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The sector of agriculture has always been the backbone of the economy to every country around the world. But in countries like Pakistan where around 80% of people are connected to agriculture directly or indirectly agriculture is a real lifeline. In current times it has become very difficult for the farmers to get the best results. Solar tubewell have become need for them.

Why do we need solar Tubewell?

It is because of the shortage of water and electricity. That is the reason most of the areas are switching to the use of Solar Tubewell. We all know that in modern times Solar Tubewell will be the only solution to overcome the crises of irrigation.

The Importance of Solar Tubewell in 2022

If you are a farmer, then you know very well the importance of timely irrigation. But if you do not have sufficient water resources then you are going to pay the price in terms of production lost. Solar Tubewell offers the farmers effective as well as immediate access to the required water. Once you have planted the system of Solar Tube Well you are in the game.

Solar Tubewell & Crises of energy in Pakistan

Solar Tubewell are important because in Pakistan the crises of energy are immense. To control the shortage of electricity you must think of Solar Tube Wells. There is a large chunk of farmers who are already using the system of Solar Tube Wells and getting the best results in terms of both production and cost.

Solar Tube Wells a Smart Step to take

People in this era of technology know exactly that what the need of the hour is. Looking at the current energy crises, high cost of electricity, and irrigation problems it can be observed that Solar tube wells are the smart answers to all the above-mentioned problems. You can not only enhance the ratio of production but also reduce the cost of electricity. Several companies are out there in the market offering the best system for Solar Tubewell.

What are Benefits of Solar Tube Well in Pakistan?

  1. It will help the farmers to enhance their agriculture production effectively.
  2. It helps the farmers to solve the problem of energy shortage permanently.
  3. It is not as costly as electricity.
  4. Solar Tube Wells help the farmers to play their part for a clean environment.
  5. As it is low on cost window, farmers can help each other easily.

If you are one of those farmers that are facing problems regarding irrigation, then you must go with the option of Solar Tubewell. It has already become a sensation for small-scale farmers as it is the answer to all the problems that modern-day farmers are facing.

For all the inhabitants of the Earth, the Sun is a truly eternal and absolutely free source of energy. From time immemorial, people have used its energy not only indirectly, growing crops or burning firewood – “solar canned food” – but also directly – at least simply basking in the sun and drying everything that is possible there (from washed clothes to drying fish and drying mushrooms for winter).

Of course, even a slight cloudiness dramatically reduces the energy reaching the surface, especially in the infrared (thermal) range. Nevertheless, some of the energy still penetrates the clouds. In the middle lane, with strong clouds at noon, the power of solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface is estimated at about 100 W / m2, and only in rare cases, with especially dense clouds, can it drop below this value.

Obviously, under such conditions, to obtain 10 kW, it is necessary to completely collect solar radiation, not from 7.5 m2 of the earth’s surface, but from a whole hundred square meters (100 m2), without losses and reflection.

So, solar power can be utilized in very productive way for solar tube well. We should understand the demand for wheat, rice or other grains. The demand is on high node while prices of products is becoming difficult for lower class families. If farmers find the electricity at cheaper rates, then final price of finished product obviously will be comparatively low.

Financing for Solar Tubewell

To get solar tube wells in Pakistan there should be government support as well. If farmers are not able to do heavy investment on installing solar tube well in Pakistan, then they can take benefits of solar Tubewell financing scheme.

You need to depend on your owned produced electricity with the help of solar energy if you are in farming industry. Some people are always confused when they talk about solar panel and water heaters. There is a clear difference and let’s summarize it in easy words.

The first thing that needs to be understood before we discuss the difference between solar panels and solar water thermal is that solar panels and solar water thermal are two different technologies.

Solar Panel is a technology that converts sunlight into a source of electricity. In the solar water heater, there are two main components that support the performance of the system, namely

Heat-absorbing collectors:

The total area available to absorb solar energy. There are several types of heat-absorbing collectors, such as:

  1. Flat Plate Solar Collector System (flat collector)
  2. Evacuated Tube Solar Collector System (vacuum tube collector)

Storage tank: It is a place to store heated water from a heat-absorbing collector. To be efficient and effective, this hot water storage area is covered with an insulating layer which prevents heat loss from being wasted (Heat Loss).

The advantages of using solar water thermal:

  1. Heat from sunlight is absorbed more efficiently than solar panels, up to 70%
  2. Solar Water Thermal technology is less complex than solar panels
  3. Perfect solution for heating water

If the need for hot water is your priority, the solar thermal water option is the best choice compared to solar panels because solar energy is a natural heating source that can work right away.

Solar modules are a relatively new technology compared to thermals. You can find or buy Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline and Thin-film easily from the market. They have capacity to absorb sunlight and ultimately convert it into electricity after taking benefits from silicon-based technology.

How can you take benefits from Solar Panels?

  1. The energy that you get is not very limited you can enjoy it for years to come
  2. You can expect electricity which will fulfil your 60-79% of your household energy needs and you can expect electricity also in winter season
  3. if you have refrigerators then ac or dryers then you can run them without trouble as you have solar power

However, from the many advantages there are also disadvantages to use solar panels including:

  1. The initial Investment is substantial
  2. Requires an area greater than space for installation from sunlight

A solar collector that works on the principle of a vacuum tube. With the liquid circulating in the pipe, you even heat the hot water for free.

Max heating power is 1034W if the solar radiation power is 1000W / m2. In Some countries, however, the maximum radiant power is about 800W / m2. This value was calculated during the summer solstice in southern Finland.

Benefits of best solar collector:

  1. Free energy virtually unlimited
  2. You save on heating costs: Up to 60% cost savings on domestic water heating, up to 35% savings on property heating!
  3. The solar collector can be integrated into existing systems
  4. The modern solar collector works efficiently even during the sunny days of the winter months
  5. Your fossil footprint is shrinking
  6. Five-year guarantee

Solar Tubewell can change the destiny of Pakistani people. Our farming industry can get boom. The farmers are not very educated and they cannot understand the technical terms or requirements for solar tube well installation in Pakistan.

Farm solar power plants are designed and dimensioned for the needs of agricultural enterprises. The solar power plant can be mounted on a sloping roof, wall or ground. The solar power plant must last for decades, so our solar panel installation system is designed to withstand the harsh climatic conditions in Pakistan and in solar power plants we use only the best solar panels and inverters.

Our farms need reforms and we cannot bring down the cost for everything rather we can introduce the different IT schemes there for example solar Tubewell concept is just amazing.

Use of IT in our traditional economic system can give much benefits if we use them near tube wells. Irrigation system is weak in most of the remote areas. However, there solar system can do the miracles. Solar connector or solar cells can do the miracles for farmers. The technology which is used in solar Tubewell is having great worth.

A solar water heater (solar collector) is a device designed to absorb solar energy, which is carried by visible and near infrared radiation to be converted into heat energy suitable for use. In solar systems, two types of collectors are most common: vacuum and flat.

The main part of the vacuum manifold is the heat pipe. These collectors are a series of specially designed glass tubes. The solar collector tube is actually two tubes (one nested inside the other), between which there is a vacuum for the best thermal insulation of the coolant from the external environment.

The way of transferring heat from it to the heat pipe of the vacuum solar collector:

The copper pipe is empty inside and contains inorganic and non-toxic liquid. When heated, this liquid evaporates, and since a vacuum is created in the tube, this happens even at a temperature of minus 30 ° C.

The steam rises to the tip of the heat pipe, where it gives off heat to the coolant (antifreeze), which flows through the heat pipe of the solar collector. Then it condenses and flows down, and the process is repeated again. The vacuum tube solar water heater shows excellent results even on cloudy days, because the vacuum tubes are able to absorb the energy of infrared rays that pass through the clouds.

Due to the insulating properties of the vacuum, the effect of wind and low temperatures on the solar system is also insignificant compared to the effect on a flat solar collector. The system with a vacuum solar collector works successfully down to -35 ° C.

How to promote Solar Tubewell in Pakistan?

These were some technical details about solar collectors. And to have solar Tubewell the farmers need to be educated first. They need guidance about the proper working so solar based tube wells. Tube wells work with the diesel and its very costly.

That’s the reason the cost for electricity around the farm land becomes high and irrigation supply also becomes like a hurdle for farmers. If farmers make arrangements for solar tube wells at reasonable rates or installments, then Pakistan can get the production at very low rates. We need to cut down electricity expenses for farmers through solar Tubewell in Pakistan. Let the farmers flourish with the boom in solar technology.

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