Solar system in Pakistan

Solar system in Pakistan is getting the fame with the passage of time. Every month we need to save a lot of money in order to get a stable life and happy life. Solar system in Pakistan is not a new system we have been observing the discussions on the different platforms regarding solar panel installation guides and the benefits of solar panel system in Pakistan.

Solar system in Pakistan as lifetime asset

You should also note, if we go back in 2005 or in 2003 then people seemed to show interest on just grid elected electricity. They could not think about solar energy production at cheap rates. But now in these years’ people now believe that solar systems in Pakistan can be a lifetime asset.

Solar system in Pakistan means you are all set to change to conventional electricity method. You are not dependent on grid electricity only. You need to have alternative energy resources for making your future secured.

The geographical location of Pakistan for solar energy

Solar system or solar panels have tremendous scope in Pakistan. The generation of solar electricity can help you a lot. The main thing which affects the productivity of solar panels would be the geographical location. Pakistan is a country that has the best geographical location if you talk about solar energy efficiency.

The sunlight is in abundance and if we prepare the solar panel as per the standard measures then we can expect a reasonable amount of electricity in each month for a normal household.  Another thing that can attract a common household is the low budget for solar panels.

If you look back like five years ago the prices for solar panel systems were very high but now, especially after 2022 the prices of solar panels began to decrease. It means if you do not have enough or much financial sources or  your financial position is not very strong but you want to save some money then it is the best choice to buy solar panel in Pakistan.

Also keep in mind if you have not ready cash then you can look for some financial installment system which is offered by great companies..

Solar system in Pakistan & Location

The solar system in Pakistan also requires a thorough investigation or an analysis of your location first. If your home is located at the right place, then a professional company will give you an exact estimation of electricity production.

If your home is not located at the ideal situation, then you will also be informed about the expected cost and return. You should have a concern regarding the return of electricity because you are spending a lot of money and you want to know the exact production of electricity each month.

We cannot rely on the rough guesses only rather we need to check the average production for a specific solar panel. Let us take an example, you visit some solar company and they show you different solar panels. They may show you a solar panel which is enough for two rooms or 3 rooms home. Similarly, if you are having a home with at least 5 to 6 rooms or if you are living at home with Double story portions then the situation will be changed.

In this case, you may need a solar panel with higher capacity and apparently, its cost would be a bit high. But still, it will be in your own benefit as it is going to save a lot of electricity cost burden from your shoulders.

The next thing which you can ask or which you can require is the cost analysis and also the production level for each of the solar batteries as well as solar cells.  Another factor which where we should show interest would be the guarantee or warranty after the sale. There are some other technical factors which you should keep in mind. Do not forget to check the past projects for your solar panel Distribution Company.

Active solar system and passive solar system:

Solar energy is a natural way to get electricity with the help of solar panels. It is obviously a really important source as you can say a new variable energy hub. Techniques in solar systems are categorized broadly as the active solar systems or passive solar systems.

Basically these two types of systems capture as well as distribute the natural energy of the Sun and ultimately convert the heat into the electricity which is used in the homes, factories as well as officers of different capacities.

Pakistan is a country which is facing a lot of economic issues as well as political issues. People want to increase their income level there with any possible ways. They cannot rely just on the monthly salaries. They also want some relief from the system.

People wait for projects that can give them financial benefits or at least the projects must decrease the recurring costs.

You should note one important factor whenever you want to buy solar panels from the company which you are dealing with must be an authorized and legal distributor for solar energy.

Solar panels are increasingly popular and rightly so: solar panels are environmentally friendly and can save you a lot of money. Below you will find an overview of the ten most important reasons to switch to solar energy.

Average life for solar system in Pakistan

Solar energy can be collected free of charge with solar energy modules or solar panels. Compared to human life, the sun is practically inexhaustible. solar panel system in Pakistan lasts between 20 and 25 years.

The payback period for solar system decreases every year

Rapid technological progress in the global market for solar panels means you will earn back your investment faster and faster. In 2021 you can earn back an average system in about 6 to 8 years. The situation and system type in your home will determine the exact duration, but it is clear that this will increase in the coming years.

Solar panels are 95% recyclable!

Solar panels can be recycled after a period of twenty to twenty-five years. A solar cell consists mainly of silicon, which means that most of a solar module can be recycled. In some cases, up to ninety percent.

However, old solar panels must be taken to a specialized company. They allow the panels to be recycled as efficiently as possible. This way we keep the entire process environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Generating solar energy or solar electricity is 100% safe

Solar energy generation is safe. A system installed by an installer complies with Pakistani regulations and therefore does not cause problems with electricity generation. There are many active cowboys on the Pakistani solar market. If an installation is done by an unauthorized company, the chances of something going wrong during a solar module life are much higher.

So be sensible and only work with official companies with a quality mark.

Solar panels are maintenance free

Since solar panels have no mechanical parts, there is almost no wear.

It is recommended that the solar panels should be cleaned once a year with a soft brush. You can also have a cleaning company come to do this for you if the panels are not easily accessible.

How can a person clean his/her solar panels?

Cleaning your solar panels is wise. Fortunately, it is not often necessary, once a year is enough. Leaves, bird droppings or other debris can hinder energy generation. Sometimes you hear that a heavy rain shower is more than enough.

You can easily clean your solar panels yourself. This is best done in the spring. Don’t want to go up on the roof? Then you can have a professional window cleaner come. In this blog there are a few tips to clean your solar panels.

What can you use for solar panels?

  1. Soft sponge
  2. Lukewarm water
  3. Soft cloth

Osmosis water: this is pure water that is free from lime, salt and nitrates. No soap residue remains and the solar panels dry well.

What should you not use for solar panels?

High-pressure sprayer: due to the high pressure water can get between the glass and the solar cells, this will immediately reduce the yield.

Scouring sponge: this can cause scratches.

Cleaning products

  • Hard brush
  • Window scraper

How do you clean the solar panels?

Check your solar panels regularly. You can do this from the ground. Do this a few times a year.

Be careful. Watch out when you go on the roof. Make sure you have fall protection.

Clean your solar panels on a cloudy day. This prevents the water you use from drying up quickly, which can cause stains on the solar panels.

Work safely. Turn off the system when you are cleaning. Do not touch the cables.

Can’t you join? Then just rinse your solar panels or use an extendable wiper for cleaning.

First, start by removing dried dirt. For example, leaves.

Do not dry your solar panels. The solar panels can best dry by air itself. This prevents scratches and stains on the solar panels.

Clean the solar panels when the solar panels are at normal temperature. The solar panels can reach 80 degrees.

If you live along a busy road, canal or flight path, there is a lot of soot in the air. So keep a close eye on your solar panels. An industrial area or your neighbors’ wood stoves can also provide this.

What should you not do while cleaning?

  1. Do not sit, stand or lean on the solar panels.
  2. Do not use salt water. This can remain on the solar panels and the yield can therefore be greatly reduced.
  3. Do not dry clean the solar panels. This can cause chafing and scratches. These practices can keep the solar system in Pakistan very effective and powerful for long time.

Having solar panels installed is a big decision. You probably still have doubts about this, because the initial investment you have to make is large. You get a lot of benefits in return, because you can generate your own energy and use it immediately. We have listed the following preconceptions so that they can in any case no longer prevent you from purchasing solar panels.

Do Solar panels only yield returns if they are oriented to sun?

There are some ideal situations for solar panels and one of them has to do with orientation. If you have a roof that faces exactly south or towards sun, then you will indeed be able to generate the largest yields.

However, this does not mean that roofs with a different orientation do not yield any returns, on the contrary. Roofs with a southwest or southeast orientation can still generate enough power to make the solar panels profitable. You can also read SOLAR TUBEWELL.

This is also a statement that is not true. There are different types of solar panels for different situations and one panel is the most profitable when it is directly in the sun, while other solar panels are better suited for shady roofs.

If your roof catches a lot of shade, you can discuss this with your supplier and, for example, consider using thin film solar panels. You will also see the return of your solar panels on days when the sun is hidden behind the clouds. This is not as high as when it is cloudless, but the return is still very worthwhile.

Do Solar panels cost a lot of money?

Buying solar panels will indeed cost you an initial investment. However, the prices of solar panels are lower than they have ever been and the demand for solar panels is still rising.

So now it is certainly a good time to consider making this investment. All these factors ask us to have investment for solar system in Pakistan for a better future.

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