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To crack the hard nut of energy the consumers must understand the fact that renewable energy is inevitable in current times. Especially, the business sector needs Industrial Solar Solution to compete with its competitors. This industry is one of the biggest giants in terms of energy consumption and, hence, any turmoil in the supply of energy will be much costly for it.

Industrial Solar Solutions are the only way out to bury the hydra of energy crises. Industrial Solar Solution will help the industry to flourish at a rapid pace. It is because by adopting the effective Industrial Solar Solution, the industries can produce their electricity in sufficient quantity.

Why do we need Industrial Solar Solution?

It is a well-known fact, by following the Industrial Solar Solution, business tycoons are producing their electricity for commercial use at quite lower rates. But why industrial solar system has become very important? It is because of the energy upheaval that the industry had faced during the last decade. The situation is not favorable currently in Pakistan because the tariff is so high.

A massive number of industries are either shut down or moved to somewhere else. Solar energy is helping the industry owners to control the energy expenditure and perform well to generate the best percentage of profit.

Solar Power a Lifeline for Industry

In current times, apart from Industrial Solar Solution, some practical examples are also there to observe the positive role of solar power. Almost all of the sectors have already tilted towards solar power including the industrial sector.

But Industry is not a small area to cover. It is a large field and, hence, proper homework regarding solar installation will be very effective. It is where Industrial Solar Solution came to play positive role to get the best results.

Companies that offer the best Industrial Solar Solutions

Yes, you heard it right, some platforms offer the best Industrial Solar Solution for example You will find more than one industrial solar panel options at one place.

To install the solar system at a large scale, you need a team of experts that could help you to use solar power at optimum level. Zero Carbon offers it’s services with the best possible Industrial Solar Solutions by observing the requirements of the industry.

Zero Carbon by PGC is offering the best Industrial Solar Solutions in business sector. Before jumping into the hands of unauthorized dealers, you must crosscheck this platform to get the best deal.

Benefits of Solar Power for Industries

  • Industries can generate their own as well as clean electricity by using the sun rays which is free.
  • It helps industries to stay away from the rising nature of electricity rates.
  • It enhances the company’s reputation to play a role in the environment.
  • It also helps the company with tax benefits.
  • It enhances the value of the company’s premises.

It is not easy to manage industrial needs at once as the industry is not like a house or other sectors. Here you need proper attention as well as budget to go with the switching policy. Industrial solar solution may be a small piece of information for those who are reluctant to go with Solar Power but ultimately it can bring the high amount of profit each month for small scale or large scale industries.

Take time, collect the data and then revisit your policy so that you could go with the best possible solar energy option.

Industrial solar plants

Several solutions exist for solar installations in SMEs, companies, factories, supermarkets, farmers, car dealerships and other large consumers of electricity. You can check the following flexibilities whenever you are looking for industrial solar solutions.

Solar installations on a flat roof

The installation of photovoltaic panels on a flat roof does not present a risk for the stability or for the waterproofing of the roof, because the majority of systems only contain a weight of about 14 Kg / m².

In addition, they are often self-supporting, thus avoiding being caught in the wind. This does not prevent the installation in certain places of a precisely calculated and dimensioned ballast.

Solar installation On ground

This is an optimal solution if you do not want (for whatever reason) to use the roof space. The photovoltaic panels will be placed on a structure anchored in the ground, for better stability of the installation. Several types of structures are available depending on the floors and / or accessible surfaces.

Followers fields

Why not? it is one of the most fine-looking methods for installations and technology already proved it. The stages will be taken together and you will give your company yet another dynamic image.

Farmers’ roofs

Agricultural photovoltaic profitability is generally very important if the chosen solution is suitable for structures. Companies can finance almost all of their investments through aid and subsidies.

Save money

Solar energy is the most sustainable and profitable energy alternative for your company. Installing a photovoltaic plant in your business means investing in a free source of electricity in the medium term, since you can amortize the costs in a period of between 5 and 7 years.

Many regional governments and local administrations grant subsidies and tax deductions to companies that choose to install self-consumption systems with renewable energy.

Energy with guarantees

Your company’s photovoltaic plant will have the most efficient product in the market, ensuring optimal energy production over time. Zero Carbon offers a 25-year production guarantee.

Within the financing fee for your photovoltaic plant Zero Carbon can also include the maintenance service for the first 10 years.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumers are increasingly demanding and, within these demands, we ask that companies take the initiative to lead Climate Change. To remain a polluting company or to be an eco-responsible company? Contribute a grain of sand to save the planet, it is in your hand.

Take care of the environment, save money and ensure a future source of clean and free energy for your business.

At Zero Carbon we have a wide portfolio of clients in SMEs and large corporations. We offer industry-leading advice and solutions, as well as financing solutions. We guarantee that the installation will suit your needs and interests.

Industrial Solar Energy

Taking into account the enormous increase in industrial electricity rates, ZC provides the industry with various robotic solutions integrating with them solar energy systems that provide total or partial daytime electricity consumption of said facilities. In this way, the electrical operating cost of our solutions is drastically reduced.

Benefits for your Company

  1. You reduce your electricity costs by producing electricity for your own needs.
  2. You can become more independent from energy companies when the price of electricity increases.
  3. You can contribute to the reduction of the CO 2 footprint
  4. You can feed excess electricity to the public grid and receive a refund for it.
  5. You can have option to rent your roofs to the persons who want to install solar system there.
  6. You will have a chance to enhance the profitability of your company.
  7. Industrial solar solution increases the reputation of the company among customers and employees for the care of the environment.

Advantages of photovoltaic technology for industries

The large surfaces available on the roofs of industrial warehouses are ideal for the installation of solar energy systems based on photovoltaic panels. Since most industrial plants have flat roofs, the advantage is that the inclination and orientation of the panels can be selected to obtain the best performance.

In addition, companies can use the photovoltaic system as an additional source of income, generating environment friendly electricity, reducing in turn their CO 2 footprint.

Industrial self-consumption is an effective solution for companies, the savings produced together with the regulatory changes open up new opportunities in this mode of renewable energy generation.

As industry specialists, we know the high energy needs of the sector, as well as the benefits of making a photovoltaic installation and the impact on reducing energy consumption.

Photovoltaic installations in industry represent significant energy savings of the average ratio of 50% for instance in the electricity bill. So no one doubts that the return on investment is assured in a period of 3 to 5 years.

At Zero Carbon we are experts in photovoltaic installations and their application to the industrial sector. We are specialists in engineering and commissioning of these facilities nationwide, always offering the highest quality guarantees and having all the relevant certifications for the legalization of the installation.

More and more companies trust us to offer a complete solution to their energy needs. Our industrial solar solution always offers quality and efficiency, adapted to each client to optimize the performance and amortization of the installation.

Solar Parking

Engineering team has designed an innovative and efficient system for self-consumption, Parking or solar parking.

A solar parking lot consists of a parking structure in which the roof is replaced by solar panels. It offers the advantages of not only protecting vehicles from inclement weather, but also using energy efficiently.

The energy production of this type can be used both for charging stations connected to electric vehicles, and for powering adjacent buildings (if the installed surface is sufficient).

This industrial solar solution is completely modular and expandable, being able to adjust to the needs of each client.

Zero Carbon as specialist in Environmental services

As specialists in environmental services, we know the needs of these types of solutions. Especially those focused on water purification in places outside the electricity grid.

Our industrial solar solution is capable of supplying purification systems without interruption. Our engineering team specialized in water treatment, together with the photovoltaic engineering team, is able to offer the most efficient and competitive solution in price.

The same process that is used in the calculation of a water purification installation can be applied to any isolated installation. Our engineering team will offer you the best solutions on the market, adapting to your particular needs. All industry needs regarding energy and water purification can be managed in cost effective way with solar system.

To perform an engineering process practically we need electrical devices or machinery. Some industrial machines consume a lot of energy. To cope with higher electricity bills, business managers prefer to adopt solar systems. Although the initial cost is not very low but in the long run the whole industry can enjoy profit.

Our nationwide presence and capacity allows us to offer the best guarantees and engineering level in the market.

The use of solar panels is now increasingly multifunctional. Now solar panels are not only used to illuminate households. Solar panels or solar cells are also being used to power irrigation systems. Water purification system has also become a need for industries. For example, in rural areas we see thousands of business hubs where we need high electricity demand to run machines.

These machines require electricity, sometimes 18 hours and at some places 24 hours. It means industries need electricity without any power shortage. In this way, we can admit industrial development or growth is also based on cheap and constant energy sources flow. The final products of industries would be available if the cost of producing them is not touching the sky limits.

We need to appreciate and arrange such industrial solar solution that can be equally beneficial for small scale as well as large scale industries. Zero Carbon is the leader in solar technology for industry needs. You will happily buy the solar systems here if you check out the successfully completed projects by this company.

Industrial solar solution for economic growth

Yes, solar panels have now become one of the tools for the irrigation solution. Farmers can now be free from buying diesel fuel, LPG, or gasoline. And, the answer to that solution is the use of a simple solar water pump. It means here once again you would need solar systems to grow the economy of the country.

As the name implies, a simple solar water pump functions to suck water from the ground to the surface which is driven by solar power. Physically, the function and installation of this water pump are no different from conventional water pumps.

The illustration above is an example of the increasingly massive use of solar panels in society and industries.

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