Benefits to Choose Solar System for Home

Residential units are the most prominent consumers of electricity in Pakistan. The country is under severe power shortage. In addition, massive price hikes are painful and create difficulty in managing financial stability for lower-income and middle-income households. Due to these issues, it is high time to convert the alternative power options. Renewable energy, solar power, is the practical alternative to grid power. In the following, you will learn about the numerous benefits you will get for choosing the solar system for your home.   

Reduction in Electricity Bills  

One significant benefit you will get from installing a solar system at your house is the reduction in electricity expenses. Zero Carbon offers on-site solar systems; in this way, you generate your electricity. Therefore, the national grid units are the least consumed. Hence, the electricity expenses would be cut down massively. Even the bill goes in credit.   

Low-Cost Installation  

Installing a solar system in a home unit is a low-cost phenomenon. The installation costs are even more reduced by the Pakistan government’s waiver of 17 per cent GST.   


Another benefit of installing the solar system in a house is its low maintenance. The solar units do not demand too much care and protection.   

Works in Cloudy Weather  

There is a myth about the working mechanism of the solar system that they do not work if the weather is cloudy. It could be possible with old units. However, with the latest technology, the solar panel works efficiently in cloudy weather in this modern era.  

Freedom to use Appliances  

Suppose you choose the solar system for your home. In that case, you are choosing your freedom in using appliances like air conditioners, washing machines and water pumps. These home appliances are the big consumers of electricity, and on national grip power, the bill generates massively. However, choosing a solar panel installation provides freedom to use the home appliances as per need without the fear of excessive power bills.   

Net Metering  

In addition to all the above benefits. You can also sell out the excess solar power generated to the national grid. This concept is known as “net metering.’  

Elimination of Carbon Emissions  

If you choose solar system installations, you will select the green environment. Solar energy is eco-friendly, and it eliminates the carbon emissions that occur from burning coal.   

Zero Carbon Offers Residential Solutions  

Zero Carbon offers customised solar solutions to its residential clients. Solar panels are easy to install in a house like a rooftop or open terrace. The only requirement is access to sunlight.

Customised Sizes   

Solar Systems are available in many sizes and capacities. The one fulfilling your home’s power needs would benefit you. If you do not know the monthly unit consumption of your house, you can take an average of the last twelve months’ units you have consumed from your electricity bill.  

Quality Hardware  

Quality products and hardware are a productive solar system’s efficient and core elements. Zero Carbon procures the highest quality, Tier-A inverters and solar panels from rated Chinese manufacturers.   

Efficient Customer Service  

Experts of Zero Carbon are always present to assist the customers. From information to installation and after-sale service, every step is monitored by the professional team at Zero Carbon.   

Pay Back Time  

Pay Back time for solar panels by Zero Carbon is just four years.   

Solar Panel Life Span  

The life span of solar panels by Zero Carbon is extensive. The working capacity remains for the period of 20-25 years.  

Contact us  

To get a high-quality, low-cost, and efficient solar system for your home, you can get in contact with Zero Carbon. Please fill out the available form, and our representative will contact you. You can get a number of benefits with an easy and cheerful life. Avail the tax waiver till it lasts.   


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