How to Buy Solar Panels for Homes in Islamabad Wisely?

Many homeowners buy solar panels for homes in Islamabad to avoid high electricity bills. Indeed, the electricity bills in Pakistan keep increasing and there is no sign of going down. Hence, going for solar comes as the best solution for many homeowners. However, getting the right residential solar systems can be challenging if you do not know about them. To help you switch to solar, below is our guide to buying home solar panels wisely! 

Consider These Questions When Buying Solar Panels for Homes 

There must be some questions wandering in your mind when it comes to buying home solar systems. After all, when you have no idea about solar, you may get confused with the various options available. So, to buy solar panels for homes in Islamabad wisely, consider these questions below! 

1. Is Your Home Suitable for Home Solar Panels in Islamabad?  

First off, solar panels are built to work in all climates. However, for some homes in Islamabad, the rooftop designs may not be suitable for solar systems due to age or surroundings.  

For instance, you must find out if there are any trees near your home as they can create excessive shade that blocks the sunlight. Moreover, you must also consider the size, shape, and slope of your roof.  

Generally, your home solar panels will perform efficiently if you have south-facing roofs with a slope between 15 and 40 degrees. For this, you can get support from professionals at Zero Carbon to assist you in site evaluation.  

Nevertheless, to buy solar panels for homes in Islamabad wisely, make sure you check if your home is ready for solar or not.  

2. How Much Power Can Residential Solar Panels Generate for Your Home? 

Speaking of residential solar panels, the estimated energy production of a 500-watt solar panel would be around 2 kWh daily. This applies if your home solar systems get sunlight within 5 peak sun hours. In this context, if a 300-watt solar panel receives 5 hours of sun, it will generate 1.2 kWh (units) each day.  

However, you should note that the output of solar panels can vary. Mostly, the efficiency of solar panels depends on weather conditions, shading, and other factors. 

Consider These Questions When Buying Solar Panels for Homes 

3. How About Net Metering? 

The term ‘net metering derives from the 1990s, when the electric meter ran backward when power was being exported. Well, we can say that it is not that simple today.  

Today’s net metering is known as an arrangement between solar energy system owners (you) and utilities. In this arrangement, you will get compensation for solar power generation that is exported to the electricity grid. Yet, do note that the net metering payments you can get depend on policies and practices in your region and electric utility.  

One thing for sure is that when you buy solar panels for homes in Islamabad, not only will you be able to reduce your electricity bills. Better than that, a net metering arrangement can help you save more money.  

4. Are Residential Solar Panels Safe? 

No doubt, this question might also come to your mind when deciding to buy solar panels for homes in Islamabad.  

Well, the good news is that all solar panels provided by Zero Carbon meet international inspection and testing standards. In addition, our expert engineers will install them properly following all the safety precaution standards. Thus, you do not need to worry about whether solar will be safe to use or not while you are looking for home solar panels in Islamabad.  

5. Can You Install Home Solar Panels Yourself? 

It will be quite dangerous if you choose to install home solar panels yourself. Notwithstanding the fact that you have no experience with solar systems. Plus, to install home solar panels, for sure, you must be familiar with home solar kits.  

In simple words, it will be a smart option to get help from solar experts at Zero Carbon. Better yet, our professionals will ensure that your home solar panels work efficiently. After all, going for solar is a huge investment to make. Eventually, you surely want to get the most out of your solar investment.  

6. Are Home Solar Systems Safe for the Environment? 

If you care about making a greener environment, choosing to buy solar panels for homes in Islamabad is the right path. In fact, using solar power instead of conventional forms of energy can minimise the amount of carbon and other pollutants to enter the environment. As a result, the reduced amount of carbon in our atmosphere will translate into less pollution with cleaner air and water. 

7. How to Start the Process of Solar Installation? 

One thing to note is that there is no one-size-fits-all solar solution. This means that you need the experts and specialists to help you figure out what type of residential solar system that best for your home. To start the process, you should get your home evaluated by solar professionals at Zero Carbon. These professionals will then recommend the most suitable home solar solutions for you.  

Buy Solar Panels for Homes in Islamabad Wisely with Zero Carbon! 

Finally, it is time to buy solar panels for homes in Islamabad! To start the process of solar installation, you can simply book a free survey from Zero Carbon. Then, our solar professionals will evaluate the site to produce a suitable customised plan for your home solar systems. 

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