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Innovation in almost all kinds of fields is necessary to patch-up the changing nature of the world. Hybrid Solar Solution in this respect is the need of the hour in the energy sector. We all know, in the current time the entire world is switching to renewable sources of energy.

It is the one that combines solar energy with another type of energy in the same installation or system dedicated to generate electricity.

The combinations in the case of hybrid solar energy can be diverse. The most common are installations that use solar and diesel energy, or solar energy and wind energy. In the latter case, that generation system would remain clean.

To talk about hybrid solar energy, we have to talk about the inverter. An inverter is a fundamental part of a solar energy installation. When we talk about a hybrid solar inverter, we are talking about a device capable of managing the energy coming from various systems.

On the one hand, the one generated by the solar panels, on the other hand, the one that the batteries have stored or that of the electrical network to which we are connected, if necessary.

That is why solar inverters of this type are usually found in hybrid solar installations, to properly manage the two types of energy they use.

Hybrid solar solution is best for enhanced energy

The best among these resources is solar energy and, hence, Hybrid Solar Solutions enhance the scope of solar energy for the consumers. If you are among those users who are planning to switch to the hybrid solar system, then you must know working of Hybrid Solar Solutions to get full benefits.

Production & storage of electricity

The hybrid solar system is the system that apart from producing electricity can store electricity as well. It works in the same way as the common grid-tie solar system performs. This system can also store extra power.

Hybrid inverters and batteries

Hybrid solar system stores the extra power with the help of special hybrid inverters and batteries. These are the hybrid Solar Solutions that help the general public to produce and store enough electricity for their needs. This type of system which we are discussing here is the best way to take benefits and high return through hybrid solar system.

Why do we need Hybrid Solar Solution?

Hybrid Solar Solution is very important during the current time of energy crises. A traditional solar system has become less attractive because there you can observe reduced solar feed-in tariff. People are no doubt helping the national grid in the best way but sometimes the return is very little. Hybrid Solar Solution is a real key to go with the best options when we talk about supplying extra production.

We all know, most people do work during the daytime and, the use of solar energy becomes obvious. When they are back at home in the evening then mostly grid electricity is used. Hybrid Solar Solution will tell you how you can store your produced electricity for later use. In this way, the hybrid solar system is attracting a lot of people to a new way of progress.

For a self-consumption, you have to make sure that the production and storage process of energy is up to the mark. In this way, by following the above discussed Hybrid Solar Solution you can cover your peak hours of electricity consumption without an extra expense.

Charging from the system is also possible, and the storage battery output does not reverse power flow. It is also possible to store the power suppressed by the output control.

  • Hybrid power conditioner supports solar power generation / storage battery with one unit
  • Supports wall hangings by reducing the size and weight of the power conditioner
  • Wide range of support from small houses to large houses by adding a single-phase power conditioner
  • Power storage system that has both practicality and cost merit
  • Supports output control
  • Full MPPT ™ method that can be connected to solar cell modules from various manufacturers

Types of a Hybrid Solar System

Let’s go deep into the solar energy system with the help of Hybrid Solar Solutions. Following are the important types of a hybrid solar system.

1. Basic Hybrid Inverter

As per the Hybrid Solar Solutionsit is the basic type that most of the regular users prefer to choose. It is considered the most economical option for general public.

2. Multi-mode Hybrid Inverter

This is the advanced level in terms of backing-up power. Yes, the multi-mode hybrid inverter offers you a back-up system with the help of a separate add-on unit.

3. All-in-one Storage System

This one is known as the Battery Energy Storage System as it has the inverter along with the battery in one complete unit. It is also available in a variety of sizes so that you could select the size of your choice. If you want to follow the Hybrid Solar Solution, then this one is the best choice for you.

4. Ac-coupled System

This type of solar system that has two different converters which work together to make the best system. It uses solar power in the best way possible. If you are going with an Ac-coupled System, then you need to know how to manage the different inverters.

Benefits of Hybrid Solar System

We know all of the systems regarding solar energy makes the electricity cost lower than traditional tariffs. Hybrid Solar Solution highlights the most effective as well as impressive benefits. Following are the leading benefits:

  • It helps you to reduce the cost of electricity up to significant level
  • It also helps you to store the energy for later use.
  • It is the best solar power system as you can say a self-use energy source. It allows you to save the produced energy during the peak hours especially during evening time.
  • You can call it as smarty electricity system because, hybrid systems are with the capability of back-up power.
  • When you have a hybrid system your need of electricity consumption can be reduced from the grid which saves the power generation expenditures
  • It enables you to manage the advanced energy system in a cheap way.
  • It helps you to play a role in green energy phenomena.

So, it is a time to switch renewable sources of energy. The crises in the energy sector which consumers are facing for the last two decades are going to end very soon if we properly adopt this system.

In that sense, Hybrid Solar Solution is helping the consumers to be independent for energy consumption needs. Yes, you heard it right and the solution is the setup of a hybrid solar system. In this way, by following all the Hybrid Solar Solutions you can economically use electricity.

A solar generation system of this type will have two sources of energy. You will see there will be the typical photovoltaic panels. These plates generate electrical energy from the sun and the inverter stores the energy in batteries, converts direct current into alternating current to be able to use it, etc.

In addition to the photovoltaic panels, the hybrid installation will have another source of energy. One of the most common is to combine with diesel fuel.

Does Hybrid solar system also use diesel?

When the energy provided by the sun is not enough, or in some cases it is less profitable (because, for example, the time of day is no longer optimal in terms of sunlight) the hybrid system uses that diesel fuel to generate energy.

If it is hybrid solar energy combined with wind, the system can take one or the other depending on availability.

Having more than one type of energy at our disposal produces these benefits:

You have energy always available: Solar energy is intermittent and variable. That means at night it is not possible to take much advantage of it, or that in certain hours and situations it does not provide all that we may need. Having a reserve source, there will be energy whenever we need it.

It can be a solution for remote or poorer areas: This system will be best in the areas where huge solar systems cannot be installed due to the size of the territory, the difficulty of construction or the cost. In those cases, having at least some solar energy helps reduce emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

It allows to store energy in batteries: To be used at the end of the afternoon or at night, thanks to the hybrid inverters.

It allows to reduce the consumption of the general electrical network: Thus, it is not necessary to take risks with a 100% solar self-consumption installation.

Energy cost can be optimized: Accessing the cheapest source according to the time. Maintenance is simpler, cleaner and cheaper compared to traditional diesel generators. You do not need diesel transport, storage, cleaning and waste management.

Better energy management compared to traditional systems: A hybrid system can adapt the energy to the need, depending on what we are consuming.

We need such types of hybrid solar solutions in Pakistan if we want to manage crises and energy shortage. When we enter into summer season then people start thinking about load shedding or at least high electricity bills.

The increasing rates of grid electricity has become a threat or major factor of depression for our middle or lower class families. It is best if we introduce solar energy packages with them to overcome the alarming situation. And let us clarify, energy crises are not related to Pakistan only.

Rather it is a worldwide issue, that is the reason local and international companies prefer to make the use of solar energy as easy as possible for the general public with the help of solar panels.

From time to time voices are heard that speak of energy crisis, that we are consuming more and more and there is a shortage of energy in the world.

Can we cope with the ever-increasing demand?

And above all, what interests us most, will we be able to face this need for energy in the world in a sustainable way? Because it is of little use to meet the needs if, with this, we are going to make life on the planet impossible.

The reduction of emissions and progress towards the decarbonization of energy are two fundamental objectives to safeguard the planet. To achieve this, the combination of the most competitive renewable energies, such as wind, photovoltaic or hydraulic, in hybrid installations – which may or may not be complemented with storage systems – are revealed as an effective tool to supply clean and efficient energy.

Although the sum of the powers of the hybrid generation modules is greater than the evacuation capacity, the energy discharged can never exceed this limit.

4 Types of Electrical Energy by Hybridization

  1. Photovoltaic + Wind.
  2. Photovoltaic + Hydraulic.
  3. Hydraulic + Wind.
  4. Thermosolar + Biomass.

Where is it possible to install a hybrid solar panel?

After knowing the advantages and working of hybrid solar systems you are going to be familiar with the installation places. These places would be ideal fir hybrid solar solution but people from other locations can also look for this option after consultation with Zero Carbon’s team. You can relate your requirements about the total capacity which is required at your office or home.

Multiple solar panel options are ready to start generating electricity. While it is true that the installation of hybrid solar panels is ideal in those places where the roof surface is small, any place, in principle, is likely to be a good location for this product.

Considering these circumstances, the most recommended places to install this new technology are:

  • Hotels
  • Residential buildings
  • Sports centers
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Car washes spots
  • Commercial Industries

To calculate the cost for Hybrid Solar Solution you should not wait for anyone. Just email us or make a call on our official number which you can see on zero carbon website.

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