Solar financing in Pakistan

Solar financing in Pakistan has become a need of time. People have no capacity to buy solar panels with the resources they have. The purchasing power is being decreased with the passage of time. That’s why some companies are giving solar financing in Pakistan. It can promote the consumption of solar panels for common people.

Solar financing in Pakistan

Banks and financial institutes are also giving solar financing in Pakistan. Similarly, solar financing in Lahore and solar financing in Islamabad can help a common household as well. The security deposit is not a high amount and you can easily manage it. Keep in mind this solar investment will be a future investment for you.

How can you avail solar financing in Pakistan?

The easy steps would be to contact Zero Carbon and they will guide you about requirements for solar financing in Pakistan. The interest rate can affect your decision of buying solar panels. But the best part is there are some Islamic finance modes available which can be considered.

Investment on renewable energy sources is encouraged by State Bank of Pakistan as well. So, you should have surety about legality of solar financing in Pakistan. Is it profitable to introduce solar power generation from now on?

When considering the installation of solar power generation, it is important to consider whether the initial cost can be recovered by monthly electricity sales income and floating electricity bill, and how much benefit it has.

The purchase price is decreasing year by year

The feed-in tariff system is a system in which an electric power company purchases electricity generated by renewable energy for a certain period of time at a fixed price.

The purchase period is guaranteed for 10 years minimum for residential photovoltaic power generation of less than 10 kW, and 20 years for industrial photovoltaic power generation of 10 kW or more. However, the period may differ as stated. So, in this way solar financing in Pakistan would definitely help you.

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