheating of the contact pastes and its burnout are possible. It is better to choose modules in which the elements are soldered by a robot – in them the spread of soldering quality will be minimal.

The quality of the EVA film, which is located between the elements and the glass should also be considered.

Aging of crystalline solar modules is mainly associated with time duration & cloudiness of this film. Poor-quality film can begin to cloud and deteriorate after a few years. A good film will serve 15-20 or more years, while its haze (and, therefore, the loss of power by the module) will not exceed 25-30%.

The quality of the module sealing and the quality of the rear protective film will also matter. The back film protects the module from moisture. In any module, moisture diffuses through the film. If the quality of the film is good, then all moisture that gets inside the module, when it is heated in the sun, is removed outside.

If the film is of poor quality, then more moisture gets in than can be released when heated, residual moisture accumulates inside the module and destroys the contacts and contact grid of the elements. This leads to premature failure of the module.

Recently, solar modules with double glass have appeared, i.e. glass is used instead of the back protective film. Such modules have several advantages.

The quality of the aluminum frame

Everything is clear here: poor-quality anodizing can lead to oxidation of the frame and its corrosion. Fortunately, this defect is more visual and is unlikely to lead to premature module failure. Although, in some cases (for example, when installing modules on masts, where strong wind loads are possible or where the environment is aggressive), accelerated corrosion of the metal can lead to its destruction under stress.

Temperature correction voltage

The voltage at possible low operating temperatures of the module is important to know in order to choose the right solar controller or inverter. As you know, the voltage of a solar battery rises with decreasing temperature. The temperature coefficient is usually specified in the solar module specifications.


Tolerance means the deviation of the real power of the module. Tolerance can be either positive or negative. For example, a 200 W rated module can have a 195 W power; this will mean that the given module has a negative tolerance. Positive tolerance means that the solar panel is not only guaranteed to have an output power of 200W under standard test conditions, but even more.

Temperature coefficient

The temperature coefficient reflects how an increase or decrease in module temperature will affect the output current and voltage of a module. As you know, the voltage and power of the module decrease with increasing temperature, and the current increases. The lower the temperature coefficient of change in power, the better output you will get.

Sunlight conversion efficiency

With this it is clear – the higher the efficiency, the smaller the area of ​​the modules will be required to generate the same power and energy.

The total amount of energy expended in the manufacturing of the module will be considered.

As we are discussing the parameters to pay attention for example, the total amount of energy that could have been expended in the manufacturing of a solar module – from silicon mining to delivery at the finished product store. This parameter reflects how energy-intensive was the production of the module and how quickly the solar module will generate the same amount of energy as was spent on its production (the so-called energy payback).

Service life and guarantees

The declared lifespan of a solar panel remains several years for several reasons. It can reflect the confidence of the manufacturer in the quality of the manufactured solar panel. Reputable manufacturers have a 20-25-year warranty for 80-90% of the module’s capacity, as well as 5 years or more for mechanical damage.

However, it must be kept in mind that the guarantee is valid as long as the manufacturer or importer exists.

But nevertheless, the general rule remains – buy from sellers and manufacturers who have been on the market for a long time and are steadily “floating” in the turbulent stream of the market. And this can only be done if there are professionals in the team (this is how we humbly hint at ourselves). Since few people buy modules directly from the manufacturer, it is important to choose the right vendor or installer to provide you with the right choices and modes of operation for your solar power system.

You are going to choose one seller from best solar companies in Pakistan. These are not very technical points and you can easily get an idea about them before finalizing the manufacturer or seller of solar panels.

List of solar companies in Pakistan

The top company will rank on position one and the above mentioned features can be found in the company which stands high in the list.

  1. Zero carbon
  2. Premier Energy Panels
  3. Solar system company
  4. Pantera company for soars
  5. Silver Solar firm for homes
  6. EBR Green Energy
  7. Solar Green Power System Punjab
  8. Sky Solar Limited

These are some companies which are offering solar energy services all over Pakistan. However, if you look at the most satisfied client and 5 star rating then only one name that is Zero Carbon will be in front.

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