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Where technology is rapidly making progress in the universe, a lot of new gadgets have been introduced in the market. These gadgets are serving mankind while providing easy solutions to many problems. In order to make the best use of sunlight, solar panels had been invented years ago. And now these solar panels are widely used across the globe. Read details of Solar Water Pumps Price in Pakistan.

With the invention of the solar panels, there started a huge trend that further followed a lot of electronic devices being labeled along with the solar panels. For instance, solar water heaters, solar ups, solar inverters, solar torchlight, solar lamps, solar lights, solar water pumps, etc.

In this article, we will address what a solar water pump is, how it functions, and what changes it has brought along with it in the irrigation sector. The invention of the solar panels has indeed made the lives of the farmers easy. We cannot deny the fact that Pakistan is agricultural land. It would be surely an injustice with fully fertile land that the water supply is not sufficient to fulfill the basic water needs. It is all because of the less electricity supply in the irrigation process.

Under the unavailability of the water, how farmers will be able to irrigate land? Of course, this is very difficult and almost equal to no. Thanks to the technology that it has invented solar water pumps that are making the lives of the farmers quite easy.

Solar Water Pumps Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, several brands and companies are offering solar water pumps at quite affordable prices with durability as well as reliability. With the help of these solar water pumps, the process of irrigation has simply turned easy.  It is designed to lit water not only for irrigation but also for the horticulture farms, domestic use, public gardens and parks, and drinking.

Moreover, solar water pumps have proved to be a huge success in those rural areas where electric supply is almost equal to zero. These solar water pumps are highly durable and weather resistant. They can function effectively during severe weather conditions such as storm, rain, hailing, severe temperatures, and humidity.

Moreover, the installation process of solar water pumps is very easy. The life span of solar water pumps is 25-30 years. They don’t require any maintenance and can function even more effectively when placed correctly.

A solar water pump looks like a simple water pump along with an electric motor. There is a photovoltaic panel attached with it that converts the sunlight into the electric energy that is used in supplying water to the fields. Moreover, the excessive charge or power can be stored in a battery that is attached to it.

It is pertinent to note that solar water pumps can work with or without a battery. In the case of working with a battery, the battery can store charge or electricity for later use. This electricity is used when there is no sunlight or during the night time.

The solar water pumps without a battery send all the water to a tank where it is stored and used for later purposes.

How to select the correct Solar Water Pump

There are ample of the brand, companies, and manufacturers that are gaining a huge profit in the business of solar water pumps. Moreover, the solar water pumps are also available on the online websites.

Below is the list of things that should be taken in mind while selecting any solar water pump,

  • The desired flow rate (in cubic meter hour)
  • Total Manometric Height (HMT)
  • The supply voltage of the pump (12 or 24V)

In terms of Height,

  • For heights of less than 7 meters, prefer the use of suction water pumps.
  • For an average HMT, between 10 and 50 meters, the submerged centrifugal pump is usually the most efficient.

When it comes to the price of the Solar Water Pump in Pakistan, it is observed that the price may vary from company to company and quality to quality. There is no specific amount to be mentioned as these water pumps are of huge variety and sizes.

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