Sanctioned Load in Pakistan

What is sanctioned load in Pakistan? The sanctioned load is the load that the consumer is allowed to use. It is a fixed amount of load that can be set according to the user’s capacity. It is allowed as per the different appliances that a consumer has in his house. If a family is big then definitely their needs of energy consumption will be high.

Limit for sanctioned load in Pakistan

The sanctioned load in Pakistan is also a set amount of load for which the people of Pakistan get their connection accordingly. In Pakistan the basic amount of sanctioned load is 5KW. If you have four to five energy savers, a one-tone AC, a fan, and a laptop then you fall in the 5KW category. Most of the common people in Pakistan have a connection that offers a limit of 5KW.

Can you consume more load than sanctions load in Pakistan?

Sometimes, the consumers use energy on a higher note as per the set demand. If you use more than the set amount of sanctioned Load in Pakistan, then you have to pay the extra charges. We all know that the requirement of energy changes over time and hence it is difficult to stick with 5KW. It is because of the peak hour category of energy usage.

Sanctioned Load in Pakistan

The concept of sanctioned Load in Pakistan needs awareness so that people could control the usage of electricity. You need to check the usage of energy during the peak hour which spread from 6 pm to 10 pm. By sticking to the basic use we can overcome the problem of extra demand price. Solar users have multiple advantages as they are able to produce the electricity which they can use or sell.

Net metering in Pakistan is a great advantage for users who can avail solar systems in Pakistan. Sanctioned load in Pakistan is not a new thing but it should be managed professionally after consultation with top solar company of Pakistan.

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