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With a rapidly moving world, a rapidly moving technology is required and that’s what scientists are working for across the globe. Details of Best Solar Inverter in Pakistan is here. Along with the need for utilizing the solar energy in the best possible ways, the invention of solar panels has proved to be the best solution for the scientists to eradicate or overcome energy crisis throughout the world. So, solar panels were invented that possess the ability to transform the solar energy into the electric energy. And all problems concerning the energy crisis in different lands seemed to resolve to a great extent.

With each passing year, we are experiencing a huge and incredible change in the solar panel technology. Several other products related to this technology have been set in the markets that provide numerous benefits to their users for sure. Solar Inverters and UPS Inverters are one of these products. Before going straight to the best solar inverters and their prices, we must need to clear first what solar inverter is, its types, and what technology it uses to produce electricity. Plus you will get to know about the pros and cons of using solar inverters by the very end of this article.

What is a Solar Inverter?

The solar inverter is hailed as the most crucial element in the solar panel technology. Scientists across the world have termed it as the ‘brain of the solar panels’. And undoubtedly it is no matter how small or big a solar panel is. The importance of a solar inverter in a solar panel remains crucial. We have always heard that solar panels are the ones that are used in converting the solar energy into the electric energy. But the power brain behind this function is the solar inverter that is responsible for converting the direct current (DC) into the alternating current (AC). It is functioning as the basic gateway between the energy off-taker and the photovoltaic system.

While considering a solar panel for your home, the ultimate choice is the type of solar inverter that is attached to this system.  A solar panel collects all the solar energy and a solar inverter further converts this energy into the alternating current energy that is further delivered to the home grid system. On account of this current, electrical appliances can run smoothly. It can also provide an off-grid electrical network to the users.

Solar panels are important in themselves and we cannot deny it, the second most significant element is the solar inverter for any solar system. Apart from altering the direct current into the alternating current, solar inverters help in identifying various operations, maintenance issues, and fixing of these issues. So, don’t forget to install and fix a solar inverter along with a solar panel for your home. This would be indeed one of the best choices you will ever make.

Another significant thing to note is that a transformer is also employed to provide AC power to the home grid. However, several companies have now started manufacturing solar inverters that can work efficiently without transformers. So, a clear comparison could be made to determine the efficiency rate of a solar inverter with a transformer and a solar invert without a transformer.

Types of Solar Inverters in the Markets

Solar inverters are classified into various types based on various factors and applications. These types include,

  • String Inverters
  • Central Inverters
  • Micro Inverters
  • Battery Based Inverters
  • Hybrid Inverters

These all types of inverters are hailed as the ‘best solar inverters’ in Pakistan and the rest of the world. The details of each one of these have been given below!

String Inverters in Pakistan

This type of solar panels possesses a string-like structure where many solar panels are arranged and then these strings are further connected to one large string inverter. In every string, DC is converted into the AC. Everything depends on the size of the installation. Many string inverters can be connected from where each string will convert direct current into the alternating current. Normally, these types of inverters are encouraged when some large scale solar panels are arranged together to avoid misplacement. This will help in putting these solar panels in an organized form.

Central Inverters in Pakistan

The next type includes the Central Inverters. These inverters are also related to the string inverter, however, they have possessed some extra strings to be arranged on a rather large scale. Unlike the string inverter, the central invert doesn’t allow each string to alter DC into the AC. Rather the direct current is being stored at the very center of the inverter that is called the combiner box. This combiner box collects all the direct current and from there it is converted it the alternating current while justifying the name of the inverter.

Central inverters cannot function without a combiner box along with a pad that plays a crucial part in their formation. A combiner box is usually used where huge installations are required. These types of inverters are available in the markets and are ranged from MWs to the hundreds of KWs. It is pertinent to note that these central inverters are not used for home purposes, rather these are used for huge commercial installations.

Micro Inverters in Pakistan

From residential to commercial purposes, the micro inverters can certainly be a perfect choice for the customers. These types of inverters can transfer direct current into the alternating current straight at the solar panel. Hence, not needing any type of string connection to perform the function. Micro inverters hold control of each solar panel. One of the key benefits of using micro inverters is that these inverters control an independent optimization of each solar panel connected to them.

Battery Based Inverters in Pakistan

Battery based inverters are quite in demand these days. These types of inverters include both an inverter as well as a battery charger. Moreover, Battery based inverters are uni-directional. With the help of a battery, these inverters can do wonders. These inverters are

  • Grid-tied
  • Off-grid
  • Grid-interactive

The reason why these inverters are quite in demand these days is that these inverters can perform the nonstop operation while offering an uninterrupted electricity supply even during the critical load hours. While changing batteries, these inverters can manage power between the grid and the array.

Moreover, according to the very name of the inverters, these are also responsible for monitoring the battery status as well as how it functions and charges.

Hybrid Inverters in Pakistan

Hybrid inverters are also known as the multi-mode inverters across the globe. These types of inverters allow battery plugging into the solar systems. The method through which they interface battery is commonly known as the ‘DC coupling’. Well, in the local market, these inverters are no so popular when compared to the other above mentioned types on the inverters.

Best Solar Inverter in Pakistan

As solar inverters are very important for a solar panel to work efficiently, Pakistan is lucky to have some best companies that manufacture the best quality solar panels in the country. Moreover, these solar inverters are particularly designed according to Pakistan’s climate conditions. The best solar inverters in Pakistan are,

  • Hybrid Inverters
  • Off-Grid Inverters
  • Grid-tie Inverters
  • String Inverters
  • Central Inverters

Pros and cons of using solar Inverters or other solar gadgets

Pros of using the solar Inverters

Keeping in mind the constant electricity outages and energy crisis throughout the world, the solar panels and solar inverters are of huge importance in the modern era.  With an incredible rate of benefits, solar inverters are widely appreciated in the world. People have been going solar to avoid long hours of load shedding. So, we have curated a list of some of the major benefits of the solar inverters that we consider important to share with you. These benefits include,

  • Being a reliable as well as a renewable source of energy, solar inverters are good for keeping the environment clear
  • They can powerfully decrease the greenhouse impact on the environment
  • Solar inverters can help in reducing our electricity bills to a surprisingly great rate
  • They can make the best use of the solar energy after converting it into the electric energy
  • The recent advancements in these solar gadgets are helping people in overcoming energy crisis
  • Solar inverters have empowered the small business sectors while reducing their electricity demands
  • Solar gadgets are hailed as the multifunctional electric devices as they are used in converting the direct current into the alternating current providing an uninterrupted power supply
  • The installation process of the solar devices is quite easy and they are easily available in the market
  • They come up with an easy and usual maintenance

Cons of using the Solar Inverters

Where there are pros, there are cons as well, nothing is spare of these two. Apart from the above-mentioned pros, the solar gadgets, particularly the solar inverters have a lot of cons as well. Let’s have a look at these cons!

  • Solar inverters are quite expensive to afford
  • They require a proper amount of sunlight to function efficiently, otherwise, they are of no use to the users
  • Along with the sunlight, solar inverters require a huge installation space as well that becomes difficult to manage at the residential areas
  • A battery is certainly required by these solar devices that help in storing energy that is being utilized during the night time.


So, solar inverters and other solar gadgets have undoubtedly made human life easy. In order to enjoy an uninterrupted electricity supply, people are eventually relying upon these renewable energy resources at a fast pace.  Plus these solar sources are helpful in diminishing the harmful carbon from the environment as well.

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