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In Pakistan, solar panel technology has long been introduced and a large number of people have been benefitting from this renewable energy resource. Along with many innovative ideas being explored in this technology, solar UPS inverters are somehow considered the best ones. The reason will soon be explained in terms of the vitality and what comforts solar UPS or inverters have brought in our lives.

Unsafe Environmental Conditions

Keeping in mind the growing unsafe environmental conditions, people are encouraging the use of renewable energy resources. While using the sunlight to produce electricity, people are very intelligently not only saving the overall electricity of the country but also making the environment neat and clean. Sun being the constant source of the solar energy, helps people in their pursuit of finding a reliable resource of energy. The sunlight is free and won’t shed any dangerous impact on the global environment. Unlike the non-renewable energy resources (oil, gas, coal, and biomass contents) the solar energy is not going to fade ever.

In this article, the team behind Zero Carbon will help you in figuring out some incredible solar benefits you can get while simply relying upon a solar inverter or UPS. We will share things to consider while going for solar UPS or inverters. Moreover, by the very end of this article, we will also explain the types of solar inverters and the working principle of the solar UPS inverters. So, there we go!

What is a UPS or Inverter?

UPS is basically the “Uninterruptible Power Supply”. During extreme hours of emergency or load shedding, there has been felt a dire need for something that can compensate for this loss. And so the scientists have very wisely invented this terrific electronic machine that can provide you hours of uninterrupted power supply. After the invention of the UPS or inverters, people took a sigh of relief as they can now freely enjoy a continuous power flow at their homes, offices, or industrial sectors. UPS is usually used for the backup of electrical devices.

What is a Solar UPS Inverter?

A solar UPS inverter is an inverter or UPC that is connected directly with the solar panel and helps in providing a continuous power supply to the home grid while there is no electricity for the long hours. Solar charged batteries along with the battery backup help in storing the extra amount of the solar light that is captured by the sun. This stored energy is later used when needed during the load shedding.

Why a solar UPS inverter is better than the other backup devices?   

When UPS is compared with a power or standby generator and other backup devices, it is observed internationally that UPS is the only device that provides a continuous power flow, hence, excelling the other backup devices. In UPS, this power is caused by the battery, flywheel, or supercapacitors. These batteries and supercapacitors can be directly connected with the home grid or they can also function independently providing maximum power to the home grid.

What includes in the basic functions of a UPS inverter?

An inverter or UPS can convert the direct current into the alternating current with the help of transformers, control circuits, or switching. Every inverter is destined to perform this function no matter what type it is, whether it is a home-based regular inverter or a solar inverter. UPS or inverters that are usually installed in the residential areas or homes captures direct current from the backup batteries and then convert this current into the alternating current that is used by the electrical appliances at home.

The same procedure is applied to the UPS inverter that is ‘Off-Grid’. However, the grid-connected solar inverters take direct current from the solar panels and provide power to the home or grid after converting this direct current into the alternating current.

The working principle of the UPS or inverters

A home-based UPS or inverter is based on a system of batteries. While connected with the home grid, the UPS or inverter uses the power coming from the home grid to charge the batteries. During the hours of load shedding or power failure, the UPS inverter then takes that stored direct current in the batteries and convert it into the alternating current and provide it to the home grid. The automated switch help in conveying the message of power failure to the UPS or invert and hence UPS supplies current to the home grid. The installation process of solar UPS or inverter is easy as well. People may need some additional features based on the setup and situation.

UPS Inverter Price in Pakistan

Solar products are always providing better energy solutions to their users. However, to fulfill this purpose they need to be of high quality and should be efficient enough to cater to the energy needs of the masses. Many companies and solar agencies are offering excellent quality solar UPC or inverters that can work in severe weather conditions and could prove to be the best choice you could ever make.

An excellent quality UPS Inverter Price in Pakistan or inverter may appear to be expensive but it will definitely worth your money after some time. We know that electricity is very much needed in the industrial and agricultural sectors. So, more and more solar systems are planted in these areas to overcome electricity problems. Different government agencies are now trying to create awareness among the masses regarding the usage and benefits of the solar technology.

The price range for the UPS inverter for homes in Pakistan varies from company to company and also according to the customer’s demands and requirements. However, the average rate of a solar UPS or inverter in Pakistan for homes starts from PKR 10,000 to PKR 30,000. However, if you want an excellent quality solar UPS for your homes then the price may differ. A good quality solar UPS can be bought under the price range of around PKR 50,000 to PKR 90,000.

What advantages a solar UPS can bring in your life?

The invention of the UPS and particularly the solar UPS, has eased the lives of the people to a great extent. People across the world are in need of continuous electricity supply to perform their tasks frequently. For this purpose, these need an uninterruptable power supply that is only possible through the solar panels and Solar UPS or inverters.

The power outages are not just experienced in Pakistan, but the rest of the countries are also not spared by this problem. In order to overcome electricity outages, we need to understand the importance of the solar panels and solar UPS or inverters. Whoever knows the vitality of the UPS inverters would never ever miss a chance to install one for his or her home, office, or industry. Among numerous power benefits, the key benefit of installing a home-based UPS or inverter is the reduction of a lot of money from your monthly electricity bills. Whoa! This is certainly an incredible solar technology so far.

The regular UPS or solar UPS can appear to be the perfect emergency power generator one can need for one’s home, office, or industry.

Solar-powered UPS is considered a sustainable energy source and offers continuous power supply to the users.

Solar UPS helps in converting the directed current (DC) into the alternating current (AC).

Solar UPS helps in saving money and offers uninterrupted power access.

Solar UPS works more efficiently during the sunlight.

Being powerful, uninterrupted, and portable, a UPS or inverter can better function during the hours of emergency when other energy sources just seemed fading while not working on time and creating a lot of disturbance in the system.

Selecting a good UPS or inverter for your home will never disappoint you. At one moment in life, you will surely realize that it was worth spending money on such an excellent device.

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