Solar system in Pakistan for home use

Installing solar systems is the new trend in residential setups in Pakistan. Homeowners now prefer a working solar setup installed in their homes. There are eight most compelling reasons for it. To find out, please read below to get to know about it. At the end of this article, you will have a piece of information about residential units having solar panels from Zero Carbon.  

Lower Installation Costs  

Costs are the most crucial element in any decision. One of the prime reasons why residential users prefer solar panels for their homes is that the overall installation costs are on the lower end. The solar systems cost for initial instalments. It does not cost much for regular maintenance. Furthermore, the monthly power expenses are also reduced.  

Quick Payback Period  

Solar systems are a long-term investment. Their excepted life is expanded over the years. For instance, Zero Carbon offers solar systems with a running capacity of around 25 years. This way, the installation costs are quickly paid back to the investor in just 4 years; in its comparison, the benefit runs over decades. Investors are the homeowners in case of residential installation, or business owners if industrial or commercial units are concerned.  

Renewable Energy Source  

Solar Systems are renewable energy sources. Renewable energy resource is defined as the energy derived from natural sources. Renewable energy resources are supplemented at a higher rate than they are consumed. Sunlight and wind, for example, are sources that are constantly being replenished. Therefore, these are eco-friendly and reduce the carbon footprints that damage the environment. By shifting to renewable energy, damaging factors like fossils are reduced.  

Lower Electricity Bills to Homeowners  

Another attractive feature of installing solar panels for home units is the reduction in the monthly power bill. In Pakistan, electricity tariffs are on a rising trend. Massive increase results in a decrease in buying power. Thus, high bill payments become difficult on the standard income scale.  

On the other hand, solar systems share the power burden and generate electricity. The homeowners consume that, and the electricity from the meter consumes less. Therefore, the bills are reduced.  

Homes With Solar Panels Are Preferred for Buying 

A home with a solar system becomes an attractive point for potential home buyers. When people buy houses, they prefer working electricity, uninterrupted power supply, gas, water, telephone, and internet with a convenient location. Load shedding is the reality in Pakistan. Hence, the homes where solar panels are installed and operational sell at higher rates than those without them.  

Appreciation Of Homes with Solar Panels  

In the new societies, the home setups with solar panels in a working capacity are the apple of the eye of potential buyers. They prefer to pay even higher rates just for the convenience they will have due to the functional solar system.  

Undue Government Support  

The Pakistani government duly supports renewable energy resources in the country. The government duly endorses the solar systems as the reduction of 17 per cent general sales tax has been provided by the government. This step has been taken to uplift the installation of the solar panels around the country landscape.  

Sellable Power Generation  

Another pushing element for solar installation in house units is the concept of ‘net-metering.’ Net-Metering is the concept of selling the excess power generated from the solar system to the national grid. A proper eligibility criterion is mentioned on the NEPRA website. However, if applicable, it generates a few bucks for a residential setup generating renewable power from solar. 

Solar Systems Installation in Residential Units by Zero Carbon 

Homeowners can install solar panels from Zero Carbon with the help of experts. You can contact the experts here.  

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