Solar panel price in Lahore

Getting solar panels for home is indeed an important thing. Just like other jobs in the house, you can install your solar panels yourself. However, you should read the installation manual and tips carefully and prepare the installation process well. Of course you also have to be handy and do not suffer from fear of heights when placed on the roof. You will also come to know about Solar panel price in Lahore 2020 in this article.

Solar panel price in Lahore 2020

You can also partially outsource the work. But keep in mind that things can go wrong on the following points if you are not sure what you are doing:

  • fire hazard;
  • risk of short circuit;
  • fall risk;
  • fall damage panels;
  • blowing off / sliding panels;
  • Low efficiency due to poor assembly

A house with an existing solar panel installation is very attractive for its owner. It is certain that the home owners will save on their monthly energy bill and now you can substantiate the figures yourself.

Durable and low maintenance cost

Solar panels provide green energy and are good for the environment. Moreover, you have little maintenance cost. Removing waste deposits and dirt from time to time is sufficient. And in this way you can increase the lifetime for the solar panels. No need to spend extra cost each month just in the name of maintenance.

High return than saving

At the bank you get low percentage of profit for your money. With solar panels you can completely kill your monthly energy bill. Your saving amount each month has significant role in your economic stability.

Long service life and warranty

Modern solar panels serve you 15-25 years or more easily. In this time frame you can amply recoup your investment. In addition, you also get a 25-year warranty on the parts (with the exception of the inverter).

Our installer or electrician will always be happy to finish the job for you on behalf of Zero Carbon. Many people misunderstand the amount of work involved in installing solar panels on the roof. Although it is recommended that professional company should take the responsibility of installing the whole system for your home or business. But some persons still believe that they can do the job with perfection. View the step-by-step plan for installing the solar panels yourself, including:

  • connecting cabling to the distribution box;
  • buy solar panels, inverter and materials with recommended size;
  • lift solar panels and mount them at height
  • View purchase prices online
  • calculate the number of panels and yield (calculation model);
  • compare solar panels, inverter and materials;
  • complete analysis of available space

Various factors to consider for solar panel

The payback time of solar panels depends on:

  1. purchase price, check the trend in the market as well
  2. roof pitch (30 to 35 degrees is optimal)
  3. shade from obstacles such as trees and buildings

Exact Calculation of Solar Panel

You can accurately calculate (Solar Panel Calculator) the return of the investment with our free accurate tool. What is certain is that the payback period of about 7 years is much shorter than the lifespan of the solar panels (about 25 years or more). What if you keep getting payback or benefit till 20 + year? Is it not an attractive offer for you? Think about it with complete peace of mind. You invest a lot in your life but investing on energy panels will have more worth for your coming years.

The warranty on the panels (excluding inverter) often runs up to 25 years. So it must be very useless or not a wise decision if you do not want to earn back your money with an investment in a solar panel installation.

Comparison makes you rich

By comparing offers, you save on the purchase price, which also reduces the cost burden for your solar panels. See how should we compare quotations and analyze? After proper estimation and analysis, you can request your customized Solar panel price in Lahore 2020 with confidence.

More panels for a higher yield

The more solar panels you install, the less you ultimately pay per watt peak that the installation produces. A larger installation pays for itself faster than a smaller one.

Solar panels provide free electricity (after the investment) and nowadays they are also giving a cool look on the roof. The sustainable way of generating energy with the sun also gives a good feeling.

Payback period

As mentioned, the payback period is about 10 years to 25 years and some suppliers even say about 7 years and sometimes even shorter. But ZC is here to give you maximum payback period. Because the way installation is executed and the type of material make ZC unique in this field.

We as common persons are not in a position to calculate the exact amount we need and steps which are required before the installation of panels. That’s why we recommend you to stay away from any kinds of risks or losses and acquire services from professionals such as in Pakistan you will see, there is no stronger competitor for Zero Carbon.

Environmental effects due to solar energy

Fortunately, there is the environmental protection in case of solar energy. Because a greener earth and a good return on investment go together. You save electricity costs with solar panels because the energy supplier knows which kind of solar energy panel will suit you.

Your home and office requirements are different. You cannot alone estimate for each thing and requirement. That’s why consult your need and budget with our team first.

More independent as energy supplier

By generating your own energy on your roof, you are less dependent on the grid electricity. If you have already experienced it, you probably know how liberating it is when you no longer receive a monthly invoice, but just zap their high cost bills with a smile.

You need to think about future and coming years without regular electricity cost. When you are not dependent on grid electricity it means you have freedom and some houses sell extra electricity as well. It means solar panels give us opportunities to earn and save at same time.

We can meet our needs and then we can take benefits from the extra electricity which is produced through suitable panels. That’s why it has become an important task before installation that you get the complete observation of the place where you need solar panels.

Lahore is very populous city in Pakistan. the electricity shortfall affects the lives of people who are living in the main city of Pakistan. That’s why we recommend you to have an idea about solar panel price in Lahore 2020 from the following list

Solar Panel Prices

  1. 150w solar panel prices starts from Rs. 10,000
  2. 250w solar panel price in Lahore 2020 will start from 20,000 Pakistani rupees
  3. There are mono solar panels as well which are available at a price of Rs. 25,000
  4. 170w Solar panel price in Lahore 2020 36 cells crown micro can be availed under Rs. 8,000
  5. Solar inverter panel up to 5000 w may cost you rupees 450,00 to Rs. 500,00
  6. 5 kw may have cost approximately Rs 500,000/.
  7. 170w solar panel would have price around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000

That comparison about Solar panel price in Lahore 2020 will definitely help you to take a purchase decision.