Top 10 Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bills in Pakistan

Over the recent years, Pakistan’s energy situation has been compounded by rising domestic electricity demand. Just imagine how a middle-class family of five to six people uses a refrigerator, washing machine, television, laptop, two air conditioners, and kitchen-specific home appliances. This action surely increases the use of electricity power. Moreover, there’s a staggering 25% waste of electricity due to inefficient home equipment. Hence, obviously, there is a need to reduce your electricity bills.  

Accordingly, the recent high electricity tariff in Pakistan has left many households facing higher power costs. However, there are simple and practical ways you can take to manage your electricity bills without compromising on comfort. Well, let’s explore the top 10 tips to reduce your electricity bills in Pakistan! 

Top 10 tips

Avoid Using Appliances During Peak Hours 

To be noted, for peak hours and off-peak hours, authorities in Pakistan have established separate rates. So, from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM are peak hours whereas the electricity rates are significantly higher. 

Hence, to reduce your electricity bills, you must avoid using extensively power-consuming equipment, such as an air conditioner. Yes, you can get lower electricity costs by cutting back on the use of electrical appliances during peak times. 

Unplug All the Electronic Devices That are Not in Use 

Turning off all electronic devices that you are not using is another efficient way to reduce your electricity bills. This means that you should switch off your appliances and unplug them as well when they are not in use. Also, you should always remember to unplug all kinds of machinery and electronics after use, even if it is your mobile charger! 

Unplugging electronics and appliances might not have a significant impact on your electricity bills. However, this practice can help you save up a little. After all, using additional electricity is not only heavy on the pocket. More than that, it also utilises resources that are already limited. Well, we need to keep the next generation in mind and save up energy for them, don’t we? 

Use Energy-Saving LEDs 

Do you know that energy-efficient LEDs can save you a lot of money in comparison to conventional light bulbs? 

Yes, if we compare an LED bulb with a traditional light bulb, an LED bulb only uses about 12 watts of energy. Better yet, LED bulbs also significantly increase the brightness of your room.  

What’s more, LED bulbs are 90% more energy efficient than incandescent lighting. Therefore, you should consider replacing regular bulbs at home with LED bulbs. 

Get the Right Air Conditioner 

Getting the right air conditioner is important when it comes to reducing energy usage. For this, inverter air conditioners are the best way to go. Why? 

Because inverter air conditioners are very energy efficient. In fact, they only use between 40 and 60 percent less electricity than conventional air conditioners. Thus, they can be a long-term investment that will eventually reduce your summer electricity cost. 

Practice Smart Air Conditioner Management 

Instead of keeping your AC running continuously, you can turn it off for short intervals every two or three hours. By doing this, it will help you maintain a comfortable temperature. At the same time, it will also reduce overall energy consumption. 

Adjust Your AC’s Thermostat 

By adjusting the temperature on your AC’s thermostat each day, for a few hours, you can cut your bills by as much as 10%. After operating the thermostat at a specific temperature for a while, you can always adjust it accordingly throughout the day. For example, you should keep your home at 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25.5°C) while at home, 82 degrees (27°C) when asleep, and 85 (29.4°C) degrees when away. 

Use Your Fan 

Another tip is to turn on your ceiling fans instead of the air conditioners. 

Do note that a fan uses 10% less energy than a central air conditioner. The best part is that a fan can also make a room feel 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler. Hence, we can say that fans can be a better way of reducing your electricity bills! 

Block the Sunlight  

The best way to naturally get rid of excess heat from your home is to shield it against sunlight. How to do this? 

You can use blinds and curtains to reduce the amount of heat that sunshine causes in your home. This technique will work especially if you have huge windows around your home. 

Position Your Refrigerator Properly 

Yes, make sure your refrigerator is in the right spot with adequate airflow. In fact, you should keep it away from direct sunlight and at least 2 inches away from the wall. This way, you can maintain optimal efficiency. Most importantly, you should avoid overfilling the refrigerator and freezer. Why? Because doing this can lead to higher power consumption. 

Install Solar Systems 

Finally, the most effective way of reducing your electricity bills is by installing solar systems. In this era of environmental sustainability, transitioning to solar systems is economically viable. Better yet, it will also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.  

So, the basic concept here is that solar panels produce electricity to replace the power you would have purchased from your utility provider. You can get this by comparing the monthly expense of your solar panels to the amount of electricity the board generates. As a result, the cost per kWh for solar energy proves to be lower than that of electricity bills you used to pay. Hence, it is not surprising that solar systems end up being the best solution for these high electricity bills we are facing now.  

In the end, installing solar systems stands as a steadfast and promising solution to the challenges posed by high electricity tariffs in Pakistan.  

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You can choose whether to go with Net Metering or Solar Financing with Zero Carbon.  

So, let’s start reducing your electricity bills by getting the best solar system solution at Zero Carbon now!  

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