Is solar panel renewable or nonrenewable?

What is renewable energy?

Energy is of two types; renewable and non-renewable energy. Renewable energy is defined as the energy that has been existing ever since the evolution of mankind and it can easily be replenished or renewed. It does not run out no matter how much it is used. These include; wind, biomass, hydro, geothermal and solar. In this article you are going to get clear answer regarding, is solar panel renewable or non-renewable?

Is solar panel renewable or nonrenewable?

As solar energy is a part of renewable energy resources, the answer to the question is solar panel renewable or nonrenewable, is very clear. The solar panels convert sunlight directly into electricity that is used by people at either residential or commercial levels. Solar panels consist of silicon cells that convert sunlight.

Customers, who are unaware of answers to the question, is solar panel renewable or nonrenewable often remain confused. Solar panel companies in Pakistan provide them with a list of characteristics as to how the solar panels will benefit them and how they can be considered as renewable energy sources here. Some major characteristics of solar panels are:

  • Non-polluting and clean
  • No emission of greenhouse gases
  • Beneficial for long term use (for about 25+ years)
  • less cost and energy saving

So, these features will help you to decide, how can be the solar panels renewable sources? Should we not promote it at larger scale.

Solar energy is used as an alternative choice for fossil fuels that can start depleting soon at the rate they are being used today as fossil fuels would are non-renewable resource.


Concluding the topic, is solar panel renewable or nonrenewable, has a simple answer given above. The governments around the world are working together to shift towards renewable resources a soon as possible so that in the future, the environment doesn’t have to face a crisis due to our consecutive usage of non-renewable resources.

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