150 watt solar panel price in Rawalpindi

150 watt solar panel price in Rawalpindi detail are given in this article, If you have solar panels, you can offset your consumption with your generated energy. In other words, if the sun is shining and you use less electricity than you generate, you can feed it back in to purchase it later at the same rate, for example when the sun has set.

Over the past years, the cost of solar photovoltaic panels has decreased several times. The cost of components for the solar energy system is also decreasing. The low cost of solar panels, as well as the increasing cost of energy (including electricity from the main grid) makes the purchase and installation of solar photovoltaic power plants in the house more and more attractive.

Many people have bad experiences for netting off with their energy company. For example, some energy suppliers only make the refund afterwards and do not settle this in the monthly bill.

What are 150 watt solar panel price in Rawalpindi?

In this article we are going to tell you about 150 watt solar panel price in Rawalpindi. It is one of the most important cities in Pakistan. 150 watt solar panel price in Rawalpindi may vary as per the capacity and quality. For example, 150 watt solar panel price would be around Rs. 7,000 to Rs.18000. There is 5 years to 20 years working warranty for that. Some 150 watt solar panel would have a cost of rupees 8,500.

We have also received experiences from solar panel users who indicate that energy suppliers suddenly make a distinction between day and night rates when netting. For example, they only offset the extra kilowatt hours that are returned during the day with the kilowatt hours that are used during the day.

This leads to a lower netting because no generation takes place during the night.

Tip: tell your energy supplier that you no longer want a day and night rate, but that you want one-unit rate. This has hardly any consequences for your electricity bill, but it does ensure that your energy supplier applies the netting over the entire consumption, both during the day and at night.

The declining cost of solar panels makes them not only a way to use green energy, but also a good investment of money.

Cash flow for 10+ years

Ask yourself, which of your purchases have generated cash flow over the past 10 years? Almost everything we buy brings us some benefit, but does not make us money. If we look at the costs that any house requires, then almost all of them only consume the money – repairs, painting, housekeeping, house improvements, any construction work – without any reliable money back.

At the same time, any properly installed photovoltaic system produces electricity every moment the sun’s rays fall on the solar panel. This electricity replaces energy that you would otherwise consume from the grid and would have to pay for it. The solar panel constantly produces a positive flow of money, which provides a return (full or partial) of the investment for its purchase.

10-20 years ago, we would say that the payback of solar panels is “somewhere out there, someday.” Now we can easily calculate the payback period, and it will be in the range from several years for example,10-25 years – depending on what capacity of the system and in which region and in what modes the solar power plant operates. If the system is autonomous, then its payback is compared with an alternative option, which is usually a petrol or diesel generator. In this case, the payback period for a solar power plant ranges from several months to several years.

What motivates solar panel buyers?

We fix the cost of electricity using solar panels in much controlled way. We analyzed the motives of our customers to buy, and we can say that the main motives for buying are described below:

  • The desire to be independent from power grids and from failures in the networks
  • Interest in new technologies
  • Environmental concerns
  • Monthly saving instead of electricity bills

A new motive in recent years is the desire to be independent from the rise in electricity prices. When you buy a solar panel for your home, you “fix” the cost of the electricity it produces. Can you imagine that you would now be offered to buy gasoline at a price that was 10 years ago? When buying a solar battery for your home, you can “fix” the price of electricity generated by a solar power plant for 10-20 years in advance.

Despite the fact that few people in Pakistan take the economic benefits of solar panels seriously, more and more people in Russia perceive solar panels positively and regard it as a profitable investment.

3 factors to buy solar panels

When you buy solar panels for your home, you are investing on a rare product – one that combines a long lifespan, virtually zero maintenance costs, and can generate energy. For many solar panel buyers, these 3 factors have motivated them to buy. Now financial benefits have been added to these incentives. More and more people in Pakistan, as well as throughout the world, are installing solar panels at homes and offices. Who knows, maybe after reading this and other articles about solar photovoltaic power plants, you also decide on such an investment?

At least, it can save your thousands of rupees regularly if you make investment today.

How big would be a 150-watt solar Panel?

This kind of 150 watt solar panel is quite flexible to meet the needs of a house or office. Normally, it comes with a weatherproof safety glass as well as a well-structured aluminum frame sheet. It has weight around 10.4 kilogram to 10.5 kg and if you ask about its size then it would be around 148x67x3.5 centimeters.

How many volts does a 150 watt solar panel produce?

Normally a 150 wall solar panel in Rawalpindi weather will be able to produce almost 12 volt.

After seeing the 150 watt solar panel price in Rawalpindi you can now decide to buy it because it is in reasonable price.

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