How long before solar panels pay for themselves?

How long before solar panels pay for themselves? A careful analysis says, almost after 5 to 9 years’ solar panels pay for themselves. Simple, answer is from the very first month it starts giving you benefits. You can start saving or investing money from the very first month because you do not need to pay regular monthly bill. A normal lifespan of a powerful solar panel system in Pakistan may remain about 25-35 years.

Do solar panels ever pay for themselves?

Yes, solar panels pay for themselves for sure. The duration of working may vary due to some factors for example, solar panels, quality, battery materials and plates etc.

How long does it take for a solar panel to pay for itself?

With the passage of time solar panel pay for itself for example, 7 to 12 years required for calculation of benefit.

Optimize the orientation and angle of the solar panel

Since solar panels generate electricity from sunlight, the orientation (direction) and tilt angle of installation are important.

As for the direction, 100% power generation can be secured in the south, west or as directed by solar installation company. At other angles, it will generate less than 100%.
Photovoltaic power generation systems have rapidly become widespread due to the benefits of reducing electricity costs through self-consumption and selling electricity.
In recent years, we have seen many houses with panels on the roof and power plants on large sites. Do you know how to convert sunlight into electricity? This time, I will briefly explain the mechanism of the photovoltaic power generation system.

Solar cell module

It is also called “solar panel”, and when we say “solar cell”, we often refer to this panel-shaped product.

“Solar cells” are energy conversion elements that absorb the energy of the sun and convert it directly into electricity. The products on the market are made of semiconductors such as silicon, and these semiconductors are exposed to light and are exposed to sunlight. It produces electricity in proportion to its strength.
It is a typical device in the photovoltaic power generation system. As photovoltaic systems have become more widespread, we are more likely to see homes and public facilities with solar modules on the roof.

Power conditioner

It is a device that converts direct current electricity to alternating current, and is sometimes called “power conditioner” or “PCS”. A photovoltaic power generation system produces direct current electricity, but the electricity transmitted and the electricity used at home are alternating current.
Therefore, in order to use the generated electricity at home, it is necessary to convert it to alternating current with a power conditioner. It is also called the “heart of the system” because it is a very important device in a photovoltaic power generation system.

Distribution board

The electricity converted by the power conditioner is sent separately to the outlets in each room by the distribution board. It also plays the role of distributing the surplus electricity after using electricity in the home to the side that sends it to the power transmission line. When selling electricity by using a solar power generation system, a dedicated electricity meter called a “power selling meter” is required. Usually, it is often installed next to the already installed power purchase meter.
In addition, the photovoltaic power generation system also requires a mount for installing the solar cell module on the roof or the ground, mounting brackets, and cables for connecting to peripheral devices. Recently, related equipment includes monitors for checking the power generation status and HEMS for controlling the power used in the home.
These are some simple products that you need to arrange for solar installation. The quality of these things also affect, when you talk about how long before solar panels pay for themselves.

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