Why Does Pakistan Need Green Energy Solutions from Solar?

Solar is known to be ideal green energy solutions for Pakistan. In fact. Solar has been helping homeowners and businesses overcome electricity outages. However, there are some challenges the country needs to face when investing in the solar industry. But why solar energy is the optimal solution for Pakistan, and what are the challenges the country needs to tackle? Let’s explore this further! 

Reasons for Pakistan to Choose Solar Energy 

Without we realising it, there are valid reasons for Pakistan to choose solar as green energy solutions. What are they? 

Abundant Sunlight 

As we know, sunlight serves as the fuel for solar panels. The best part is that this fuel comes at no cost and has no limit. Hence, as a country bestowed with abundant sunlight hours, Pakistan has great potential for generating electricity through solar energy. In almost every part of the country, Pakistan receives 7-8 hours of sunlight daily. Then, solar panels turn this limitless resource for producing electricity at the most economical rates.  

Solar Systems Are More Beneficial Compared to Fossil Fuels 

When you choose to install home solar panels or commercial solar installation, it will only cost you once. Surely, it will be beneficial compared to fossil fuels which continually rise in price and result in higher electricity rates.  

Moreover, the electricity rates in Pakistan directly influence the prices of other essential products, as production facilities rely on electricity. Now imagine if the production facilities in the country switch to solar for green energy solutions. As a result, we will no longer need to worry about power outages. For business owners, especially, they can stop worrying about the extra cost of generator fuel and higher tariff rates they must pay monthly.  

Solar Provides Easy Accessibility 

Not every business in the country can build its own power plant using coal or fossil fuels. On the other hand, solar energy is more accessible. Even better, anyone can easily access it by installing solar panels on their rooftop. When you choose a reputable solar company, you can get professional solar consultancy and get customised solar solutions you need. Simply put, as the green energy solutions, solar provides easy accessibility for everyone.  

The Popularity of Solar Creates More Job Opportunities 

Regret to say that Pakistan ranks lowest in job creations. The reason behind this is insufficient local and international investment across various sectors. However, with its popularity, solar generates more job opportunities in the country. How? 

With the establishment of more solar power plants in Pakistan for manufacturing solar system components, there is a surge in job openings. Furthermore, we also must note the increasing demand for solar system installers, engineers, salespersons, and other related roles. Ultimately, this will contribute positively to the country’s economy. 

Solar Is Environmentally Friendly 

For many years, Pakistan is dealing with serious climate change and global warming. Accordingly, fossil fuels are a significant contributor to this ongoing crisis. With this current dire situation, we need to shift towards green energy solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change.   

In this context, the most effective approach is to reduce fossil fuel consumption. We can achieve this goal by switching to solar energy. By embracing solar green energy solutions, Pakistan can pave the way for a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. 

Solar Panels Are Very Affordable 

Recently, solar panels are becoming increasingly affordable. Today, many homeowners can install a solar system for their homes.  

Reasons for Pakistan to Choose Solar Energy 

The Challenges in Switching to Green Energy Solutions 

According to a report published by the World Bank, Pakistan has tremendous potential to generate solar and wind power. Despite being aware of this, we still struggle to produce green energy solutions from solar. Furthermore, there are multiple challenges that have been hindering the transition to solar energy in the country. Let’s examine them! 

Lack of Infrastructure and Investment 

Pakistan holds significant potential for solar as green energy solutions. However, there is a lack of physical infrastructure. In addition, we still need essential facilities to improve solar energy. Most importantly, our country still finds it difficult to attract both domestic and foreign investment in the solar industry. 

Technical Barriers 

Another significant challenge to go solar is the technical barriers. Technical barriers we are talking about here include the efficiency of solar panels. As we know, solar panel efficiency depends on shading and varying sunlight hours in different locations.  

Besides, Pakistan also faces a shortage of skilled labor as people lack the knowledge to properly install solar panels.  

Political Challenges in Pakistan 

Up ‘till today, Pakistan has been experiencing political instability. When the new government rules, some policies crafted by predecessor governments either vanish or progress at a slow pace. Unfortunately, we are still unable to find a consistent and reliable policy regarding solar energy from any government. This is the reason the country only generates less than 5% of its total electricity from solar green energy solutions. 

The Role of Zero Carbon to Help You Switch to Solar 

Considering the valid reasons that make solar the ideal green energy solutions, Zero Carbon aims to help individuals and business owners. By getting our free survey, we will help you in every step in switching to solar.  

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