Earth Day 2024: Solar as the Best Energy Crisis Solution in Pakistan

Earth Day 2024 is all about saving power and making efforts to keep our planet green. Here, we are talking about using devices that eat up less electricity, solving the energy crisis, and shifting to a sustainable energy source. In this context, solar power comes up as the best energy crisis solution in Pakistan. Let’s discuss this further! 

Earth Day 2024: What Is It and Why Is It Important? 

In brief, Earth Day is an international day devoted to our planet. In this significant day, we all draw attention to the environment. The main purpose is, of course, to promote conservation and sustainability. 

Each year on 22 April, people around the world take action to raise awareness of the climate crisis. Most importantly, they support the behavioural changes to protect the environment. 

This year, Earth Day has become a leading light in the fight to combat climate change and nature loss. To support this, solar energy sustainability has risen as the best energy crisis solution in some countries, including Pakistan. 

The Level of Energy Crisis in Pakistan 

The energy crisis has been a major contributing factor for slowed economic growth rate in Pakistan. How? 

The fact is that Pakistan has potential to meet its energy needs in general and to enhance power generation capacity. Yet, the country is still unable to use indigenous resources to overcome the energy crisis.  

The main causes of this crisis include: 

  • A lack of investment in new power generation capacity 
  • Inefficient power plants 
  • Inadequate transmission and distribution infrastructure 

Furthermore, the energy crisis has led to frequent power outages (load shedding) which have negatively impacted economic growth and our daily lives. Speaking of Pakistan, it seems that this issue is not going away any time soon. 

Yes, Pakistan is still one of those countries where load-shedding is a big and concerning issue. This happens not only in small towns or villages. Worse than that, load shedding in Pakistan also happens in big metropolitan cities. Plus, with the population of Pakistan on a constant rise, the electricity production is not enough to meet the ever-increasing demands. 

Using Solar Energy as the Best Solution for Load Shedding 

Now and then, we still can hear of power failures which lead to load shedding in several areas. Fortunately, solar power can solve all the problems caused by these shutdowns. In fact, using solar systems can release us from the frustrations of load shedding issues.  

Below are the valid reasons that make solar energy the best solution for load shedding! 

Using Solar Energy as the Best Solution for Load Shedding 

Solar Helps You Get and Control Your Electricity 

Now imagine if you had the chance to make your electricity. This means that you will not have to pay high bills. There is a way to do that. Solar power allows you to get and control your electricity. By going solar, you generate your home’s power directly and accordingly.  

Solar panels generate free electricity from the sun which means that you can easily reduce your monthly energy costs by up to 50%. Plus, the grid electricity prices in Pakistan rise 10% each year. On the other hand, solar energy can lock in your energy costs for 25+ years. 

Sun Is Your Best Energy Source 

We all know that the best and unlimited source of energy is the sun. Well, through solar panels, the sun can provide you with electricity. 

Here’s how! 

Sunlight that we get every day serves as the fuel for solar panels. Accordingly, Pakistan with its abundant sunlight, has a great potential for generating electricity through solar energy. Simply put, through sun and solar power, you will be free from all the headaches of load shedding. Instead, the electricity produced by your solar panel is totally for you to use it.  

Solar Power Panels Are Reliable 

In Pakistan, short circuits happen in many areas. Hence, delaying electricity supply in the whole locality. Of course, relying on this form is often dangerous. Furthermore, the meter readings are often miscalculated which leads to high bills. All these issues result in tiring processes to set them right. The good thing is that the use of solar power solves these problems. When you choose customised solar solutions from Zero Carbon, you can rest assured that your solar panels will be reliable and efficient.  

Celebrate Earth Day 2024 with Solar Energy Sustainability 

Embracing solar energy sustainability is also one of the ways to celebrate earth day 2024. Solar power is the most sustainable energy because it uses sunlight. Accordingly, the sun is a renewable and abundant resource that will not run out even after billions of years.  

In addition, unlike fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, solar power does not emit greenhouse gases. Plus, solar systems will not create other pollutants that contribute to global warming, air pollution, acid rain, and smog.  

Most importantly, solar power also helps in reducing the need for water consumption and transportation of fuels, which can impact water availability, biodiversity, and human health. 

Make a Greener Earth with Zero Carbon 

Undoubtedly, solar power is the best energy crisis solution in Pakistan. Celebrating the Earth Day 2024, it’s time to go for solar as the most sustainable energy solutions for Pakistan. So, if you are ready to make a greener Earth, you can book a free survey at Zero Carbon today! 

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