250-Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Posted On: 09 September,    Author: Zero Carbon

Solar Panels have now become an essential part of life especially in those areas where electricity supply is almost equal to zero. In these areas, the only source of electricity for many people is these solar panels. We can’t deny the incredible power benefits of using solar panels.

As we already know that solar panels absorb sunlight and later convert it into the electric energy with the help of the photovoltaic cells that are placed on their surfaces. Now the question is how solar energy is better than conventional energy? To answer this question, we first need to know what conventional energy is.

Conventional Energy

Conventional energy is a form of energy that we gather through non-renewable energy sources like coal, petroleum, nuclear energy, or natural gas. These are hailed as the ‘conventional sources’ of the energy. We cannot use these sources after we have once used them. This is why these are called conventional sources and the energy that is produced through these sources is called the “Conventional Energy”.

How solar energy is better than conventional sources of energy?

These sources are not only creating pollution in the environment but also making is dangerous for life. When compared with the solar energy, it is really environment friendly because there is no carbon emission through the solar panels.

Once you have made up your mind towards installing the solar panel in your home or offices, the next step is its installation. The installation process may require a team of experts because without these experts there are many chances that your solar panel will be placed in a position where it may not function as effectively as it was supposed to be. So, the successful installation of the solar panels is as important as buying an excellent quality solar panel.

Monitoring the Solar Panel

Once it is installed, the next step is its monitoring. Your solar panel is working brilliantly producing high energy for your homes. This energy is used to run computers, lights, fans, other electrical appliances, and even AC.

Once your system is installed, you’ll immediately start producing solar energy that can be used to run your lights, computers, machinery, and any other electrical devices for your home or business. A utility meter tracks your energy use and counts both ways. You will earn credits for solar power produced but not used because it is pushed back into the utility grid. The utility grid still provides you with electricity at night, when you’re not producing enough solar power, but any credits earned during the day cover that cost. Remember, the amount of solar energy you’re producing can change throughout the year based on where you live and how much sunlight your panels are receiving on a daily basis. To check on how much solar energy your panels are producing you can use your online monitoring system to track production. If you notice a significant variation, notify your solar company to ensure everything is working properly.

250-Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

There are many companies in Pakistan that offer small size solar panels like 250 watts solar panels. 250-Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan here. These solar panels are enough to cater to the electricity needs of a small house. Different companies have launched several kinds of solar panels worth 250 watts.

Below are some of the widely appreciated and used solar panels having 250 watts capacity.

  • Jinko Solar Panel 250 Watts Poly
  • Tesla 250 Watts Mono Solar Panel
  • Tesla 250 Watts Mono Solar Panel Project Grade
  • Solar Panel 250 Watts Monocrystalline

Jinko Solar Panel 250 Watts Poly

The market rate of the Jinko Solar Panel 250 Watts Poly is around PKR 21,500. Below we have mentioned some of its properties,

  • High Conversion Efficiency
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Excellent performance even in low sunlight
  • High Power Output

Tesla 250 Watts Mono Solar Panel

Another kind is Tesla 250 Watts Mono Solar Panel that is available at the cheaper rates. According to the market rate, the price of this solar panel is PKR 12,750.

Tesla 250 Watts Mono Solar Panel Project Grade

This solar panel is available in the markets at PKR 12000.

Solar Panel 250 Watts Monocrystalline  

This type of solar panel has a lot of uses that include dry camp and marine. These solar panels are highly weather-resistant and their efficiency doesn’t get affected by the poor weather conditions.

So, we cannot provide a specific price of the 250 watts solar panel as the prices vary company to company and quality to quality.