Solar Energy System for Home Price in Karachi

The renewable energy source is now a days considered the pillar of the central economy. It is a fact universally acknowledged that for a perfect circular economy, a comprehensive and thorough approach to its resources is required. The resources not just include the raw materials but also the use of effective energy resources. Here in this article you can read complete information of Solar Energy System for Home Price in Karachi.

In the modern world, some renewable energy resources like solar and wind energy are getting popular among the masses owing to their incredible benefits that one can enjoy. These energy resources have become a successful alternative to the fossil fuels. In order to open up positive ways to the future, the world is now relying upon the solar energy resources on a large scale.

In Pakistan, where the energy crisis is almost going on its peak, the invention of the solar energy system is not less than a blessing for the public. These solar energy systems are particularly designed to meet the energy problems faced in the residential, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

As the world is rapidly moving towards the newer and newer technologies in the field of the solar energy, now it is our turn to follow the suit. The invention of the solar tiles has proven to be another hallmark for the entire world. It is one step beyond solar panel systems. The function of the solar tiles is the same as that of the solar panels.

Solar Tiles—An alternative solution to the solar panels

The great task is performed by Elon Musk, who is the CEO of the American company Tesla (Electric Vehicle Manufacturer). He has introduced rooftop tiles with solar panels connected to them. Well, the difference is not so obvious to discuss, the solar glass tiles almost look like the ordinary tiles. However, there will be some beautiful ways to get solar energy for your home, which will also play an important role in enhancing the beauty of your home.

From the outside viewers do not know whether these are ordinary tiles or solar tiles. By installing these solar tiles, electricity can be generated not only on houses but also on roads and passages. Make your difficult life easier by making choices. And in our opinion, solar panels or solar tiles can prove to be an excellent choice for the electricity production.

Several people in Pakistan, particularly in the major cities of Pakistan are going solar to fulfill their energy needs. Karachi has been facing not only the energy crisis but the water crisis as well. People living in Karachi have now become aware of the solar panel technology. Maximum people are installing solar energy systems at their homes to perform their tasks. We are in constant need of energy or I won’t be wrong in saying that we are entirely depending on the electric energy to perform our task efficiently. So, under such circumstances, going solar can be the only possible as well as an effective way for the people.

The process of the installation of the solar panels in homes is not as difficult as many of us consider it. Moreover, many people are unaware of the benefits and vitalities of the solar energy systems at homes so they are unable to install one in their homes. The team Zero Carbon is here to guide you in your installation process of the solar energy system for your homes.

Which location best suits for a solar panel?

One thing that must be considered if you are planning of going solar is the location or area where you desire to install your solar panel. One of the best choices that you can make is to fix your solar panel at the rooftop as it is closer to the sun than the ground. Through the installation of the solar panels in any part of the roof, fans, televisions, and even air conditioners can be easily operated on this watt, after which you will not be bothered by the fear of load shedding and the tension of high bills.

The load shedding or low electricity problems are mostly witnessed in the remote areas of the country. People living in those areas are suffering as there are no proper electrical poles to cater to the energy needs of the people. So, in such areas, people usually settle for the solar panels as they offer a smooth and friendly environment to its users. People find relief in alternative energy resources and can produce electricity of their own with low-cost investment. People can manage to install small as well as the large solar system; it all depends on their electricity needs.

Solar Energy System for Home Price in Karachi

In times of energy crisis, that happens in most of the underdeveloped countries, more and more people are shifting towards alternative energy resources such as solar systems, solar UPS, or the solar Inverters. With the growing interest of people in the solar systems, the prices of different solar panels are rising with each passing day. Solar energy is indeed one of the most promising and reliable energy resources across the globe that is available at free of cost.

However, there are many companies and online stores that are providing the best quality of the solar panels at quite affordable rates.

The prices of the different solar panels have been discussed below,

  • Sanco 170 Watt Mono Solar Panel = PKR 6,500
  • Max Power 150 Watt Mono Solar Panel = PKR 6,600
  • Tesla 150 Watt Poly Solar Panel = PKR 7,200
  • Vertex 170 Watt Poly Solar Panel = PKR 7,300
  • Crown Micro Solar Panel 170 Watt = PKR 7,500
  • SunMaxx 170 Watt Mono Solar Panel = PKR 7,650
  • Topray 160 Watt Poly Solar Panel = PKR 8,000
  • Canon Solar Panel 150 Watt Mono = PKR 9,360
  • Tesla 260 Watt Poly Solar Panel Project = PKR 13,000
  • JA Solar 330 Watt Poly Solar Panel = PKR 14,850

So, you must not compromise on the quality and durability of the solar panels whenever buying a solar panel. The price of the best solar panel may seem high at that time but the return on the investment may be witnessed within a few months and you will be amazed by the wonders it will bring in your life.

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