Solar system in Pakistan for home use

Solar system in Pakistan for home use is the best option to save extra burden of utility bills. We can arrange alternative electricity resources with the power of sun. Advanced technology in these areas make everything possible

Benefits of Double-Glass Solar Modules

Solar modules with double glass appeared in the market in these years- 1-2 years but in start they were more expensive than conventional modules. In 2018-2019, they began to be mass-produced by almost all leading module manufacturers, which led to a significant decrease in their price. And now in 2020 price for double glass solar modules is quite flexible.

All thin-film modules are manufactured with exactly 2 glasses. Recently, crystal modules began to be made with 2 glasses. Such modules can be both monocrystalline and polycrystalline. They are mainly produced without an aluminum frame, but can also be framed. Following are given advantages for double Glazing Modules.

12 Advantages of Double Glazing Modules

  1. Longer service life. Decrease in power on average 0.5% per year, while for standard modules – 0.7% per year. As you know, the protective film on the back side of conventional modules “gets old” over time, micro cracks appear and it begins to let moisture through.

This moisture inside the solar panel leads to corrosion of the contacts connecting the solar cells in the module, as well as corrosion of the contact grid on the solar cell itself, which ultimately leads to the failure of the solar panel.

Following details regarding solar system in Pakistan for home use will assist you to get full understanding about double glazing modules.

The glass on the back does not give much trouble during working, so such modules will last more than 25 years without significant deterioration in quality and performance. That is why almost all manufacturers of double glass modules claim 80% of the solar panel power for 30 years (for conventional modules with a protective film – 20 years)

Longer lifespan and less power derating of the solar panel allows double glass solar modules to generate 25% more energy over their lifetime. This means that the cost of electricity will be approximately 25% lower, which provides a better return on investment.

  1. Less heating the surface: The glass on the back is transparent so it heats up less. Less heating leads to better performance under real operating conditions. Thus, modules with 2 glasses pay off faster, given that now their price is about the same as that of standard solar modules with a frame. By the end of 2019, frameless modules even became cheaper than solar modules with a frame. And in 2020 whenever you wish to buy solar panel then you definitely think about this latest solar system in Pakistan for home use.
  2. Glass protective layers: Hard glass protective layers better protect the solar cell from mechanical damage during transportation and installation. Therefore, the probability of the appearance of micro cracks in solar cells by the time the solar battery is put into operation in double glass solar modules is practically 0.
  3. Unfavorable weather conditions: Double-glass modules work better in harsh environmental conditions – not only in deserts with sandstorms, but also in more typical Pakistani northern areas’ weather conditions with snow and moisture. There we see weather is constantly changing from a solid to a liquid state when the temperature goes over 0 ° C.

We all know how harmful spring temperature changes are on our roads, when water in cracks on the asphalt literally tears the asphalt to shreds. Similar processes occur on the reverse side of solar panels – when the protective film ages, micro cracks appear in it, the moisture in these micro cracks freezes during temperature drops and gradually destroys the protective film.

  1. High level of durability: Double Glass has much higher durability in harsh environments, for example, extremely low or high temperature; high humidity with salt suspension (coastal areas); high UV radiation (high mountain areas); abrasive action of sand particles (steppe, desert).

These unfavorable factors can significantly reduce the actual life of solar modules with a protective EVA film in comparison with the usually declared 25 years, but have practically no effect on the life of Double Glass modules.

  1. Voltage and cost of solar system in Pakistan for home use: The voltage in the chain of solar panels can be up to 1500V (for conventional modules – up to 1000V), which can reduce the final cost of a solar power plant when choosing a higher operating voltage of the solar battery (due to the cost of a wire, grid inverter, etc.)

Frameless solar modules do not need to be grounded, so there is no need to pull the ground wire to the roof or to the solar array. It also lowers the overall cost of the solar power system.

  1. Fully PID –free: You can say there is, in principle, no degradation caused by a potential difference.
  2. Partial transparency. Such modules can be used as translucent roofs – for parking lots, gazebos, awnings, partial glazing of greenhouses, etc. See below for details.

The fire resistance class of double glazed solar modules is higher than that of conventional solar modules.

Frameless modules are easier to get rid of snow, because snow is not trapped by the bottom of the frame. They are also easier to clean, because with frame modules usually collecting the dirt on the bottom of the frame becomes a simple task.

It is easier to install solar modules without a frame; you can use standard clips for thin film modules

The only drawback is the weight of the solar modules with 2 glasses. But in most cases this is not a fundamental obstacle to their application. As the market becomes saturated with such modules, we will increasingly see them in solar power plants around.

New opportunities for embedding solar panels in architectural forms

Frameless modules are not just generating solar panels, but the basis for translucent structures that can be used in design solutions.

From the point of view of builders, a frameless solar module is actually already used in architectural design “triplex” glass, only with the added functionality of solar generation. Therefore, for translucent solar panels, all options are suitable in which architects already use triplex for example,

  • in commercial and public facilities:
  • roofs of trade pavilions or markets;
  • public transport stops;
  • glazing of educational institutions, gyms.
  • in private households:
  • winter gardens;
  • summer terrace awnings, verandas;
  • outdoor pools;

Depending on the design problem to be solved, you can order a different level of translucency of the modules, which is determined by the density of the placement of solar cells and varies from a minimum 10% (in this case, the maximum generation power is achieved) to a maximum transparency of 40%.

Range of Double Glass Solar Modules

Solar modules with double glass are appeared in our range. You can view the current stock availability and technical characteristics of solar system in Pakistan for home use in our online store Zero Crabon.

The linear dimensions of the translucent modules correspond to the dimensions of a standard battery of 60 solar cells: 1658 * 992mm. Glass sheet thickness – 6 mm, junction boxes – 19 mm. These were some basic technical information for solar system which works best in Pakistan.

Three junction boxes (the two outer ones with MC4 cables) are spaced along the short side of the module. The distance from the edge of the curtain to the junction boxes makes it possible to mount translucent batteries in frame structures like ordinary glass for architectural installations.

You should enjoy the latest advanced technology of solar system in Pakistan for home use to avail the maximum benefits of solar system in Pakistan. Once you buy the double glass modules or other conventional panels then you can expect to receive the benefits till the next 20-25 years.