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EPC or Engineering Procurement Construction is getting big momentum in Islamabad. We all know, solar projects and designing of projects need professional turnkey activities. Optimal design in solar plants can reduce the overall system cost under the umbrella of EPC in Islamabad.

How can you start solar EPC in Islamabad?

The process is quite easy for setting up EPC in Islamabad. EPC contractor in ISB implements the effective designing phase for entire solar power system. The process of starting EPC is not very difficult. First you need to get registered as EPC firm in order to avail the big opportunity. Then you can get the mandatory documentation process. The research team should have adequate technical skills in your company. They are vital resources who analyze a client’s electricity requirements.

Things to focus by EPC in Islamabad

  1. Some key levels demand much attention on behalf of EPC contractor. The company should analyze customer requirements because as per the genuine needs, the entire solar PV system is prepared.
  2. Location survey is carried out by professional team members and under the supervision of one senior engineer.
  3. Weather surveillance is another sensitive issue which we often discuss in the subject of solar products. EPC process ask us to have such types of solar materials that can tackle the local weather conditions easily.
  4. Generating enough energy from solar powers is another thing to focus in EPC process. The cost of setting up the solar system should be covered in reasonable and short time.
  5. Top EPC in Islamabad always takes care for attractive and durable design for solar products.
  6. EPC in Islamabad also has different 3d modules for finished solar products in order to have overview for any customized item. Customers need better design and better understanding of whole system then they would be able to buy the solar systems with ease.

The main objective for any EPC contractor is to have maximum solar systems in Islamabad as well as in whole country. Getting independency in electricity would be a best gift or return that we can give to nation.

Is Electricity Independency possible in Pakistan?

Electricity is a main expenditure for every home or business. If we get success in managing the production of cheap or free electricity through natural resources, then it would be a great benefit or saving. Try to imagine a reality in which you are no longer dependent on the electricity company and are able to produce all your household electricity consumption independently and you believe completely on green energy concept. So the answer of the question, is Electricity Independency possible in Pakistan would be absolutely, “yes it is”.

Sell electricity and earn every month

Now, imagine that the amount of electricity you produce will be so much that you will be able to sell the surplus to the electricity company and receive tens of thousands of rupees for it every month. Obviously it is a profitable investment then.

Say Goodbye to electricity bills

It’s time to stop imagining and start implementing: Zero Carbon a leader in the field of solar systems in Pakistan, will be happy to walk you hand in hand on the path to energy independency. So, how does it work? The real meaning is independence, and it means independence from changing electricity tariffs: when you produce all the electricity yourself, you can say goodbye to the monthly electricity bill.

The solar system installed on the roof of the house is connected to a two-way meter, which measures the household electricity consumption and the amount of electricity generated in the solar system. When the amount of electricity generated in the system is greater than consumption, you can sell the surplus to the electricity company for a fixed rate per kWh (depending on power). Please note – the rate is not index-linked.

Is energy independency possible in Pakistan?

Energy independency is the ability to produce all the energy required for a household independently without the help of power company. Already in these days there are many homes where all household consumption can be produced using the solar system. But, since production is carried out only during daylight hours and consumption is throughout the day, this requires another step in the energy economy that is storage. The good thing is, there is already storage system that allows the surplus electricity produced during the day to be stored in a dedicated battery.

In Pakistan, we have been witnessing the first steps towards the move in recent months by ZC. In addition, we should set a goal of generating about 30%-60% of electricity consumption through renewable energy by 2030. The Electricity Authority encourages citizens to install home solar power generation systems by providing special relief and exemptions such as eliminating the levy on solar systems and more.

In conclusion – at the moment there is still no possibility of full energy independency in Pakistan, but huge steps are being taken in that direction. As a leading company in the field of smart energy, Zero Carbon systems meet the standard where storage of electricity will be possible and ZC is therefore prepared in advance to allow its customers for energy independency with the help of solar panels systems.

So where do you start?

The first step you need to take on the road to your energy independency, is to understand how much money your roof can generate for you, using the solar savings calculator. Then, feel free to leave your details here and the ZC professionals will get back to you soon. You will be given a full range of solar panels that can meet the electricity needs for your homes or businesses.

So, EPC in Islamabad is quite familiar with the process of converting 3d module of solar products into real, cost effective, efficient and durable PV systems. Solar power plant business will be one of the top businesses in Pakistan. That is why Zero Carbon has already started the installation process of solar systems in maximum cities and areas of Pakistan.

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