German Solar Panels in Pakistan

Most of the areas in Pakistan are blessed with all four seasons. Among these areas, the sun remains constantly bright during the summer season. From May to September, Sun appeared as a powerful force to the natives meeting all their energy needs.

During the summer season, the sun allows solar panels to soak up as much heat as possible for the production of electricity or to store it for later uses. For better performance of your solar panels, make sure they are properly checked up and their maintenance is taken care of regularly.

How to check solar panel efficiency?

The efficiency of the solar panels varies according to their types and company that manufactures solar panels. It is pertinent to note that solar panel efficiency is also hailed as the solar panel conversion rate. A solar panel conversion rate can be defined as a rate at which the sunlight hits the surface of the solar panel. While the sun rays’ hit the surface of the solar panel, all the PV cells started converting into electric energy. The efficiency or the conversion rate of a solar panel is based on several factors.

The conversion rate of the commercial solar panels usually ranges between 11% to 21 % that entirely depends on the type and size of the solar panel. We are already aware of the fact that solar panels are made up of silicon cells. The more pure the silicon cells are, the more efficient your solar panel will be.

For people who want to install a solar panel at their houses or the residential areas, the monocrystalline solar panel can best serve this purpose. The presence of the silicon cells on the monocrystalline solar panels allows them to use maximum sunlight while producing the maximum amount of the electric energy.

The second type of solar panel uses polycrystalline silicon that is less efficient when compared to the monocrystalline solar panels. While the third one uses a thin film. This type of solar panel is quite low in the efficiency rate. Owing to its low conversion rate, it is easily available in the market at a low cost. Moreover, this type requires more space than monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels hence not suitable for houses or in the residential areas.

German Solar Panels in Pakistan

Pakistan has now started importing solar panels from Germany. Germany based solar panels are highly efficient and provide the best performance. Solar world Germany has sun module plus that helps in delivering an excellent performance. It is indeed offering an innovative method of producing electricity and meeting the needs of the masses in Pakistan.

With a consistent output, solar world Germany offers excellent product features as well. Unique and innovative as it is, the performance of the solar world Germany’s modules is determined by the oversized flashers. Almost all the modules of the solar world Germany are sorted out in 5 watts steps. This helps in saving the time of sorting out the modules that often seemed unnecessary. Then modules that are sorted out and are flashed using the specific amount of the rated power are being supplied to the customers.

The Germany based solar panels are also both monocrystalline and polycrystalline with 100% quality guaranteed. These solar panel modules are best sold in the Pakistan market. Plus these solar panels are PID free. Moreover, they are salt mist corrosion resistant, ammonia resistant, and dust and sand resistant. The solar world is offering a very interesting payback energy time that normally stays for 2.5 years. Their performance in low sunlight doesn’t get low or distracted by the very common elements.

Best Quality German Solar Panels

Several markets in Pakistan are offering 100% original and best quality German solar panels to the customers. These solar panels are tested internationally as well. These are the PV + Test Front runner. And of course, some of the highly efficient German solar panels in Pakistan.

Q Cell German Solar Panels

Hanwha Q Cells have been a part of the Hanwha group since October 2012. It is pertinent to note that Hanwha Group was founded back in 2952 and is hailed as one of the biggest companies South Korea has ever produced.

Effects of shade and orientation on the solar panels

Shade and orientation of a solar panel directly affect the overall performance and efficiency of a solar panel. In order to ensure the highest efficiency rate and excellent production of the electricity through solar panels, make sure that your solar panel is not getting distracted by any shade. Even a little bit of shade can highly affect the conversion rate of your solar panel. For an efficient solar panel, it is necessary to check if it is getting maximum sunlight.

Moreover, orientation is another subject to address when placing solar panels at homes or in the residential sectors. Pakistan is blessed as major areas in Pakistan are receiving maximum sunlight and maximum sunlight means maximum electric energy. Despite this fact, you need to make sure that your solar panels are placed at the perfect orientation and tilt position so that its efficiency or conversion rate not get distracted by any outer material.

Effects of Temperature on the Solar Panels

It is no wonder that the more temperature solar panel will receive, the higher the conversion rate of the solar panel will be. This point is applicable to the areas where sunlight directly hits the ground surface and the soil remains in constant contact with the sun.

While installing solar panels, a good airflow is also required along with the perfect orientation and temperature reach. An ideal position along with the perfect airflow to keep your solar panels cooled throughout the day can highly help in increasing the efficiency rate of your solar panels.

Ensuring a smooth and clean path for sunrays

While placing the solar panel at any location, the installer must make sure that there is no hindrance in the path of the sun rays that hit the surface of the solar panel. In case if there are any, then remove them as soon as possible for better production of electricity. Though there occur no landscape changes while going solar, make sure that nature remains at lower and clear in the path of the sunlight. While doing so, the sun rays will be directly hitting the solar panel and there will be more chances of energy produced by the solar panels.

Minimize your electricity usage

Moreover, it is the duty of each one of us to minimize our electric energy usage. Light bulbs should be immediately replaced with the LED bulbs as they consume less electricity than the light bulbs as well as tube lights.

Make sure that all the appliances that are not being used are placed in the switching off mode. You can simply unplug them when you are not using them. These devices include televisions, microwaves, and electric ovens, desktop computers, gaming consoles, and especially charging cables. It is widely observed especially in case of the charging cables that people forget to unplug them. Despite they are not being used, these devices keep on soaking up energy from their respective sockets. Unplugging these devices will help in saving electricity. If we start doing so we will be not only saving electricity but our environment as well.

Moreover, high energy appliances should be used during the day time for better consumption of electricity. For example, washing machines, electric ovens, and dishwashers should be used during the day time. The purpose behind their usage at the day time is that your solar panel will get a chance to store energy during the night time. We know that panels are unable to produce electricity during the night time, so the stored energy will help in meeting your energy needs at night. It is worth noticing that the electricity unit rates are quite high during the night time and many people among us are unaware of this fact.

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