Solar Operations and Maintenance in Pakistan

Solar operations and maintenance in Pakistan is becoming increasingly important, due to the worst energy crisis which the country is currently experiencing. Thus, generating your own electricity via the use of solar panels, can be seen as a good investment.

Why solar maintenance can be a demanding task?

The question is how to maintain solar panel system? It is also true that the operators & stakeholders of photovoltaic power plants are facing difficulties. However, some key players in solar industry are performing really well in this field because every task which is related to solar panels’ maintenance can be managed easily.

Worry not, solar operations and maintenance in Pakistan is not a big burden because once you install powerful and quality solar panel then stay relaxed for 20 to 25 years minimum. If any unusual loss occurs or something unusual happen then you can contact the team. Sometimes, you are given a prior notice or warning for maintenance check. It will definitely increase working life of solar panels.

Due to a lack of well-trained technical staff in some local solar panel companies and effective management skills, the ineffective usage of digital data for power plants has become a difficult task. The dilemma is, there are not many standards & skills are available which make maintenance of solar panels quite tricky.

How to maintain solar panels?

In general, solar panels require the minimum maintenance to function efficiently. Solar panels need to be cleaned on a regular basis to remove leaves, debris and dirt which may block the rays of the sun. It is advisable to clean your solar panels two to four times on an annual basis.

During an extended drought, you will have to clean your panels manually, when it comes to solar operations and maintenance in Pakistan.

Maintenance during winter

However, during heavy snow falls or when the output of energy through the panels begins to decrease, more comprehensive maintenance will be required.

During winter, when it becomes necessary to clean your PV panels, you should use lukewarm water. Never use hot water when you clean the snow from the panels. Solar modules are manufactured from tempered glass, thus, the severity between cold panels and hot water can crack them.

The difference between maintaining ground panels versus roof panels

The sole difference between the maintenance of solar systems mounted on the ground & roof solar panels is obvious, it is easier to clean the ground panels due to its easy accessibility for solar operations and maintenance in Pakistan.

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