Net Metering in Lahore

Net metering in Lahore is a process in which the solar system energy owners are credited in their bills because they provide excess units produced by their solar system. With net metering, people of Lahore can use units produced by their solar energy system and the remaining extra units are passed and sold to the grid. Obviously, solar energy systems can help us in multiple ways.

People will earn credits or get low electricity bills for the sold units. People are paid according to the units that are being provided which are measured during the net metering process. On estimate, about 20 to 40 percent of the excessive units are passed to the grid.

The maximum power that can be net metered is 1MW and the minimum is 1KW. Average fees for net metering in Lahore are from Rs500 to Rs5000 for 20KW to 100KW respectively. The investment in solar energy panels can produce higher ROI in a very short time period.

How net metering in Lahore works?

The working of net metering in Lahore is given below:

  1. The solar panel converts the sun’s energy to electricity.
  2. An inverter converts the direct current to alternative current.
  3. The energy is used in homes or offices.
  4. A meter measures the energy used and the excess energy which is delivered back to the grid.

How to apply for net metering?

Following are the steps to cover for generation license from DISCOs:

  • Net metering application
  • Application acknowledgment
  • Initial review
  • Technical feasibility in initial review
  • Agreement
  • Generation license
  • Connection charge estimate
  • Payment of CCE
  • Installation of connection
  • Net-metering is ready


Net metering in Lahore can help people in Pakistan to overcome the energy crisis. With net metering, they can get up to 3 times lower bills and can even earn credits for excessive units. It is different from net billing, in which we get energy from the grid.

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