12v 100ah lithium ion battery price in Pakistan

Solar Panels installation requires battery installations for functioning. However, choosing the correct powered battery is vital to get the most out of the solar systems at the residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural site. This article will teach you about Pakistan’s 12v 100ah Lithium-ION Battery specifications.   

What is an ION battery?  

ION battery is created with A-graded cells, and no B or C-grade cells are utilised. Using high-quality power cells helps generate the best power, and performance remains up to the mark. However, if low-grade cells B and C are used, the battery performance will not be up to the mark.  

Li-Ion reduces the number of connecting points by using huge 20Ah and 25Ah flat batteries. Lower resistance enables any heat build-up to be diminished and improves cell balance.  

12v 100 ah Lithium-ion Battery Details  

Four ion batteries can be connected to complete 12, 24, 36, and 48v systems. However, the battery’s Ah rating tells you how many ampere hours it can handle or how much power it has. A battery with a 100Ah rating may power a load of 100 amps for an hour, 50 amps for two hours, or ten amps for ten hours.   

Ion Battery Usage in Solar System   

Ion battery is considered the optimal alternative to acid-based power batteries. Because the technology has several advantages over lead acid batteries, the arrival of lithium-ion solar batteries shocked the solar industry. On the other hand, lead-acid batteries can occasionally be a good option for storing solar energy.   The Li-ion battery is also suitable for on-grid solar panels. 

Benefits of installing 12v 100 ah Lithium-ion battery  

12v 100ah Lithium-Ion batteries have several benefits, making them an ideal installation option with solar panels. The advantages are explained below.   

The Lithium-Ion Battery has a high depth of discharge (DoD)  

The difference between the amount of energy that has been used and the battery’s total capacity is known as the DoD. Most batteries come with a suggested DoD to preserve the battery’s health.  

Deep cycle batteries, such as lithium-ion solar batteries, with DoDs of about 95%. The DoD of many lead acid batteries is only 50%. As a result, you will not need to charge a lithium-ion battery as frequently and can use more of its stored energy.  

Long Battery Life  

Lithium-ion batteries have a long lifespan since they have a high DoD and do not need to be charged and refilled frequently. The typical lithium-ion solar battery has a minimum expected life of 10 years, or 10,000 cycles, whichever comes first. On the other hand, lead acid batteries only have a 5-year lifespan expectation.  

High Power Density  

The capacity of a battery to store its energy is relevant to its size. The lead acid battery capacity is low in contrast to the Lithium-Ion battery, at least 12v 100ah Lithium-ion battery.   

Lithium-ion batteries are an excellent alternative to lead-acid batteries for households with limited space since they can store more power without taking up as much room.  

Low- Maintenance Battery   

Lead-acid batteries require more maintenance. On the other hand, Lithium-Ion batteries are low in maintenance.   

Excellent Efficiency  

Efficiency is the ratio of the quantity of energy that is useful from a battery to the power required to store it. Efficiencies for lithium-ion batteries range from 90 to 95%. The Lithium-Ion batteries are high in efficiency in contrast to the lead-acid capacity.   

Therefore, they are more convenient and workable with solar systems for more powerful and effective running.   

Factors Affecting the Price of 12v 100ah Lithium Ion Battery  

Various market factors like import/ export policies, demand and supply cycle, and the currency exchange rate condition affect and determine the price of batteries and solar systems in Pakistan. Therefore, it is always better to consult the experts to get exact rates and solution prices at the time of purchase.   

Get Quotation from Zero Carbon to Install Solar System with Battery  

Zero Carbon is a prominent solar solution provider in Pakistan. The company offers solar solutions to residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural units. The company provides need-based customised solar system installations to customers. You can get expert advice, services and high-quality materials, including solar panels, PV sheets, and batteries. You can also choose to buy a 12v 100ah Lithium-ion battery but first consult experts at Zero Carbon.   



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