Here’s What You Get from the Best Solar Company in Islamabad!

Are you interested in switching to home solar systems? If so, then you are on the right path, as despite the wonderful benefits, solar systems are getting more affordable in Pakistan. Better yet, if you work with the right solar provider, you can get the most from your solar investment. Getting excited to start? Let’s explore what you can get from Zero Carbon, the best solar company in Islamabad! 

EPC Solar Companies – What Are They? 

When choosing from many providers, you might come across EPC solar companies. EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. Accordingly, in the solar industry, it describes the process of designing a solar energy system, procuring the necessary components for the system, and then installing it.  

EPC solar companies, like Zero Carbon, specialize in providing turnkey solutions for solar power projects. From us, you can get complete project management and execution of residential solar projects, from conception to commissioning. Simply put, we ensure that your solar system will be ready on time, within budget, and with high-quality standards. 

What Will You Get from the Best Solar Company in Islamabad? 

A reliable EPC solar company in Islamabad, like Zero Carbon, takes a comprehensive approach to provide customised solar energy solutions for our customers. 

Here’s what you can get from working with the right EPC solar provider! 


An EPC solar company will provide detailed engineering services. The services include site analysis, system sizing, and feasibility research. Also, the company uses advanced software to conduct a detailed analysis of the site’s solar potential. 


We know that procurement is an essential aspect of any solar project. In this context, the right solar provider like Zero Carbon ensures that the procurement process is transparent and cost-effective. Most importantly, their professional engineers will make sure that the solar components are of high quality. 


The best solar company in Islamabad also provides construction services, including installation and commissioning of solar projects. You can expect to work with expert project managers, engineers, and skilled labour. In simple words, they will perfectly install your solar system at your residence in Islamabad as per the design and follow all the safety precaution protocols. 

Maintenance and Operations 

When you choose the right solar provider, they will provide operations and maintenance services for their customers. This way, you can ensure that your solar system operates optimally at your location. For example, homes. Also, they provide preventive and corrective maintenance services to keep your solar panel running smoothly. 

What Are the Quality Controls Provided by Zero Carbon? 

To make sure that you work with the best solar company in Islamabad, like Zero Carbon, you can check out the quality control we provide below! 

What Are the Quality Controls Provided by Zero Carbon? 

Solar System’s Design Review 

Before the installation work, our professional engineers will review the solar power system’s design. This way, we will ensure that it meets the required standards of quality and performance. In addition, we will also check the layout, and solar panel orientation to ensure optimal performance. 

Solar Component Testing 

We will test all components of the solar power system before installation. From this test, we ensure that all the components meet the required quality and performance standards. This includes testing the solar panels’ durability, efficiency, and reliability. 

Solar Installation Quality Checks 

During installation, we will carry out quality checks to make sure that your home solar system is installed according to the required quality standards. Here, our engineers will be checking the system’s wiring, connections, and grounding. 

Solar Performance Testing 

Right after installation, we will do the performance testing to ensure that your solar power system is operating efficiently and effectively. The solar performance tests include testing the system’s output, efficiency, and reliability under different weather conditions. 

3 Points to Note Before Going Solar 

So, if you have decided to work with a customised solar company in Islamabad like Zero Carbon, you should note the main 3 points below! 

1. Make Sure Your Roof Is Suitable to Support Home Solar Panels 

If you have no idea whether your roof is suitable to support solar panels or not, you do not need to worry. All you must do is book a free survey from Zero Carbon, and our engineers will do the work.  

2. Decide Your Solar Potential 

In addition to your roof’s condition, the potential of your solar system depends on some factors, such as: 

  • Your geographic location 
  • The position of your home in relation to the sun 
  • How much shade you have 
  • The solar system you choose

3. Calculate Your Electricity Needs 

Lastly, you must also review your previous electricity bills. By doing this, you will be able to figure out how much solar power you need from your household system.  

Book Your Free Survey at Zero Carbon Today! 

Be it for residential or business, solar panel installation is a big project. Hence, you surely want to do it perfectly and securely. To get the customised solar energy solutions you need for your home, you can rely on Zero Carbon, the best solar company in Islamabad! Well then, simply book your free survey from us today! 

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