Inverex solar panel price in Pakistan

Once you start thinking about solar energy then obviously inverex solar panel would work and help you a lot. Comfort is one of the things that everyone is always looking for. Either comfortable when relaxing at home or comfortable when working in the office. One of the factors that can create this comfortable atmosphere is the cool air when the sun is scorching outside. Inverex solar panel price in Pakistan is an important question that arises in the minds of Pakistanis. We will be explaining all the pros and cons as well for using inverex solar panel in Pakistan. Here you can get details of Inverex solar panel price in Pakistan.

Air conditioners are electronic devices that eventually become easy options to make the cool air in the room. But unfortunately using this air conditioner also makes most users feel upset because the electricity bill becomes hard to pay.

Why Does AC consume or waste much electricity?

This waste of electricity from AC actually occurs due to several errors that are not realized by the users. For that, try to pay attention to the following errors in using AC and don’t imitate it.

Mistakes in using air conditioning that cause waste of electricity are explained in the below mentioned paragraphs. Once you start focusing these factors then it will be easy for you to keep your budget under control. Either you use solar energy panels for ac or you use grid station electricity for your ac, you need to have vigilant eye.

A little bit extra care can keep you comfortable for air conditioner usage.

The wrong air conditioner selection

When deciding to install an air conditioner, the prospective AC user should first look for information on what kind of AC suits their needs.

The main factor to see whether the air conditioner is in accordance with the needs or the area of ​​the room where AC will be installed. What can be the optimal capacity of the AC that will be used in room or big hall? No wonder if you come to an electronics store and want to buy an air conditioner, the employee will ask how much weight for AC is comfortable for you? Obviously, sales man asks this as per the space you want to keep cool with Ac.

If the AC has a small capacity or weight, the area of ​​the room that can be cooled is also a small or not too large room. In normal cases at home levels, people use 1 ton, 1.5 ton or 2-ton Air conditioners. They prefer to use inverters because it can save the electricity cost for them. However, if they come to know the benefits of using solar energy panel then they would definitely buy it.

If you choose the wrong one, for example, an AC with a small capacity is installed in a large room, this is what usually makes the AC wasteful of electricity, because the AC has to work extra to be able to cool the room.

Determine the temperature of the air conditioner

One of the reasons for air conditioning to be wasteful of electricity is setting the temperature incorrectly. This is related to the way the air conditioner works, where the compressor will work harder when the AC temperature is set to a small number. The lower the desired temperature, the more electrical power the AC will need.

When the weather outside or around the room is hot and the user sets the room temperature to the lowest level the compressor will continue to work hard to reach the desired temperature. This makes AC requires a large amount of electric power, which will inflate the home solar energy power.

Turn on the air conditioner when the room is empty

There are some users who usually forget to turn off the air conditioner when leaving the house. There are also those who unknowingly turn on the air conditioner even though the window or door is not closed tightly or perfectly. These two things are factors that often make electricity consumption more.

Turning on the air conditioner when the room is not completely closed is tantamount to throw cool air out of the room and making hot outside air enter. This is also the reason why AC works heavier and requires more solar power to cool the room according to the temperature that the user wants.

Some of the mistakes in using air conditioners above are mistakes that are common. Apart from making the electricity consumption continue to rise, these mistakes can also affect the durability of the air conditioner. Forced to work too hard every day, the air conditioner can be easily damaged. For that there is nothing wrong with paying more attention to how to use AC and also doing regular AC maintenance.

AC Maintenance Services

Use AC maintenance services regularly from the trusted companies. Because choosing the right ac with optimal solar energy panel can save thousands of rupees each month for you.

Living in a tropical country makes air conditioning or air conditioning an indispensable electronic item. Usually this air conditioner is more needed in lowland areas and big cities which are densely populated. Apart from the geographical location factor, the fewer trees also cause more houses to need AC.

However, it is unfortunate because many people make mistakes when installing air conditioners in their homes. The wrong installation method will cause the performance of the AC that is installed to be less effective and cannot be optimal. The danger is if a fatal error occurs, it will threaten the user’s health. For that, here are 3 mistakes which must be avoided when installing air conditioners.

Determine the location of the air conditioner in the house

The thing that is usually not considered in the installation of air conditioners is where to put it. Choosing the location of the AC installation cannot be arbitrary because this will have a negative impact on health. Don’t just rely on the important thing that the air in the house or a cool room means it’s already in order, but the wrong location of the air conditioner can disturb your health.

For example, putting AC for the bedroom. When placing the AC for the bed room, make sure that the distance between the bed and the AC is not close together. Also try to install the air conditioner against your body while sleeping.

If the air conditioner is directly exposed to any part of the body, the impact on health will be very bad. Therefore, once again make sure to put the air conditioner in the opposite position facing directly to the body.

Keep away from household items that get hot easily

Few people who install AC, consider this fact that either AC will be facing windows or doors and it is important thing to note down. If this is done, the air conditioner that is installed will be easily damaged because it will automatically be frequently exposed to sunlight from windows or doors.

In addition, make sure the air conditioner is installed opposite to home furniture or electronic items that heat easily, such as stoves and TVs. If furniture such as stoves and TVs continue to receive cold air from the AC, it will certainly be easily damaged.

Putting the outdoor unit at right place

Next is the outdoor unit that must be installed at right place so that the AC can work optimally. First is the compressor, make sure to put the compressor in a place that is still protected from heat and rain even though it is located outside the house.

This is done to avoid the compressor being damaged quickly. The second is to pay attention to the installation of AC pipes that connect to each other between the indoor and outdoor units. Make sure the pipe is not folded or bent more than 3 folds, so that the water flow is smooth and the AC performance is maximum.

If you want the air conditioner installation to be more precise and minimal with installation errors, you must use a trusted air conditioner installation service. Zero Carbon is a company that provides reliable air conditioning installation services with optimal solar energy panels. This company has been providing services in all over Pakistan for many years with satisfactory service.

The fast response and the guarantee given by ZC are admirable. This company really prioritizes customers’ comfort with evidence that many well-known large companies have used Zero Carbon services in matters of air conditioning installation with solar panel.

We should always check the credibility of seller before buying solar panel from the market. Zero Carbon is owned by Punjab Group of Colleges and it has proved the quality level. PGC is quite famous throughout Pakistan for delivering the right products at right price.

Inverex solar panel price in Pakistan

Price of inverex solar panel is quite reasonable and it is not too much. According to the room capacity you can take decision to buy inverex solar panel on different wp. For instance price starts 7,000 PKR to Rs. 100,000. Following some models are given so that you can have idea.

  • Inverex solar panel 180wp
  • Inverex solar panel 380wp Mono Perc
  • Inverex solar panel 180wp Mono Perc
  • Inverex 380wp Mono Perc solar panel
  • Inverex solar panel 150 Watt Poly
  • Inverex solar panel 170wp Poly
  • Inverex solar panel 150 Watt Mono
  • Inverex solar panel 150 Watt Poly
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