How Many Years do Solar Panels Last?

Solar Panel Systems are low-cost renewable energy alternatives. In addition, these are also the long-las energy-generating sources. People often ask, ‘How many years do solar panels last? High-quality solar panels result in longer life and persistent performance. Therefore, the complete details of factors affecting the life of solar panels are discussed in the article below.  

Life Expectancy for Solar Panels  

The solar industry offers a life expectancy of 20-25 years. It does not mean that solar panels die off after 20-25 years and do not produce any solar power. Though the efficiency reduces, the solar panel continue to work.  

Solar Panels are neither damaged due to weather conditions like rain and wind; nor do they get physical destruction. The primary reason is that solar panels are fixed and immovable. However, supporting racks, poor fittings, and low-quality materials can be torn off.  

Panel Degradation Rate in Crucial   

Climate, module type, and racking method are just a few examples of the variables that affect how long solar panels will be productive and how much electricity they will produce over time. Degradation is the term used to describe the gradual decrease in solar panel output. According to NREL studies, rooftop systems in hotter climates may have solar panel degradation rates higher than the median rate of 0.5% per year. A solar panel’s output will drop at a rate of 0.5% per year if the degradation rate is 0.5%. This indicates that the module produced almost 90% as much electricity in year 20 as in year 1.  

Purposefully Extend the Life of Solar Panels  

Solar panels are incredibly robust in general. Many solar panels are specifically tested to guarantee they can endure falling hail. In contrast, most manufacturers test their panels to ensure they can withstand intense winds and loads of snow. Additionally, solar energy systems often have no moving parts and require little maintenance.  

Choosing an experienced installer that provides top-notch customer service is the best method to keep your solar panels in operation for an extended period. It is also critical to buy solar panels with solid warranties. Many panel manufacturers provide equipment warranties for their panels that last 10 to 12 years and cover flaws and environmental damage, as well as production warranties that typically last 25 years and ensure your panels will produce more energy than a certain amount for your home. Zero Carbon offers panels from Tier-A providers. Therefore, the customer services are quality, and Zero Carbon are the certified distributor of Canadian Solar.  

Routine Check-up  

Having your installer or operations and maintenance company regularly examine your solar-powered system is the most pleasing way to ensure that your photovoltaic arrays last very long. Regular inspections can identify potential problems, including unsecured racking, exposed wiring, and other troublesome spots. If you end up scratching or otherwise harming the panels on your roof, you could void the guarantee on those panels. Therefore, it is crucial to have a professional examine your panels rather than trying to do it yourself. Hence, Zero Carbon is available for this job.  

Clear the Cache  

Zero Carbon will check to ensure no tall trees are not any tall trees installed. Your solar panels will continue to provide electricity for many years, far beyond the 20 to 35-year “lifetime” of standard solar panels if you can protect them from physical damage. You can also get specialised goods to guard against physical harm to your panels. For instance, solar panel critter guards can prevent creatures like squirrels and birds from building their nests underneath your panels, which can eventually harm the wires and panels.  

Find Reliable Solar Providers   

Going Solar is an investment in the country’s future that can save money by reducing your monthly electric bills. Through detailed discussions and working with Zero Carbon, which offers the products you want, you can ensure that your solar panel system is as sustainable as possible. All our installers are qualified and pre-vetted, so you can have the peace of mind that you are working with a licensed solar professional.  

After knowing the factors affecting the life of solar panels. It is your time to choose solar panels for professional providers of Zero Carbon. Our experts will assist you from initiation and will lead to the after-sale-service. For further details, queries and information. You are free to fill the form here, our team will contact you.  


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